Keely put the ‘Un’ in ‘Un-Mom’…wait, that doesn’t sound very nice… Keely put the ‘Mom’ in ‘Un-Mom‘…nope, that’s not right either. I could say she put the ‘dom’ in Random, but that still doesn’t work… Whatever, she’s cool, she’s anointed Tuesdays for sheer randomness, so get your random on with Keely

Our yard is looking like a wild jungle. Mother Nature keeps deciding that it’s the perfect time to hit us with lots of rain – by way of crazy storms – when either hubby or myself actually have time to get out and mow and take care of the weeds. I could run the tractor during the week (like yesterday) while hubby’s at work, but he still hasn’t replaced the belt, therefore it will only mow half a path…it would take forever doing a halfway job, so it simply hasn’t happened. At all. For 2 weeks.

I don’t like the push mower because it’s self-propelled and always likes to try to get away from me. I’ve inadvertently mowed down some of my flowers when I’ve attempted to use it, or gotten too close to the invisible fence wire that needs to be re-buried in the yard…so I stay away from that monstrosity. Hopefully hubby will get the belt for the tractor soon, or we’ll have to go out and tackle the yard with scythes or machetes. That would be kinda cool, actually…

It’s that time of year, if you are in a hurry you’ll end up stuck behind one of these here in Small Town America:
I was amazed the guy didn’t take out a pole or an oncoming car – he owned the road and the oncoming cars pulled off to the side to let him pass. Pretty impressive, really. There was a kid riding in the cab with him who kept giving me funny looks as I was following taking pictures with my camera propped up on the steering wheel. I couldn’t resist, after all, I had to follow him for more than 5 miles at 10 miles an hour…

My laptop was locked in the summer house all afternoon on Friday…or I should say I was locked out of the summer house with my laptop inside. The lock gets funky, and sometimes sticks…so in order to open the door, one has to climb through a window to get it open from the inside. I figured it’s Friday, hubby usually gets home early on Friday’s, so I’d just wait for him to climb through the spider web window… Besides, it was pouring down rain and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the window open. Luckily I had stuff to do in the house after grocery shopping, and when I got back from picking up Princess Nagger from Day Camp, hubby was home and had the Summer House open again… I was happy I didn’t have to dance with the spider to get my laptop back.

I had started to write a post last week about Princess Nagger’s Day Camp Blues, but scratched it. It was getting way too long, and I was bored by it, so I didn’t want to subject anyone else to it. Let’s just say she went on Monday, I had to stay for an hour that morning before I could sneak out without her noticing I was gone, and yet she still was upset that night – and did not want to go the next day. Or the next one.

I convinced her to go on Thursday because they were bringing in a horse for the kids to ride and learn how to groom, so she went…albeit reluctantly. She did go Friday because it was the field trip to ‘The Land of Little Horses’ – no way was she going to miss out on that. Of course when she got on the bus she instructed me to stand on the sidewalk in that exact same spot until she got back. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I had my bi-monthly grocery shopping to do and was looking forward to doing it ‘kid-free’.

Next year we’ve decided that if she wants to go to Day Camp, we won’t pick the week that they have it at the elementary school – how boring is it to be stuck in the cafeteria all day save for a trip or two out to the playground? That would seem like detention or Summer School to me, so what’s the fun in that? At least during the month of August they can’t have it at the school since the school is getting ready for the start – so they have it over at the community center…way more fun with ping pong tables, Foosball tables, pool tables, puzzles, games, air hockey…you name it, they have it. Princess Nagger definitely enjoyed the day much better over there on Thursday. At least she went 3 out of the 5 days so paying for the entire week wasn’t a total loss.

Hubby handed me this when he got home on Friday:

Yep, it’s a fuchsia iPhone. I thought he was surprising me with it as a gift, but alas, it was someone’s lost iPhone he found in the parking lot of Staples getting rained on. He doesn’t know how they work, so he asked me to see if I could figure out who it belonged to. Is it just me, or doesn’t everyone usually have ‘Home’ in the contacts? I always do on my cell phone, but this one didn’t. So I scrolled through the contact list and selected an ‘Aunt’ number – there were no bars in our house signal-wise, so I called from the land line.

