Is it really the first day of September? How’d that happen? Not only is it the first day of September, but it’s also Tuesday…which means it’s time to get your Random on, as so ordered encouraged by Keely, the Super Cool Un-Mom. Sorry to confuse those of you who get my blog posts via email…I had a Blonde Moment yesterday when I was working on this post and accidentally hit ‘publish’ instead of ‘save’ when this wasn’t quite ready. Psych!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today also means that I’m exactly one week away from my blogoversary – that is hard to fathom. I think it’s cool it’s going to land on a Tuesday, though, because what fun it will be to celebrate with all my random bloggy friends! I suppose I should plan some major celebration or something…if you have any burning questions you want answered, let ’em fly in the comments section and I’ll have the answers for you next week. I think I might also decide to do some sort of special giveaway, I’m still working the muscles in my brain over that one.
In case you didn’t read my Random Questions fun I posted on Saturday (and why didn’t you?) then you didn’t get to see the update on my beauty mark worry…the tests came back fine, no melanoma! WooHoo! So thank you, Mango, for the email and phone support during the worry phase…you helped immensely – as did everyone else with their thoughts and prayers.

So that means I’m as healthy as a horse (why is that phrase used, BTW…anyone? I like to use it just to annoy my hubby who’s afraid of horses…*snicker!*) I have only slightly elevated cholesterol I need to make sure I keep an eye on. My dad had a stroke a couple of years ago, so it’s better to be safe than sorry, and I’ll be rechecked again in 3 months after I increase my exercise and make sure I avoid all yummy foods. The timing couldn’t have been better getting back on the bandwagon of the Wii Mommies I had fallen off of, so here’s to having fun and staying fit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So far Princess Nagger is enjoying school – hubby and I were wise not to voice our negative reactions about her new teacher in front of her so she wouldn’t be caught up in the negativity. I’m guessing that the teacher must have had a bad night the night of orientation. Let’s hope none of that infringes on her classroom.

Princess Nagger caught her first cold of the school year over the weekend – poor thing had a fever and was clingy. But she’s a smart one, she snuck Rolex the puppy upstairs and took quite a nice nap Saturday afternoon. She got rid of her fever by Sunday so she was able to go to school today, though reluctantly. She’s still in the “But I’ll miss you too much!” mode, but she’ll get there.

I’m still adjusting to a new sleep pattern that doesn’t consist of staying up until or past midnight each night…boy is that a tough adjustment to make! I still find myself thinking “One more blog post to read, then I’ll head to bed…” And then an hour later… Well, you get the picture. So bear with me as I adjust my external and internal clock and work my way into ‘catch up’ mode since I am so severely behind I feel like I’m swimming upstream more often than not.

The lack of sleep apparently messed with my depth perception on Saturday…or was it Sunday? I was bending over in the kitchen picking up shredded paper the puppy thought was a cool activity, but wasn’t paying attention to how close I was getting to the corner of the counter…until I smacked into it with my forehead. Specifically my eyebrow bone right above my eye. That was a wake up call – with stars and everything.

I thought for sure I’d end up with a black eye or something, but I lucked out – just extreme tenderness and swelling on the brain. Of course my depth perception didn’t fare any better the next day while I was using the curling iron on my bangs to straighten them and smacked myself in the forehead with the extra-hot iron. Luckily it was right at the hairline so the fifty-cent piece sized burn can be camouflaged with my bangs. Yep, I think I need more sleep. Or serious professional help.

Mother Nature is still smokin’ something funny and not sharing with the rest of us. Last week we were still gasping in excessive heat and humidity mode, then *poof!* this week she’s sucked the heat right out of the atmosphere and blessed us with cool weather. What happened to the gradual transition? Last night’s low hit a whole whopping 49 degrees! (That’s Fahrenheit for my Canadian friends – I don’t know what the conversion is to Celsius, sorry!) Just know that it’s cold for this time of year. Today’s high is only supposed to reach 75 degrees…I’m loving that daytime high! Score one for Mother Nature!

In case you were wondering, Fall happens to be my absolute most favorite time of year. The sunny but cooler weather, no humidity, you can have doors and windows open and get some nice, crisp, fresh air. There’s just something about Fall that makes everything seem so much better. OK, yes, probably just in my own little world, but you’re allowed to visit anytime.

That’s enough randomness for today – but wait! There’s more! Just head over to the Un-Mom‘s and you can have all the randomness you ever wanted or needed or whatever. Just do it!

