Another week seems to have flown by at the speed of light. It’s been a crazy hectic week, so it’s nice to be able to finish the day with a brain purge, compliments of Mrs. 4444, of course! She hands out the hall passes for the weekly brain purge, so be sure to stop by Half Past Kissin’ Time to collect. I’m looking forward to reading all the purged brains this week, I got foiled by my computer’s belligerent antics last week, but since it’s been resuscitated I’m good to go! Let the brain purge begin!


When I thought ahead the week before school started about getting the Princess Nagger ‘adjusted’ to getting up at the crack of dawn early for school, I forgot about me needing that adjustment period, too. I got spoiled not having to be rudely awakened by the obnoxious alarm Every. Single. Day. My alarm clock only had to be rude once a week when hubby’s schedule warranted the need to get up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 a.m. Getting up at 7:00 a.m. on the other days was ‘sleeping in’ for me these past 6 years after exiting the Corporate World for Mommyhood.

Princess Nagger isn’t a morning person… hubby isn’t a morning person… I am. But that’s kind of changed over the last 6 years. Hubby’s sporadic schedule made my schedule sporadic, too. He turned me into a night-owl which isn’t conducive to early morning awakenings. Princess Nagger starting school last year didn’t change that – after all, she was ‘assigned’ the afternoon class, so our night-owl habits didn’t have to be modified.

This year all that has changed.

Princess Nagger has been great about getting up at 6:30 to have time to get dressed, have breakfast, and brush her teeth and hair before going outside to wait for the bus. In order for me to make sure I have my first cup of coffee before being ensconced in her hour-long morning routine (read: nag her to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush her teeth and hair to make it out to wait for the bus on time), I’m having to get up at 5:30 a.m. Every day. That way I can make sure I’m dressed, have coffee and brush my teeth and hair before going outside to wait for the bus with her.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m actually embracing the opportunity to get back into my ‘morning person’ persona – I tend to get so much more done when I get to start the day early instead of ‘late’. It’s just that I haven’t adjusted the part about getting to bed early before midnight at a reasonable hour in order to not be dog-tired the next day. All Day. Hopefully my whacked-out internal clock will get adjusted soon so I’m not suffering FBS (Foggy Brain Syndrome) on a daily basis.

Of course my internal clock will only adjust if I help it by getting to bed earlier than 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. midnight. Better get my brain reprogrammed for that. Soon.


Rolex (the puppy) is thisclose to being completely housebroken. His ‘accidents’ during the day are getting less and less…which is a good thing, since he hates being in the crate for any reason or for any length of time. He’s the exact opposite of how Travis was – Travis looked forward to some ‘rest’ time in the crate, that was when he ate and drank his fill, and got in a nap. Rolex protests the minute you put him in the crate – no matter how hungry he is, he just wants out.

I think Travis has been pivotal on helping Rolex figure out that doing his business outside is the way to go – he accompanies Rolex on every outing, and stands with this wise, all-knowing look as he waits for him to do his business. Funny thing is, Travis is only 7 months older than Rolex, but acts wise beyond his years. Except when he decides any unusual noise needs to be barked at. Then he’s just annoying.


Mother Nature is still delving out hot and humid weather to us – the thunderstorms we were supposed to get last weekend to bring in some cooler air got redirected elsewhere – the one day we did get a few storms and high winds roll through were promptly followed by extra humidity. We’re supposed to get some good thunderstorms through here today – wonder if I need to do some sort of rain dance to make sure that happens?

Mother Nature has been mocking us. I’m trying to figure out how to mock her back.


I got some beauty marks checked out at the dermatologists office this week per the orders of my doctor. Of the several my doctor was concerned about, the dermatologist was only concerned about 2. One on the underneath part of my right boob, the other one between my toes. She decided to do a ‘scraping’ to test for melanoma, so she had the nurse in the room with her whip out a ginormous needle and numbed each area with Novocaine. The numbing of my boob was no big deal, but holy moly when she stuck that needle between my toes I just about screamed like a girl. I didn’t, but I wanted to.