Mass confusion ensued, of course, when I asked to speak to…let’s call her Aunt Betty. They speculated on which niece of theirs lost her phone, and gave me another number to call (not the owner of the phone, but her brother). So I called and left a message. Then I thought I’d better call AT&T to let them know I’m in possession of a lost phone. More confusion ensued. Eventually the brother stopped by to pick up the phone, so it’s safely back with its rightful owner. What amazed me was how flabbergasted everyone I spoke with was about the fact I was trying to find the owner. I guess there are too many people out there that would have thought they scored with finding that phone, but I’d rather get one the honest way – you know, like for my anniversary, which is today. Not gonna happen, but one can dream.

Go Forth and Be Random! Try it, you’ll like it!

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    I'm amazed they have an iPhone and don't have it pin or password protected! Even I can't figure out how to get into my sisters iPhone, she wanted to make sure that if anyone found/stole it they would only be able to use it to wedge up a table leg.

    We have the same problem during summer, the rain makes the grass grow so fast but it's also making it impossible to mow.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    My Husband has to mow the grass twice in a week in the summer because of the rain.

    Camp…at the school!! Yuck!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

    My Husband has to mow the grass twice in a week in the summer because of the rain.

    Camp…at the school!! Yuck!

  4. I liked the iPhone story–it's sad and funny at the same time that everyone would be so flabbergasted that you were trying to find the phone's owner!

  5. I get caught behind one of those tractors every time that I leave the city limits, it is like an obstacle course! I am laughing at you crawling through a window to get to your laptop!(The image of it) LOL!

  6. Funny thing about grass and rain. The more of the former gets you an exponential amount of the latter.

    In fact, I am fixing to head out into the yard, with my poor unsuspecting nephew in tow, to pick up the tree debris and cut down the forest.


  7. Happy Anniversary! I wouldn't know how to work that phone either, my phone is so basic and I still don't know how to use it, maybe that is a good thing.

  8. iPhone is about the last thing I need. I woulda left it.
    I know what you mean about those mowers. I use a cheap old fashion one.
    Happy Anni ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you get something that sparkles and doesn't belong to someone else or cut lawn.

  9. I hear that if you lose your iPhone there is a feature that you can log onto a Web site and have it wipe all your contacts. I guess they don't know that feature exists.

    I used to see a lot of tractors on the road when I was in the suburbs, I miss those days when you are behind one and some jerk decides they are going to pass 10 cars and winds up cutting you off in the process.

  10. Happy Anniversary!!

    Loved the "pink" iPhone! People now a days are flabbergasted when they get anything returned if it's lost LOL.
    I found a wallet with 400.00 a SS card, and massive credit cards. I went through it like a fine tooth comb, finally finding an emergency contact.
    I called and told them I found a wallet if they could describe it.

    Told me it had 200.00 and was a leather woman's wallet. Large and had a ton of papers in it.
    I laughed and said you mean it has 400.00 and several credit cards?

    I have YOUR WALLET! They gave me 200.00 for being honest.. I handed it back and said, you keep it, I just hope if I ever lost my wallet I get someone honest who returns it.
    They insisted I take the money, we had a little argument and I insisted I NOT take it.
    They finally decided OK.. fine I won't pay you. A week goes by and I get 200.00 in gift cards and a bouquet of flowers, with balloons!
    No return address to return it too LOL. They got me.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Random Cool Chick who should really be Cool Looks-Like-A-Model Chick.

    I am in awe of your iPhone honesty.

  12. Man, what a teaser with the iPhone! I guess you don't want someone else's growdy phone anyways. And you're right, that camp does sound like in school detention, hopefully you find a more off-campus one for next year.