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  1. Wow! Advanced happy blogoversary! It's a bummer that we need to eat healthy while all the delicious ones are the un-healthy foods. But as you said, better safe than sorry.

  2. Mmmmm…what delicious weather you are having!
    Happy blogoversary a week early. Just for the record, homemade wine is always a thoughtful gift. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Glad she is enjoying school so far!

    Get some sleep!

  3. I was wondering just now if it was September already ๐Ÿ™‚ A new month…it's like something will happen. Something good!

    How old will your bloggy be on the bloggyversary?

    I'm glad Princess Nagger is enjoying school. Keep close to the teacher and see if it was just a floose of life throwing a bowling ball her way.

    Gosh I didn't know I was damaging my internal clock!!! Look at what time I'm up! I hope you do adjust very well.

    See I thought I was the only one who realize that the air was suddenly COOL! It's so weird.

    I LOVE fall too and spring. Best times of the year.

  4. You were on a Random roll! First off, I am glad that all is ok in the dermatology department!!! It sucks that PN has a cold, I am a baby when I get sick. I am with you on the blog commenting, I just keep going "one more, one more". LOL

    I am still waiting for that boob picture so that I can back up the results! LMAO! Have a good day!!!!

  5. I'm glad yours test came back fine! I did read the post but missed that part!

    Ouch and ouch to the bump and burn. I hate when my depth perception, yeah, that's what I'll call it is off and I hit my head on something stupid, or the bruises I have no idea where they came from!

    I am loving the cooler weather, fall is the best! I actually had chilly toes last evening, need to buy some slippers!

    Have a great random day!

  6. Fall is my favorite, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad things have worked out in school. This year my youngest has one teacher who my oldest did NOT like (and I don't like her either, FWIW) but I am also trying to not let her see my negativity and am discouraging her sister from sharing hers. My younger is a tougher kid. she'll be fine.

    Oh, wait – this wasn't supposed to be all about me… sorry!

    Stop bumping into stuff! Especially really hot stuff!

  7. Happy almost blogiversary! I have hit my head just like that before and now I'm a little squirrly before I bend over…EVER. Kind of sucks.

  8. Glad your skin test results came back great.

    Sorry to hear that sweet girl was ill. I had that same creepy crud over the weekend. It wasn't fun at all.

    Love it that she is loving school.

  9. Fall is my favorite season too!!! Love the weather & the colors!

    Hope your head feels beter.. dont you hate when you hurt yourself like that! UGH!

    Good luck getting in the new sleep pattern too! When I'm on vacation, I end up staying awake later everyday & then its time to go back to work & 5:30 am comes REALLY quick!

  10. Fall is my favorite time of the year too. I love sweaters and brisk air and changing leaves and PUMPKINS!

    My son brought sickness home the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL! Ugh.

  11. Oh, I am sorry you bonked your head and really sorry about the burn on your forehead. I unfortunately done that quite a few times…those pesky curling irons! Bangs are handy for those unfortunate incidents.

    I'm glad PN is enjoying school finally!

    I love fall too – it is my very favorite season. The cool breezes, and just the feeling in the air – it just makes me giddy.

  12. I've smacked my head like that before. I'll just blame the drinking, like usual.

    I love Fall also. Except that it's directly followed by WINTER, which makes me love it a little less.

  13. Sorry I haven't been reading your posts lately,I'm happy to know that everything is fine with you.

    As for going to sleep before midnight,it's true,you'll feel much better in no time.I say that,but I tend to not do it myself,really bad!lol.But it's true we should go to sleep at a regular hour.

    And I agree with you,fall is great and I like spring too!

    Hope you'll have a nice day!:)

  14. Glad to know you are well! And happy early anniversary!

  15. Glad to know you are well! And happy early anniversary!

  16. 45 degrees?!? that's cool! here we have around 90 something it's frustrating.. hope it's gonna rain tomorrow.. we desperately need that!

    Happy Randomness!

  17. Got chilly here yesterday too… I had an image of a branded woman with a black eye run past my thoughts… Most of the burn scars on my arms are from drinking and cooking at the same time….

  18. Glad to hear you are as healthy as a horse, cool and gearing up for Fall!
    I love Fall—the weather, the CLOTHES, the leaves, the Everything!
    The clothes transisition happens this week for everyone in this house! Pack the summer stuff and get out the awesome fall clothes…STAT!
    Great RTT!

