It’s great to be back online. For those that missed yesterday’s service announcement, let’s just say that when my computer succumbed to the Blue Screen of Death on Friday afternoon and prohibited me from getting online all weekend, there were major withdrawals. Now I feel so out of the loop since I haven’t been able to visit all my bloggy friends and see what’s been going on in their little corner of the world. But I’ll be visiting posthaste to catch up. I can’t wait.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Princess Nagger and I had a 8:00 am dentist appointment (both of us for our semi-annual teeth cleaning). This gave me the opportunity to do a ‘test run’ to see how my non-morning person munchkin could handle getting up at 6:30 am and be ready to walk out the door at 7:30 am – since her bus will be picking her up at about 7:30-ish every morning beginning Wednesday. She was quite the (tired) trooper, so here’s hoping she’ll do a repeat performance Wednesday morning, too. Minus the tired part.

At the dentist, they wanted to do X-Ray’s on her mouth…she immediately started to cry. She hates that little cardboard thing they stick in your mouth – I hate that part, too, that sucker can hurt! So they acquiesced and agreed to not do the X-Ray, they’d just clean her teeth…which worked like a charm. She inherited soft teeth from me, so she had some fillings about a year ago, and one of them needs to be re-done…so since she’ll need laughing gas to get through that without bursting our eardrums with her drama queen screams, they’ll just slip in the X-Rays at that time.

After we got home, we decided we should make a trip to A.C. Moore to get a cool name sticker thingy to put on her back pack. In my hurry to leave without the dogs slipping out the back door and making us give chase to round them up to put them back in the house while we were gone, I didn’t notice I grabbed the wrong set of keys.

The door had barely closed (firmly) behind me when Princess Nagger expressed concerns that she left her little toy dinosaur she got from the gift basket at the dentist within reach of the dogs. She was afraid it would become a doggie toy, so I turned around and tried to unlock the door to go rescue it to safety. It took me a minute to realize the key wasn’t fitting in the lock…and noticed that I had grabbed the set of keys that had the Summer House key on it, not the house key.

I peeked in through the window of the back door and sure enough, my ‘regular’ keys were still hanging safely on the hook. We were locked out. That wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, except that I didn’t put the puppy in the crate since we weren’t going to be gone that long, and hubby wouldn’t be home until after 8:00 pm since Monday is his ‘late’ night. And my laptop was in the house this time, not the Summer House, which meant I wouldn’t be able to while away the time catching up on blogging. Not to mention there’s no bathroom in the Summer House.

What to do.

Gotta break in.

Don’t want to break the back door window, because that would shower broken glass on 3 eager doggies looking at me expectantly waiting for me to open the back door. Or result in an ER visit if I slice up my hand or arm on the glass. I can never get hold of hubby at his desk at work, because he’s never at his desk. He wouldn’t be home for another 8 hours. Don’t want the puppy wreaking havoc (and peeing and pooping all over the place as he roams free).

Gotta break in.

I’ve mentioned before that the windows are 7 feet tall and 3-1/2 feet wide. Luckily we have a window air conditioner in one of the living room windows so that technically makes a window available to shimmy through, but only if Princess Nagger is on board for being hoisted up to the window. But first I have to see if I can get the ‘wings’ of the air conditioner loose to make room…and slide the air conditioner out of the way so there’s enough space to get PN to shimmy through to opening.

I need to find a ladder, or something to stand on, because the bottom of the window is at least 6 feet from the ground. And I’m only 5’4″. Give or take 1/4-inch. Well, OK, not give.

Where’d hubby stash the ladder?

Not in the shed, but I spent half an hour in there rearranging some things so my path will be clear to get to the fall decorations in October.

No ladder.

In the barn? Can’t find it.

Gotta improvise.

The recycling bin looks like just about the right height. Flip it over, and carefully stand on it. Just right! Now to make sure I don’t fall on my face while I try to pry open the ‘wings’ of the air conditioner, and try not to dislodge it so it comes tumbling out of the window onto the ground…or on my head.

Finally! Got one side of the ‘wings’ pried open, and had just enough leverage to slide the air conditioner to one side…now we have a nice ‘hole’ for PN to climb through as long as I stand on the upside down recycling bin and lift her up to the ledge. I could fit through, but without the ladder I can’t get high enough to try. PN is my only hope.

She’s protesting. She doesn’t want to do it. She starts to kick and scream when I pick her up and try to cajole her into climbing through the window. She wants none of it. The dogs are barking ferociously wildly from inside the partially open window.

I scoop her up and get her feet up to the ledge…she’s kicking and screaming “NO!!! NO!!! I don’t want to!!!” as I’m trying to reason with her and explain that it’s our only option and there’s no turning back now that the window is open. I’m hoping that no one calls the cops because of breaking and entering and/or child abuse. I didn’t want to end up getting locked up after getting locked out.