I did actually say ‘Holy Moly!’ out loud while my brain was saying other stuff. I thought it interesting they call the procedure ‘scraping’ – you picture a scrape like a scraped knee…but no, you’re talking a small chunk of skin gone where the beauty mark once was. Wouldn’t that be sort of considered removal of the beauty mark? Those two are gone, with a nice chunk of flesh gone with them, so that’s what I’m going with. She’ll call me either way with the results, so I’ll keep you posted. Currently I’m in the ‘hurry up and wait’ mode since she said the results could take up to 2 weeks.


Is it just me, or does the Target target have some sort of mystical powers of persuasion or hypnosis that tends to make one spend more time in more aisles than any other store? Case in point: Princess Nagger and I stopped by there on Tuesday so we could, at the last minute, buy the required ‘pencil box’ her teacher told us she needed for the first day of school just 5 days prior at the orientation.

I figured maybe Target would be the place to go, since Wal*Mart is such a pain to maneuver during those kinds of last-minute rush visits. I was wrong. No pencil boxes left in stock – which I sort of expected since the mad-dash for school supplies started way back in July when they first put their stock out.

Instead, I walked out with $100 in purchases in 3 bags that didn’t include a pencil box.


I sadly have no update for Fitness Friday this week – with my FBS and the slice-and-dice at the dermatologists office and getting used to a new schedule, I sort of just blew it off for this week. I didn’t even give the WiiFit the time of day. So I’m sure my little WiiFit dude is going to have a few words for me next week – but since next week is a full week of school for the Princess Nagger, I’ll have the opportunity to focus more…and most likely be awake.


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Princess Nagger: “I think I saw a Ring-Necked Dove on the patio!”

Me: “Really? Cool!”

PN: “Yes, I think he was admiring the bird house I made. Maybe he’ll move in.”

Me: “Maybe – we’ll have to be patient, I’m sure they’re still getting used to it hanging out there.”

PN: “But it’s been out there for days! You think someone would have moved in by now!”

Me: “I saw a Red Cardinal on the patio earlier today when you were at school – maybe one of those will decide to move in.”

PN: “That would be great! I love the color red, too, even though it doesn’t match purple, it’d be OK if a Red Cardinal moved in. Why haven’t any birds moved in yet?”

Me: “I’m sure they’re a little nervous about seeing the dogs running around. Don’t worry, a bird will move in when you least expect it.”

PN: “Like maybe tomorrow?”

Me: “You need a little more patience…”

PN (with a mischievous grin): “I’m not a doctor!”


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. Hilarious PN conversation. I'm sorry the bird housing market is not working out for her. It takes time to find the right tenant.

  2. you blog is becoming one of my favorites… glad that I found it…and have it on my sidebar….Have a great weekend

  3. LOL! PN is soooo adorable! I must live under a rock, though, because I've never heard the phrase she used about doctors being patient… 😉 LOL!

  4. Wow. . . lot of purging there! Yep that scraping bit is nauseating! I am sorry you had to have that done. Just in case you wonder, that skin will grow back. They do dig a chunk though.

    That little Princess has some wit! Her Dr. comment gave me a laugh! She is adorable!

  5. It depends on what I am doing as to whether I am a morning person, if it is for fishing, I am good, if it is for work, I am yawning!

    Send me a picture of the birthmark on the boob and I will examine it for you!!! LOL!
    Seriously, though, I hope all is negative, I'm sure it will be!

  6. I will pray that the tests all come out good. My Grandpa has struggled with skin cancer a long time, so I know how scary that can be.

    I love the PN convos of the week. They crack me up!!!!

  7. I am totally with you on the morning schedule. When did I change so much that I can't function so early in the morning? My daughter has to be at the bus this year at 6.34 and that is overwhelming!

    Good luck with the scraping results. Could you have picked two more tender areas? That's worse than getting up at 5.30!

  8. That was some purge…

    Loved the PN story. Almost makes me wish I had a little one around the house again…wait I have a husband; doesn't that count?