    Our mower has been acting up lately and stalls right when we finish the backyard so we've had to skip the front yard on several occasions (instead of just diagnosing the problem since it's flooded and letting it sit helps). I COULD change the oil and plugs like it needs but that would be too much fun.

  13. I'd have seriously broken a window and risked getting cut by shards of glass to access my laptop. I twitch without it.

  14. We need some rain here. I love the i-phone story I hope we both get one someday. Thanks for stopping by and seeing all of my guest posters while I was away. I hope you come back on Friday to share a post for my Round Robin. Have a great day…

  15. I also tracked down the owner of a phone once. They were not that appreciative. Did not even thank me? Sounds like these folks did appreciate your help.

    I forgot my purse for the first time ever!! at a restaurant this weekend. Just overwhelmed by the whole car thing. I could not believe that the waitress saved it for me and put it in the managers office. Very nice. I gave her a $20 for saving it for me. She didn't want the cash. But, I insisted. The darn purse alone was worth some good money. It was a coach.

    Princess Nagger will branch out. She is a cutie. My son came back from camp a little more independent. And the older boy did not even want his mom to take him to band camp. He used to cry also when I left him….

    they grow up quick.

  16. Happy Anniversary!

    Ugh! Mowing woes! Our neighbor down the road mows our property and in return The Hub's plows him out in the winter with the tractor. What does that mean for me?? No mowing OR snow shoveling. I can live with that!

    Nice returning the phone. People like you ROCK.

  17. Happy Anniversary!!

    You should get the good mommy award for not only the extra effort to get the phone back but also being so good to sit in day camp for an hour.

    Oh, and I here ya about small town America, If we're going somewhere, I always have to factor in "stuck behind farm vehicle" time into the trip.

  18. I used to get stuck behind those tractors on the way to work. Now that I live in the suburbs, that doesn't happen anymore!

    I was the VBS director at my church last week, and there were some kids who were just inconsolable when there moms left. By the third day, they were all smiles when there mom dropped them off. That was nice to see!

  19. 3 out of 5 isn't bad for camp. Maybe next year she'll have a friend there to motivate her?

    As for the phone, I'm always shocked when people are confused when you try to do the right thing? Are there so few people out there who do anymore? Sad. Good for you, though.

    Besides, who wants someone's used iPhone? God knows what it's carrying…

  20. Wow – isn't it amazing when you try to do something nice, like return an iPhone and people don't get it. I would be desperately trying to track down the owner too.

    So I don't get why you didn't wait on the sidewalk for Princess Nagger – I'm sure you had nothing else to do right? (giggle).

    You crack me up – I so love reading your posts, and you think like I think, which makes them even more hilarious. Happy Tuesday!

  21. I can't believe you gave up that phone! You are too nice!

    That is so cute that PN wanted you to stand in the same place! That is how the kids I nanny for are-they make something that should be super fun and act like it's pure torture.

  22. Hi Stacy ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Anniversary & I hope you get something really nice, like an iphone not found in the rainy floor.. LOL I am jealous though i WISH we would get rain!

  23. We get rain most of the year here so the lawns never really die. We just ended a serious heat wave though so its been too hot to cut, and now a lot of it is dead.
    Heh heh.

  24. I'm guessing those slow tractors are only an issue for two seasons a year. I'll trade you the Chicago traffic – year round mess.

    I found an Iphone once in shopping parking lot. The owner (I assume) was only 20 ft. in front of me. So I didn't have possession very long.

    I have my home number in my mobile phone. – very good idea for loss or an accident.

  25. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and your hubby have a great time.

    How does a person not have 'home' in their address book? Good for you for going to such lengths to make sure she got her phone back, most people would have just left it in the rain.

    You little Princess Nagger sounds precious, wanting you to stand in the same spot all day waiting for her, that's too funny.

    Great random thoughts!


  26. Well, maybe he WILL bring you a new in the package one today. Probably not, but maybe. Happy Anniversary!!

    I hate getting stuck behind those slow moving vehicles. I'm always too paranoid to go around but they make me miserable!

