I decided to save myself some time and energy and combine a number of posts into one. Of course that means a little more work by way of reading for you, but I’ll try to make it easy to follow along. Promise.

Happy Halloween!!

I know…..it’s only the beginning of August and I’m wishing you a Happy Halloween. Well, when I had a few errands to run on Tuesday, this is the sight that greeted my eyes when I turned the corner in one aisle:

After I tweeted a lament about not having my camera with me to capture this sight, I realized that my cell phone camera would work just fine…sorry about the quality of the shot, but you get the idea. Half the items on the shelf are Halloween items, with ‘Happy Halloween’ emblazoned on them, the rest are general ‘fall decorations’. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they use to hold off on that until the Back To School stuff was depleted? You know, like September? For that matter, the Back To School stuff showed up in July – before June was even a memory.

How early is too early? That’s either a rhetorical question or a moot point, I haven’t decided yet. August is definitely too early for Halloween/Fall decorations. September is too early for Christmas – it used to be that you wouldn’t see any Christmas decor until Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. In recent years it seems that Memorial Day is their Christmas Season ‘kick-off’. Way too early for my preference.

So my actual Aloha Friday Question is: When do you start decorating for the ‘seasons’? For me, I tend to decorate for Halloween at the beginning of October, mixing Fall Decor with a few Halloween items that can be removed right after Halloween and remain through Thanksgiving. Then I decorate for Christmas during the ‘long’ Thanksgiving weekend, depending on how busy we are for that particular weekend. I used to wait and decorate for Christmas after my birthday in early December, but since I like to go overboard all-out for that particular time of year, I figured we might as well have a ‘festive’ atmosphere for the entire month, including my birthday.

Speaking of ‘holidays’, Hubby forgot our anniversary on Tuesday. I mentioned something about it Monday night when he mentioned he had band practice Tuesday night, but it went right ov
er his head. Tuesday I ran out and bought him new anniversary cards (yes, plural – I always get him one funny one and one serious one) because I haven’t been able to locate the hiding place I put the ones I bought him 2 months ago and didn’t want to not have a card waiting for him. When he got home from work they were waiting for him propped on his computer monitor. I didn’t set the gift I got for him there, because I didn’t want him to feel bad. I should have let him feel bad.

This is the first year he’s forgotten. And the first year he’s not gotten me anything for our anniversary. We’ve been mostly together for 12 years, married for 6. He did bring home 2 dozen roses on Wednesday with a card. No actual gift. He explained why he got the dates mixed up (5th vs. 4th) but it was still obvious that even though he thought the date was the 5th he didn’t plan or think ahead. He said if he had remembered our anniversary the day before, it would have been one dozen roses.

Not sure how I feel about that, and I’m not sure how to communicate how I feel about the fact that he not only forgot, but he pretty much blew off this important day by not getting or doing something thoughtful. Especially when he’s been buying shitloads of stuff for himself (collectible coins, 2 new guitars, etc.) Honestly it kinda makes me feel insignificant and worthless. Needless to say, I ended up not giving him his gift – I’m hanging onto it until Christmas. Maybe. Sure it’s petty, but I’m feeling a bit petty right now. First Mother’s Day, now our anniversary. I hate to think that the year might potentially end on a bad note with my birthday and Christmas both in December.

On to more cheerful things (perception, people!) blueviolet and Stesha have challenged each other to Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred – more power to them! I’ve heard it can be brutal, so I’ll let ’em knock themselves out. Meanwhile, I’ve rejoined the merry band of Wii Mommies (though they don’t actually know it yet) by dusting off my copy of EA Sports Active and Wii Fit this week.

I didn’t realize that the last time I did a Fitness Friday post was exactly 2 months ago… I wonder if I should have joined blueviolet and Stesha for their 30 Day Shred, as I’m feeling pretty ‘shredded’ myself this week! But the good news is that I’m down another 5 pounds, so I’m motivated to keep at it. Especially since I want to make sure I’m comfortable in my own skin when I step out of my comfort zone next year and go to BlogHer 2010 – and since blueviolet happens to be one of my roomies for that event, I better make sure I keep up with her before we go so I can keep up with her when we’re there.

Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Princess Nagger: “I give this 4-and-a-half stars.”

Me: “4-and-a-half stars, hmmm?”

PN: “Yes, 3-and-a-half stars for being cool, and only 1 star because it didn’t pit all the cherries.”

Me: “It didn’t pit all the cherries?”

PN: “No, it left some of them in, so it only deserves one star. You can go ahead and go on the website and put 4-and-a-half stars on there for me.”

What is she talking about? The Cherry Chomper:
Kathy B! – this is what you need for your daughter… I can’t promise she and her clothes will remain cherry juice free, but maybe it’ll make the mess more fun! 😉

If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


Thanks for putting up with my cramming today – and if you have time, be sure to stop by and say hi to Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissin’ Time for fun Friday Fragments, Sara at Ordinary and Awesome for Friday’s Freewrite, Wii Mommies for Fitness Friday, Ann Again and Again for VGNO, and Island Life for Aloha Friday.