    I hope the birds move in…

  9. Since I haven't been working, I've slowly gotten used to getting up later, and now 6:00 seems pretty early. I have the same problem with remembering to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

    Good luck with the 'scrapings' – I'm sending healthy, positive thoughts your way.

    PN is so cute. That's a pretty good line – she may have a career in stand-up comedy in her future.

  10. I try to cut my Target shopping OUT because it doesn't matter what I might need, I buy twice as much stuff that I probably DO NOT need. It's frightening. I don't have that problem at Walmart.

    Maybe I should just go there…

  11. We adore Target – even my son is a fan, and he doesn't beg to go shopping like his sister does.

    I had to have a chunk of bone cut off one of my toes a few years back and the worst part was the damn needle – there's no padding on your toes and that sucker hurts!

    I am the only morning person at my house. It's nice because I can get things done without interruption – or just relax and read for a bit – but dragging the B up for school is like pulling teeth. At least she likes school so that part isn't the problem. Her brother doesn't move until after noon. Period. If I have to get him up before, I jump on the bed, or put a chinchilla up in the covers. A little inappropriate touching by a furry friend wakes him up immediately.

  12. I hope your moles turn out to be OK.

    So true about the back to school adjustment period. I have huge circles under my eyes – from getting up 2 hours earlier than my summer wake up time. School's hard on a mom 😀

  13. I cant stand going into Walmart or Target for one thing.. I never ever come out with one thing… 🙁

  14. PN used the word "admire"? Too funny!

    I hope your "scrapes" all come back negative. Waiting for stuff like that is horrible.

    I am NOT a morning person, so I wind up going right back to bed once the kids are off to school. Loser, I know.

    I usually bring them to the bus stop in my jammies, 'cause I just stay in the car. In fact, most times I picked them up from the bus stop STILL in my jammies. ROFL. Told ya I was a loser.

    Justine 😮 )

  15. Target gets me that way almost every time too! I think they put something in the vents!

    Happy Friday!

  16. I love Target except in the morning… Nope, Not a morning person, not by a long shot.

  17. Waking up early and waiting for test results stink! I totally cringed when I read they numbed you between your toes. Gggghhh! Gave me the shivers! I hope all is well with your results! And that both you and the Princess get adjusted to rising early sooner rather than later!

  18. PN is awesome LOL I'm more of a morning person now that I have a kid than I was before. Actually I'm always tired no wonder when I sleep like 4 hours LOL
    me in Target or Wal Mart = too much stuff 🙂
    hope everything is well at the doctors!

  19. These are great, Stacy! And, I have definitely had to adjust to the new wake-up time! Aaarrrggghhh!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  20. I'm more of a morning person too. I've found my optimum time is about 9am. I'm at my best then. But that could be because by then I've had my walk, my coffee, kids and hubs are gone and it's just me and the dogs (if I don't have to work that is).

    Fun conversations with PN! It's so wonderful that you can document those, I only remember a few things my kids said when they were that age!

  21. I actually enjoy mornings, it is the getting up part I hate. But yeah, after half an hour of quiet and coffee, I get a LOT more accomplished. And 7:00 is sleeping in for me, too, though I am lucky in that three of the four kids are also morning people. Makes life a lot less hectic.

  22. PN has some serious wit! I wonder who she got that from? 😉

    I think that is super quick to get your puppy trained.

    The part about going to bed early…that is a problem, isn't it? I like the early morning hours too but if I don't have caffeine, I may as well have just stayed in bed.

    I need to start reading my blogs from Z up. It takes too long to get over here. Sometimes when I get up early and drink a Diet Dr Pepper, I remember that but when I wake up at 11am like today, I'm a disorganized mess.

  23. I just got back from SD with the fam damily…when I read your comment on Hit 40 about nagging I about died….at one point on our trip hubby was driving around Mt. Rushmore's curves like Freakin' Mario Andretti and when on straigtaways he drives like a grandpa….I made comment and he replied.."Nag, Nag, Nag…all you ever do is nag." Happy VAcation to me to. blah.