    You know, that would have been a funny picture of you crawling through a spider-ish window….

  27. I wont be send AJ to the "school" based camp next year either. he liked it but not enough.

    The iphone is now typical america and Canada too! I was on a road for 1.75hours with a blown tire and the woman in the car was telling her hubbie not to stop because it could be anyone? yeah a distressed mom with 3 kids? and a grandma maybe? ugh!

  28. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm so bad with iPhones LOL I have G1 from Google and love it! your yard LOL reminds me of ours ๐Ÿ™‚ and as always PN is awesome!

  29. Happy Anniversary!

    So glad you didn't have to climb through the spiderweb. Eek!

    Poor PN! Having camp at school definitely sounds boring. I love that she thought you'd stay in one spot till she got back. Heehee Silly girl!

    Glad you found the "almost" owner of the iphone. I think people just think that there are no honest people left in the world and they're shocked when someone does the right thing.

  30. Happy anniversary! Why is it so out of the realm of possibility to get an iphone? did you TELL hubby you'd love one?

    Justine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

  31. And a happy anniversary to you!
    Good for you for returning the phone to its rightful owner! I would hate to lose mine.
    Your yard sounds like ours. I keep telling John to tackle it and he keeps putting it off blaming the weather. What, is he going to melt in the rain? And lightning? Come on! I even offered him an umbrella!

  32. ****running to put "home" in my contacts and lock up my iPhone with a pin/password****

    Happy Anniversary to you!

    Great RTT

  33. I've done things like that before (return lost property) and the owners are always so shocked. Well, I would certainly hope someone would try and return my property to me in that situation. Good Karma is definitely in your future!

  34. Awww- I thought he'd given you a phone too…Twas nice of you to sort it all out.

    Made the mistake of not sending little dude to "camp" this summer – we're driving each other nuts! Counting the days to kindergarten around here

  35. Those self-propelled push mowers are a handful – I used to mow my parents lawn back in the day and had to chase the thing all over the place, I couldn't take my hands off it for a second. When I complained, my dad said, well, I'll go get a real push mower and you can push it over the yard. Two acres of it, too, very hilly. I shut up pretty quick.

  36. Happy Anniversary!
    Yes I have home in my phone, you should also have ICE. (in case of emergency)

  37. I tried using a scythe once, on our lawn.. Really cool! Especially if you have anger issues to work out, like I did! ๐Ÿ˜€ It was awesome to let go of all off that anger on the knee high weeds!! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    I haven't been on a kid-free grocery shopping expedition in the looongest time! I so envy you!

    You are an amazing honest person Stacy! We need more people like you in the world, the owner of that iphone was lucky that your hubby was the one who found it and not someone else.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally agree with you, I'd rather get stuff the honest way too, that way there won't be any bad karma going my way.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Happy Anniversary! ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. I put the 'dumb' in Randumb. It's okay, you can say it.

    I don't have 'home' in my phone but I have ICEs.

  39. Happy Anniversary!

    I had to laugh at your comment at PN insisting you stand right there until she got back. LOL! Sounds like something J-Man would say and my comment would be the same as yours.

    Glad you husband was able to open the summer house, although the image of you climbing through the window was pretty funny ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kudos to you on returning the phone!

  40. Happy Anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚

    That was a good deed returning the phone. Not a lot of people would have done the same thing. I once left mine on a cab, even after hours of trying to contact the phone and even the operator, sadly I didn't get it back ๐Ÿ™ Lesson learned though. I'm sure the owner's really happy and thankful at getting the phone back!

  41. Happy (late) Anniversary, I started reading the past two days ago, but never finished!

    Good Karma points for taking the time to return the phone! (Hmm, I don't know if I have HOME in mine, since I don't use our land line as my home #, it is under Mom!!!) Good point!

    Land of Little Horses looks fun, we might have to take a day trip next week.

    I hope you have gotten a chance to mow the jungle, I have heard speculation of rain today, but more to the south and east of the "big city"!

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