Her legs are through the window and I finally push her up high enough so her butt is on the ledge, then hold her above my head as she slides through…success!!

After rescuing the dinosaur and properly crating the puppy, we were finally ready to go. After all that trouble? A.C. Moore didn’t have PN’s name in stock.

We did, however, stop at Home Depot and have another house key made. Now there’s one on each key ring so if I grab the wrong ones again in the future, we won’t have to worry about breaking in. You know I’ll never grab the wrong keys again now that there’s a house key on that key ring. Murphy’s Law.

Update to the teacher conundrum – I spoke with PN’s Kindergarten teacher last night and she suggested I speak to the new teacher and see if any of my concerns are put to rest by a conversation. She said that if I don’t get the answers (or response) that I want or need, to then contact the principal, since they’re all about the best interest of the child. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do today…I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of starting first grade, hubby took PN with him on some errands Saturday and asked her if she’s excited to start school. This is the conversation he relayed to me upon their return:

Hubby: “Are you excited to start first grade next week?”

PN: “No.”

Hubby: “Why not?”

PN: “Because Kindergarten was fun, Mrs. E was a fun teacher. First grade is going to be serious business.” *heavy sigh*

OK, so I’m not quite as Random today as normal. Or abnormal. But I’m sure you understand. If you want the best randomness in the blogosphere, head over to the Un-Mom‘s where randomness abounds unabated.

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  1. I don't envy the dental appointments at all…hate it.

    Yeah for PN saving the day! Glad you got in without having to break anything!

  2. As you were breaking into your house, I had "I Love Lucy" music playing in the back of my head! LOL!

  3. You're becoming a pro at breaking in huh?

    That's so sad PN isn't excited about school. 🙁

    You should find a new dentist. One with new technology. You no longer have to put stuff in your mouth for the xrays. You merely place your lips on this little bitty thing and *bam* takes a picture and you're done.

  4. Glad you got in the house safely and I certainly have NEVER done that myself!! Cant wait to hear what happens with PN's teacher issues…

  5. Glad you got in the house safely and I certainly have NEVER done that myself!! Cant wait to hear what happens with PN's teacher issues…

  6. When my oldest was in elementary school, she devised the most devious plan to "break in" to the house. She dug a small hole in the screen door of our back porch so she could flip the latch. Bet that the back door wasn't locked. Of course it wasn't, and of course we didn't notice the hole in the screen for years. Glad real "bad guys" didn't take advantage of the the situation! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did…

  7. I get around the whole locking myself out of the house thing by never locking my house. I find that works.

  8. Now you know how to break into your summer house and your main house! I have to say that this break-in story was highly entertaining.

    I hope this teacher situation is resolved quickly. What an awkward conversation this may be today. I can't wait to hear what happens.

  9. Is it crazy that I'm jealous of you for being able to try (and do) break into your own house? I've always wanted to do that!

  10. Ha ha… PN resisting when you had finally figured out HOW to break into the house. THAT is Murphy's Law!
    Happy RTT!

  11. TOO funny. I had to do this once by scaling up to the 2nd floor porch with help of a friend and breaking in deck window. Nice to see how EASY it turned out to be. UGH.

    Glad all is well AND your back on the computer.

  12. I couldn't do random today. I just wasn't very random this week. Yes, that really IS abnormal.

    I hope PN and her teacher get along.

  13. Glad you talked PN into the window… I, being the smallest in my family, once had to do the same thing. Only I thought it was fun, like a secret mission! Good job getting the extra key made right away. I'm such a procrastinator that even a B&E on my own house would have to happen twice!!

  14. Moral of the story: hide a key outside. Actually, I have a spare in my car because I hate carrying around a bunch of keys.

    Wow- 1st grade? No way- didn't get around to comment the other day. Oh, and no matter what ticked you off on Friday- be grateful you are not on vacation again trying to use the internet. 🙂

  15. Hopefully the new teacher is fun too. You didn't break the AC did you? You know now that anyone can come and break into your house, if you could.

  16. haha, first grade IS serious business you know 🙂 LOL. she is too funny.

  17. I feel your pain! I locked myself out of a house that I was house sitting one time. 3 hours outside in the rain and 1 locksmith later, I find out that the spare key was in the grill the entire time! There I was, sitting less than 2 feet from the key!

  18. I feel your pain! I locked myself out of a house that I was house sitting one time. 3 hours outside in the rain and 1 locksmith later, I find out that the spare key was in the grill the entire time! There I was, sitting less than 2 feet from the key!