  24. I don't necessarily want to be a morning person anymore. Since Teagan's birth, she's been an early riser. Sleeping in around here means 6:30! My dream date weekend would really have to include sleep until some delectable time like 8:00 for me to be happy.

    And I love Target and used to have the same issue. Iv'e gotten better. Heck- last night I went in for 2 things and actually came out with just those 2 things!

  25. Oh my gosh, she is hysterical!! Love that conversation. And yes, Target definitely has hypnotic powers or something…

    Hope things go well when you hear back from the derm!

  26. Ahhhh – I love those conversations with PN. She is a hoot!

    Good luck with the beauty marks – that does sound quite painful. I hope your results are good.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. The alarm clock is not my friend…

    The Princess cracks me up with her conversations. What a witty little thing she is!

  28. I tell you, that little PN has a career when she grows up! Stand up Comic!

    Happy VGNO !

  29. Happy VGNO!! Rockstar is an energy drink I cannot live without 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!

  30. Do you know that I have been to Target only once in the almost 3 months since we moved, and I have NOT been to Wal-Mart even once… we don't have "super" of either of them, so my food shopping is done at a regular market!

    I hope all is well with your "scrapings"! I think a needle in any part of the foot is the most painful.

    For PNs sake, I sure hope something moves into the bird house soon.

    Happy VGNO! Have a good weekend. It really COOLED down here today with on and off rain all day. I'm actually having decaf coffee tonight!

    Oh, and the sleeping… I got to bed late and get up early…my internal clock is a mess!

  31. We just spent an unnecessary hundo at Target for that same reason. We went for lunchboxes and came home with none but a bunch of other crap. Dammit Target!

    I love that you have to set your alarm to get up. My "alarm" screams his head off around 6 or 6:30 every day and jolts us all awake.

  32. I am not a morning person, either. But, if I am up and going early I feel like I get so much more done in the day. Otherwise, I am just getting dressed at 10:30

  33. I hope you get used to the new morning routine quickly. It really sucks to have to get up so early ! I also hope that the test results are negative for melanoma. Happy VGNO !

  34. your conversation w/ PN is too cute and reminds me of many I have had w/ Will they are just too funny

  35. I am a morning & night person. I stay up later than everyone else here, and I'm the first one up!

    Have a Happy VGNO!

  36. You totally just reminded me why i'm going to have a very hard time with morning tomorrow it's like 1230am and i'm still reading blogs? oops! School this year will be "fun" only 10 month to sleeping in.

  37. Lots of good stuff here, my friend! I'm glad you are smart enough to listen to your doctor. Here's hoping they find absolutely NOTHING.

    I am so NOT a morning person. I've been getting up (late) for school the past two days. Today, i was only five minutes late but still feeling bad about it…until I pulled into the parking lot and remembered teachers had today off, haha. (I stayed until 6pm and got a LOT done.)

    I really hope you have new bird neighbors soon.

    Target is evil. But not as evil as Walmart is full of weirdos; that is for certain.

    Hope you have a terrific weekend…

  38. Instead of "holy moly," I embrace the phrase, "HOLY FIRETRUCK!" It's not as naughty as I mean, but close enough to take the edge off. Problem is, I'm going to have to ask my pastor to bless one of our local firetrucks, so I can say I'm just recalling the image. 🙂

    Happy VGNO!

  39. Here's hoping "someone" moves into that birdhouse soon 🙂
    Glad things turned out well at the dermatologist…I've had to have a few holy molies removed myself, and I agree with you "scraping" is a very strange term for what they do…
    Have a great weekend!

  40. We're starting doing the "getting up early" thing this week, wish me luck! We have been laying around in the morning, Delaney & I at least & then going down for breakfast about 10:30….this is going to be painfull!

    Happy VGNO!

  41. Haha! Patience/Patients….too cute!

    Yeah, I can't wait for the kids I nanny for to go back to school so I can resume a routine of sanity.

  42. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who fell off the fit wagon this week. I too am a morning person and am ready for my body to get back on track 🙂

    Happy very belated VGNO!

  43. I'm the only AM person in my house too. I think I drive everyone else crazy. But that's what Moms are supposed to do.

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