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  1. I am new to this blogging thing and love what I have found on the internet. The picture you posted is hilarious b/c I just was thinking the exact same thing about all of the holiday stuff out already–it's like hold on a minute people I just barely got my Christmas lights down from last year! Thanks for writing.

  2. It is way too early. I do some decorations for Halloween around mid-October. I do Christmas right after Thanksgiving. I don't even what to think about Fall yet!

  3. I try not to decorate, it makes life easier! Hubby still loves you, how could he not? He just got a bit lax, like many of us dumb ass men do at times, don't let it get to you too much, anniversaries are like dancing to men, they are a big deal because the women are into them, if it wasn't for women, men would not even know what a anniversary was!!

  4. Halloween?? I still haven't decided what I want to grill to celebrate the 4th of July???

    Sorry about your anniversary 🙁

  5. Halloween in August? I'm shocked LOL. My future daughter in law would be having a cow and most likely swoop up every item in that isle.
    She is the most festive woman I have ever met. Kinda makes me feel inadequate!

  6. As far as decorating for the holidays, I'm a less is more kind of gal. I usually put up/out seasonal things instead of holiday specific.

    Emily has a 4 ft. Christmas tree that she calls Tiny Twinkles that we put lights and her collection of Precious Moments ornaments on during Christmas.

    I gave up on expecting Jack to "celebrate" our anniversary… My birthday… We've been together 15 years. I realized one day that the cards and such meant more to me than him. I think it's a woman/man thing.

  7. Lol at PN's review!!

    Yeah, we were in Target the other day (me and the kids I nanny for) and her toy that the 7 year old really likes (Funkeys) were all on clearance. The store associates were restocking like crazy and the 7 year old and her inquisitive mind asked an associate why the funkeys were all marked down and the associate said they have to make way for CHRISTMAS merchandise.

  8. I love it that we only decorate for Christmas here! I couldnt work out what all the dead stuff was in the photo till I read what you had written, no halloween in Australia. Christmas goes up December 1st in our house… except if we have no way to protect the tree from the kids then it goes up last minute. With a new baby in the house this year I will undoubtedly get all christmassy early so I can do all the cute baby christmas photos but the tree will look utterly trashed well before santa comes.

  9. Way to cram it all in… I will be participating in VGNO but not til later this week… been so busy w/ football… Happy Halloween LOL

  10. The retailer's are putting stuff out early to give consumer's a chance to buy a few things at a time, in view of our failing economy. I think they're all petrified that they will go out of business.
    Cute Hubby never remembers dates either. Before my birthday, I tell him what I want. For our anniversary, I tell him where we are going for dinner. Christmas is a total loss, I haven't quite figured out that one yet.

  11. Cramming can be good, it clears the brain puts it all out there. I do hope Hovering Hubbie gets his act in gear and remember you better then this for your birthday and christmas. It's not petty it's just "fair".

  12. I can't believe it when I walk into a store these days and they are like three or four months ahead of a holiday. it is getting a little ridiculous.

    Last year at Christmas…before Christmas was even there, they had taken all the Christmas stuff down and put up the Valentine's Day stuff. I kid you not. Before Valentine's was even peeking around the corner, the Easter candy was up.

    Yeah, I'd say marketing is going all wacky!

  13. I totally agree!! Michael's Craft Store in Cedar Rapids, Iowa set out Halloween/Fall decor for sale on August 1st! Sheeeesh!

    BTW, your blog posts are hilarious. You are one witty writer, dear Sis. What fun to read.

  14. Halloween has become big business! A Cherry Chomper? What will they think of next?

  15. Yeah that's way too early!Well,I can't really answer that question because Halloween isn't a big thing here in France,not yet actually,it starts coming.I have seen on documentaries and pics the decorations they make in USA,Canada ect..it's cool.I'd like to see that for real one day,perhaps when my son is older,we'll go on holidays around that time of the year,that'll be cool.Have a nice day and weekend!:)

  16. I usually remember to pull out my holiday decorations a day or two after the holiday is past.

  17. NO WAY! I can't believe he forgot!
    Now you really deserve something shiny!

    Happy VGNO?
    You know- I think the weather is the big determining factor of when I start to decorate. Guess it'll be an early Halloween from the looks of things.

    Have a Happy Puppy Day too 🙂

  18. i only usually decorate for christmas and i start a little bit after thanksgiving but the tree doesnt come out until about 1 week before christmas otherwise the kids are asking every day if it christmas yet. 🙂

  19. So sorry about your anniversary. Hopefully he will make up for it with the holidays coming up!
    Halloween stuff already? Wow. I did see some cute pumpkin garden decor out yesterday as well. It is still 100* here, I can't possibly do fall stuff yet!
    Love the Princess Nagger's star rating! Too cute

  20. So far the shredding is shredding me so you might be pushing me around in a wheelchair in NYC. 😉

    I usually cram it all together like that in one post too. Maybe I should get my act together here this morning and edit to crampack some more in.

