Jen over at Sprite’s Keeper is single-handedly saving the plant one Spin Cycle at a time by keeping with the theme of recycled posts for this week…only she’s asked us to supply our ‘best of the worst’ from the time when you first started blogging and no one read your blog… I had to sift through over 400 posts to try to find one that might be one of those misfits. I think this is the most fitting of the misfits…enjoy! 😉

Originally Posted on October 10, 2008:

Patience Is A Virtue…

So if that’s true, I’m full of it…Virtue! 😉 Actually, I am a very patient person…guess it is just part of my nature, that and being an Eternal Optimist. My dad always told me that I’d get in trouble some day by being too optimistic – I’m still waiting for that ‘trouble’ to hit. But I digress… I’m in the process of teaching my darling daughter all about patience – but she’s having none of it.

My husband and I look at each other and shake our heads, trying to figure out how, when we say ‘No’ to something – to avoid/stop/delay/whatever – the reaction our darling daughter, who on the turn of a dime, can turn into a royal little bitch. There, I said it. I love her to pieces, but she can and does turn into a bitch on a whim, when it suits her. OK, sure, I have my bitchy moments too, but I sure didn’t foresee it in a child…but then again, when that child comes across as 5 going on 40, well, I guess it’s to be expected.

Quite often I do have to remind my husband of that fact, by saying “Take a chill pill – she’s five!!” when he has the expectation that she should understand something that even some adults have issues with understanding or even a basic comprehension of. But there are those moments that I feel like I want to rip my hair out by the roots – when my darling daughter simply won’t listen, gets mad at getting an answer she doesn’t want, and proceeds to do a stomping, growling, facial contortion borderline-tantrum activity that just has my hubby and me throwing up our hands and asking “Why?” So of course we’re not looking forward to those teen years in the future, when her reactions are even more fine-tuned with experience and age…we’re hoping that we’ll get through to her at this early age to hopefully deter some of that behavior when she’s older.

Don’t get me wrong – for every time there’s an adverse reaction from our darling daughter, there are hundreds of angelic moments that more than tip the scale on the positive side. Seriously, we couldn’t have special ordered a more wonderful child if we tried. But in case there were any misconceptions that our little angel is perfect – um, not even close! Then again, who is??

I love her to pieces, and am so happy she’s around – just there are some moments I have to put myself in a ‘time-out’ of my own so I don’t say or do something that’s going to ‘scar’ her emotionally in the future years…these are, after all, the formulative years. I want to make sure that my reactions to her (or anyone else for that matter), don’t come back and bite me later. She is her father’s daughter in the ‘literal world’ as well as the musical one, and she is definitely her mother’s daughter in the emotional world…and the periodic bitchy one, too. 😉

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  1. You have to start sedating them when they're really young. We used to rub whiskey on our son's gums when he was teething.

    Oh stop, I'm just pulling your leg. xo

  2. Children…the gift that keeps on giving…

    Worry not…it will all be over in 2012 (at least that is what the Mayan's predict).

    Peace and Love,

  3. Don't all parents get those rip-their-hairs-out moments? I guess that's a constant part of being a parent. It's not complete unless you've experienced those lol. Just chalk it up to parenthood 🙂
    I'm sure we've all had our own tantrum moments when we were little kids too 🙂 I know I've had tons of those haha!
    A wonderful Spin Cycle post, thanks!

  4. heh heh, your a GREAT MOM, and yes we girls tend to have that "Bitch" side to us.

    Just ask my boys (I think I emotionally scared them growing up when I'd cry.. (YOU'RE SUCH A MAN) and MEN SUCK.

    Or even telling them.. YOU SMELL. seriously boys smell in WET PUPPIES.
    What the hell is that smell I'd ask my husband!?

    I'd point to the bathroom and MAKE them shower.

    Now that their older 21 & 18 they take HOUR showers..then ask me.. mom, (after spraying a bottle of cologne) so I smell?
    Hubby nudges me..

    SEEE what you did. It's YOUR FAULT..
    Now my youngest 7 yea old.. HE NEVER SMELLS. and I've been warned I can't tell him even if he does. LOL

  5. I loved this, made me feel not so alone in my battles. Ug, teenagers are killing me right now.

  6. My youngest girl is my mini-me. She is just as moody and demanding as her mama. And I ADORE her.

  7. We run into that same impatient problem over here, thanks for letting me know it's only going to get worse.

    I sound like a Barney narrator most days… "it's not your turn yet, be patient and you'll have a turn in a minute". Graham actually buys it most days now since I always make sure to remember to actually give him what I promised. This parenting crap is hard.

  8. Yes at times it can be hard to do this task. But in the end I think it all works out. We chose our battles.

  9. Um, I think your Darling Daughter may grow up to be my Darling Daughter.

    In which case, watch out. *sigh*

  10. My children are grownups now(sort of!) and I learned a couple of things about being a parent… One- don't forget they are a kid, an adult in training. Two- nothing is funnier than an adult trying to reason with kid under the age of six like another adult. Three- By the time you get the hang of it, the kids aren't kids anymore…

  11. I like buffalodicks #2 note for us. There is no reasoning with a child. I get exhausted trying to help my youngest understand what a jerk he is being to everyone around him.

  12. Patience is in short supply around here as well, but what can we do. I have to say though, my oldest was always quite a challenge as a younger child, and lemme tell you at 14 the hormones coursing through her right now have done NOTHING to improve her bitch gene. Ugh.

  13. I actually find Sprite's tantrums funny, but that's me. It's when she wants to be picked up while I'm trying to make dinner that I lose my patience. I actually think this is a great post and a great look into your style before I started reading your site!

  14. Wow, you didn't even call her Princess Nagger back then!

    Okay, so it's been nearly a year since this post. Have you made any leeway with her bitch moods and reactions? No? I didn't think so! HA!

    Justine 😮 )

  15. Ahh yes, Mommy time outs are very important. I know I must have one or else I'll lose my mind.

  16. I remember the patience post because it made me think of my father's most repeated line when I was growing up: "Patience is a virtue."

  17. So much like Tara I tell you! I'm gonna need lots of WINE in the next few years? I think it is 75 MONTHS until she turns 18!

  18. I think the first child often thinks they're one of the adults and therefore has the sense of entitlement that would bring.

    I think my oldest has always felt more comfortable with adults because of that and in fact it has served her very well in life.

    So, take some comfort in that???

  19. That must be why we get along to well. You are SO patient and kind. I have NONE. We balance each other.

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