  19. Oh wow – this played like a movie in my head – I was fascinated.! I'm so sorry this happened – what a pain! I thought it was funny that you did some work for fall while looking for the ladder…see? you are all set now LOL.

    I hope PN's new teacher will put your fears and doubts to rest. Maybe she really is a nice person…I certainly hope so!

  20. ugh – I'm 33 and I still hate the dentist!! I just dont care for someone digging around in my face space…

    glad you're a pro. burgler now… that word looks funny so it's prob. spelled wrong.

    happy 1st grade!!

  21. Too funny about the break-in. Sad to say, but as long as you don't have a deadbolt, I'm an ace at the credit card opening the door thing. I use it to get into houses in my neighborhood that are under construction – I'm just that nosey. Your story reminds me of the time, I locked myself inside one of these said houses.

    It's still one of my favorite posts: Life Makes Me Laugh – B&E 101: Have an Escape Route

  22. I'm stuck out of state AGAIN and having the WORST time commenting and visiting and I feel like my arm has been cut off. Thankfully, you're all supportive, understanding friends!

  23. Aw, sorry Her Highness is not excited about school. Hope you are able to get that situation resolved soon.
    Too funny that you had to make her break in! Great story for her to share at school tomorrow!

  24. They need to create a AAA for your house for when people lock their keys in. I locked my keys in my car (again) the other day. Since I don't have AAA I had to call my dad and he had to leave work (again) to come with his card. Needless to say when I get my renter's rebate I'm buying AAA!

    Good luck with the principal. It's hard when you have issues with school.

    Serious business eh? She's too cute.

    Have a great Random Tuesday!


  25. Oh wow! What a day! We can't lock ourselves out of our apartment. It's very strange but you can only lock the door from the inside if you are inside. Or, with the key when you leave. You can't lock it and then walk out. I guess that's a good thing but I never saw it before moving where I am.

    Just stopping by from RTT. Have a great day!

  26. Welcome back. Getting locked out sucks. I haven't done it at home, have to have the key to lock the door, but the first Friday I worked, Tara and I got locked out of the salon while the owner (my friend) was in the massage room…. only 45 minutes, but still a long time with NOTHING to do!

  27. I absolutely love the way you detailed the breaking and entering! PN is now an unwilling accomplice!

  28. I hate getting locked out. There is no graceful way to break in. And then once you do get in, you realize that any one else could have done what you just did, so why bother locking the door in the first place???

  29. I hate the dentist!!

    And thank goodness you got another set of keys. You do NOT want to have to go through all of that again any time soon!

  30. Isn't it scary how easy it is to break into your own house? We got locked out when we got home from our honeymoon (the power had screwed up the garage door opener) so I had to scale the bldg and drop in on the patio. Good thing nobody called the cops.

  31. Glad you were able to get her in there and she was able to open the door for you. If I sent my little guy in through the window he'd just run off and play and leave me stuck outside.

  32. Wow, what a fiasco!!! Funny post. Visiting from sits, will be back for more!

    Sassy Chica

  33. Strange that the kindergarten teacher did not say that she was a great teacher and things should go just fine??? I would have if she was good teacher. Keep us updated.

    Great work with the extra key!!

  34. You're surprised they didn't have "Princess Nagger" in stock? Ummm, I'm not…
    It's a good thing she's old enough to unlock the doors for you, that could have been bad. I was just thinking that my sweet wonderful nephew locked me OUT of the house when he was staying with us. Luckily he unlocked it before I got panicked… Goofy little guy…

  35. Haha. I may have to perform a break in one day, since my mother-in-law who used to live on my block moved to TN. She used to have a spare for our house…and she came to the rescue at least once a year in the time that we've lived here. Maybe you can give a spare key to a neighbor for just such instances…

    Happy RTT.

  36. This post is to funny. I can just see you pushing a screaming child in a window. Hope things go well with the start of school.

  37. Cost of a key copy, about 2 or 3 bucks.
    Pushing your kid through the window, priceless. xo

  38. See, I rarely ever lock my door so I probably wouldn't get into this situation! Of course, this just means that I may walk into my house one day to find all the valuables gone.

    I hate those cardboard things too!

    Justine 😮 )

  39. love it. Logan started 1st grade monday…did you miss us?…i was having so much fun i did not even think about you…gee thanks. lol. he also went to the dentist today…had his first cavity filled…not a good sign…he refused the topical number because it was jelly…and he does not like jelly…so he took the shot…any way sorry for the life story…enjoyed the break in, ha-larious.

  40. Craziness! Glad you finally got PN to cooperate and let you back in the house! Good idea getting another house key made, even if you do never end up needing to use it! LOL

  41. What a great story. Glad it turned out with no injuries! We always seem to learn from our mistakes! Now with 2 keys you'll not have that problem again unless you forget to take them at all.

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