Normally I have a post all ready to publish while I’m sleeping, but Mother Nature threw off my Blogging Mojo. We had some wicked storms roll through here periodically all weekend that caused mayhem in the household. Well, OK, not really that dramatic, but still.

Having scattered thunderstorms Friday, Saturday and Sunday tend to mess up any kind of electronic plans when the power gets knocked out even for a few minutes. Resetting the digital clocks in the house became a regular routine this weekend. Since we had some things fried by lightning in the past, we tend to unplug the ‘important’ stuff just in case. Like our computers.

Yesterday morning I woke up to loud thunder and lightning and a torrential downpour – you could hear the cracks of lightning followed almost immediately by the thunder which sounded like it was right on top of us. My first thought was I better hurry up and get up so I can make sure I have a cup of coffee before the power goes out. Priorities, you know.

Just as I was finishing getting dressed, the power went out. I should have just gotten my coffee naked. I’d have a cup by now. When the power came on a short time later, I scrambled to get my coffee, in case this was just a teaser from Mother Nature. It was. The power went out just as I was ready to hit the ‘brew’ button. Thanks, Mother Nature.

No coffee, no electricity, no computer, no internet. Not a good way to start off a day. Next time I’ll get my coffee naked – then at least I’ll have that. Luckily today will be sunny, though hot and humid, so I’ll have some time to play catch up since I don’t have to worried about electronics getting fried. Coffee in hand, I’m ready to start my day.

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  1. Good morning. The storms were something yesterday weren't they? I am hurrying up and posting a couple things before I head out the door to take Princess to the kennel (feeling totally guilty) and then packing up the car for OCNJ. I've got all my stuff ready (laptop, cameras, etc… who needs clothes? LOL!)

  2. LOL, call me crazy, but I LOVE STORMS! Sadly here in So. Cal, we have 70 degrees and NOT A CLOUD IN THE SKY! Rarely does it Thunder and Lighting, rarely does it rain, and when it does, I'm out on the front porch watching it. Smelling it, LOVING IT.

    My mom lives in Vegas and each time it storms she calls me on her cell, LISTEN Tamerina, do you hear it?! I run for my room slam my bedroom door (having 10 boys in the house at all times) I can't hear myself think. I literally drool over the sound! Even with her being there for years I've always MISSED the storms by a day!

    However seeing, you couldn't have your coffee..or your internet.. I think I may have to pass on the storm stuff LOL.

  3. We didn't have the storms this weekend but we had no internet all day until 5 pm! That's why my post was so late. I was freaking out at first but then I actually completely enjoyed the day without the computer.

    I'm sure you can't say the same about the coffee.

  4. Glad that you did not lose your electronics!!! I also rush to unplug everything that I can in a lighting storm. We have never had an issue but…

    I do not want to chance it.

  5. Love the summer storms!

    Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the electronics. Glad everyone and everything is safe.

  6. Ugh…I would definitely be getting my coffee naked in that situation! I'm not pretty without my coffee in the morning, LOL!

  7. Ack! What total misery! I can just picture you, standing over the coffee maker when the power went out, with drool dribbling down your chin. Poor thing.

    Justine 😮 )

  8. What is "naked" coffee? I am sitting here drinking a fresh cup that I just pressed. I see from your "post you might like" that you press yours as well. YUM.

    We've had some pretty wild and woolly storms this weekend too here in Texas! Fascinating to watch though!

  9. That is just so funny! that you would have had your coffee naked! Wahaa! I bet your husband would have loved that!

  10. Being from Seattle myself, this post of yours was a nightmare to read – no coffee in the morning?!? Did you have to go to the hospital later to get a caffeine transfusion? Very tragic – I'm glad you survived to tell the tale.

    And thanks for becoming a Follower – I'm now stalking you too! 🙂

  11. No storm well not big one at least 🙂 but my site is killing me today…the server is acting like crap LOL and I'm going crazy here!!!

    Hope your day is better than mine 😉

  12. We don't get many storms. Go ahead and get your coffee naked, we will close our eyes.

  13. Mother Nature is just cruel like that sometimes… Who needs clothes for coffee? Unless you're going to Starbucks. Then I would recommend at least a towel or something.

    I hate this kind of weather. It freaks out the cats, which freaks out the kid, which means nobody rests, and then we ALL need coffee come Monday. Good luck with the rest of the week.

  14. I hate having to reset the clocks – but I love storms! I prefer to walk around naked anyway, but I don't want to traumatize my son, who is 18 and past the age he is comfortable viewing the cellulite on my butt.

  15. Thank goodness you were able to think quickly and grab coffee before power went out again! Coffee is a priority in this household. I would be huddled on a corner without it.

  16. That sounds like an awful start to the day. I HATE when the power flashes since the backup power supplies kick on but not before beeping and waking up the kids in the process. I think you need to keep an emergency pot of iced coffee on hand just in case.

  17. It was pouring right after I started to mow my lawn, so I just kept on mowing, I looked like I was Bill Murray in Cadyshack!!! LOL!

  18. We had really bad storms in our area too. I can't imagine a morning without coffee! Now I think I need to go out and get a battery back-up for my coffee maker – just in case 🙂

  19. Sorry, I must disagree, coffee + naked = BAD IDEA! It's kinda embarassing asking the chemist if the burn cream she just gave you for your arm is also okay to use on your nipples… um, so I've heard, yeah that's it, it happened to a friend… then the chemist doesn't hear you properly so you end up yelling to the whole store that you have a burn on your nipple from spilling coffee… and that you are pregnant and need to use that nipple again and is this likely to be a problem and how on earth do you put a burn dressing on there? um, you know, so I've heard…

    Enjoy your storms!

  20. Crap…I couldn't imagine not having my coffee. Damn storms. I totally agree with just jumping out of bed next time, coffee is way more important than clothes!

  21. I can so relate. I'm not a very happy mommy to be around if I don't have my morning java.

  22. LOL That would've made me crazy! Yes, getting your coffee naked would probably be the best thing to do next time. ;0P

  23. The thunderous roar from last night's downpour still echoes in my head. We've had the same weather the past couple of days as well. Hope the weather's better now.

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