  19. lots to be glad about here…glad tests came back….glad PN is enjoying school…glad the swelling on the brain has gine dwon…lol.

    loving the cooler weather here.

    early congrats on the blogoversary…as if i won't be back to say it in person next week. hope you have a great week!

  20. Let the influx of colds begin. I hate that starting school ALWAYS means getting sick nonstop for several months. We're on our first few tentative coughs around here.

    Happy blogiversary. Yay for no skin cancer. I knew it'd be ok. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I've had about five or six moles removed over the years and it was always clear. And I live in FL so that means you're good for sure!

  21. I love the fall! I think many people feel like we got ripped off on summer and we did (but I don't care) cuz I love fall!

    You saw stars? Geez, Stacy, what am I gonna do with you?

  22. The high in SW Florida will hit 95 with humidity in the high 70's. Can we switch? PLEASE?!

  23. It's gonna be a chilly one here too! Yep, it's only gonna get to 107 today!

    Yee haw!

    (Phoenix AZ area)

    Need I say more! hee hee

  24. Oh, yay! We totally blogaversary together! Just a week (to the day) apart, it's like we're sisters! YAY!

  25. Fall is the absolute best time of the year! I'm so excited that it's September.

    We've finally had a nice day here (in HOT Oklahoma) and I have my windows open. I love that it's not too hot to open the window!!

  26. Oooh I can't wait to share your blogoversary with you!
    And I know what you mean about giving up 'yummy' food…just tell yourself that jelly sweets are made from boiled cows hooves…that should put you off ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Glad you're healthy ๐Ÿ™‚ and that PN is having a good time in the school, hope she feels better with a cold and all!
    Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ we have a blogoversary in the same month, mine is on Sep 30 ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Ahhh autumn. My favorite, too. The leaves, the apples, the no sweltering heat or snow of it all.

    Now, stop hurting yourself. That just isn't right. You don't want to miss your blogoversary with a concussion or anything, do you?

  29. Can't wait to see what you conjure up to celebrate your blogoversary.

    I didn't see your Saturday post – my bad, but I am glad your test came back negative. I wll never miss a post again, now that I am following.

    I love the pricess nagger name, she is a cutie pie. I know, I probably have to get to know her. I have a daughter whom I call Queen Princess.

    OMG your head and then you bang it with the curling iron. Please be careful, you need to look your best for your blogoversary.

  30. My my! You certainly are one random chic (and cool too) aren't you?

    I was randomly thinking the other day and I thought, "you know, it's funny but I think best randomly."

    Some people think best under pressure and others, like us, impart wisdom in small, tiny doses for others to absorb.

    Thank you for randomly stopping by my blog. Randomly.

  31. I am always hitting my head and walking into things – I even shut my leg in the car door a couple of times a week. I look like a dog attacked me most of the time.

    I always try to keep my negative opinions about anything school related to myself until my daughter says something. Often it is a personality conflict that is my problem and has no effect on her relationship with the teacher at all, so why start trouble?

    Glad you had good news – tests are always a worry.

  32. I am so glad she is liking school! I really hope this teacher gets her act together, because they can really make all the difference.

  33. awesome Random!
    the air is definitely crisper here. 61=16C for comparison. 32F=0C BRRRRR!
    18 is shorts in the spring and light sweater in the fall

  34. Fall is THE Best! I just saw we are in the mid 70's for the next week. Yippee! No rain! Yippee again!

  35. I LIVE for cooler weather. It's so cute you have "Princess Nagger". We our oldest son Prince Heckler (or sometimes just "The Heckler). The kid could nag the bark off a tree!

  36. I am so glad that things cooled off for you!!! Ohio is getting cold too which is perfect for wearing my school spirit sweat shirt.

  37. I was a little worried about her after the summer camp that she wanted to skip. She just seemed to want to hang out with mom!!! Who can blame her!! I would too.

  38. Any really OTIN!!! You can not top me on Stacy's blog!!! Maybe…

    I will let blueviolet… but not you!!! LOL

  39. I'm with you in loving Fall. I'm thrilled with the cooler temps. I also love Winter, though people tell me I'm crazy for that cuz we live in MN. But I'm always so hot. And I mean HOT! Last year I didn't wear a winter coat once, just a sweatshirt, not even when it was 30 below 0 (also Fahrenheit).

    Happy to read that all is well in your world (except with your head) and that PN is doing well in school.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  40. Happy Blogiversary! The blogisphere is a better place because you're in it, you know. And I'm glad you got an all-clear. Phew!

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