    That fall scene doesn't surprise me a bit. But then I worked retail at a few points in my employed moments.

    I can't believe you have a Cherry Chomper.

  21. Yah!!!! Halloween is close. I decorate big! I hate summer and most summer holidays. I LOVE Fall and all Fall holidays. My birthday is in late October, so growing up a lot of my birthday parties were a birthday/Halloween theme. I love Christmas the most, but Halloween is a REALLY close second. I will start to decorate September 1st. :o)

  22. Yah, last month we went swim suit shopping because Mamacita needed a new one suddenly. And it was a pain to try to find one around here because everything was back to school. Did I mention it was the start of July that we looked? And we don't start school until September for the whole state.

  23. It's way too early for Halloween decorations – I hate that. In September there will be Christmas crap everywhere – I can't stand Christmas anyway – and I have good reasons for that – but it makes me sick to see all of that up so early. Ugh!

  24. i, too, noticed the halloween decorations out, plus the candy. i was thinking that i wouldn't buy candy this early. it might not be good by the end of october.

    i start putting out fall decorations in september, when the weather starts changing. christmas decorations go up right after thanksgiving. that's about all the decorating i do.

  25. I love that cherry chomper! and that convo was super cute LOL…

    maybe i should just say…i just took down Christmas decorations-seriously i still had snowmen dotted around and my big wooden outside the door display that read warm winter welcome…

    I love the fall and am sooooo ready for cooler weather

  26. We really don't make a big deal out of anniversarys. I think I'm ok with that but I'm probably in the minority.

    And that cherry thing? LOVE IT!!


  27. We really don't make a big deal out of anniversarys. I think I'm ok with that but I'm probably in the minority.

    And that cherry thing? LOVE IT!!


  28. Wow, autumn decorations already> I decorate around Halloween.
    Happy belated Anniversary. We do not make much of ours and we have been together for 20 years.

  29. You and I are on the same decorating schedule. That's two of us, so it should become an official rule.

    I like to think I would be cool if my husband forgot my anniversary, but that's a lie. Sorry your guy blew it off.

    That cherry stomper looks like fun 🙂

  30. Princess Nagger is too cute…I love your conversations – I am sure there are several funny ones each day.

    I can't believe hubby forgot your anniversary! Hmph. I would just save his gift for the next event, and MAYBE give it to him.

    It is way too early for Halloween candy. It will be old and yuck by then. I usually start about 3 weeks ahead of a holiday.

  31. I only decorate for Christmas. I get really excited about it and decorate way too soon, tha day after Thanksgiving, but then before before Christmas even hits, im totally tired of the clutter and then I have to just suffer through until the end of Dec. You'ld think I'd learn . . .

  32. We just do Aloha Friday as of now. I like the traffic it generates, but I want the blog to be mostly posts that are meaningful and not too off track from our message.

  33. That cherry chomper is SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! I would definitely eat more if I had that thing! And I totally think that stores should wait till at LEAST Sept. 1st for all that fally kinda crap!

  34. I love that cherry pitting thingy. Actually more for the packaging than anything. And the Halloween stuff? Already!? I'm from England so decorating for these holidays is still relatively new for me.

  35. It seems they start putting things out for the holidays earlier and earlier. This drives me nuts.
    Thanks for sharing the Cherry Chomper with us. What a great idea and so useful.

    Have a great VGNO. It was nice seeing you again, I have had to miss out on the fun girl nights for the past while.

  36. I am lazy and only decorate for Christmas and even that is a chore! I do love decorating in the summer with flowers and pots though!

    Sorry hubs forgot you anniv. That stinks! I would have made him feel bag. I did when hubby forgot my 30th – and I secretly wanted a surprise party.

    Things have calmed so I am actually enjoying a VGNO for a change – yeah!

  37. I decorate for Christmas at the beginning of December, but that's about the extent of our holiday decorations. Some years we get a pumpkin about halfway through October. Holidays aren't really big around here.

  38. Hmmm. That cherry thing is bizarre and funny. As for the anniversary thing, I think you should tell him how you feel AND leave the gift out where he can accidentally find it and feel bad. I hate it when men think roses cancel out inconsideration.

    Never heard of the 30-day shred, but I'm pretty sure I need it. Off to look for it…

    Thanks for joining in this week! Have a great weekend!

  39. Whew, you had a lot to say today.
    I know what you mean about the decorations. I'm planning for my daughter's b-day next month but after seeing what is in the stores, she is asking for her theme to be witches and goblins. Ehh? Is that weird for a Sept. b-day????

  40. I'm sorry he forgot. You are not insignificant and it is fine to be petty once in awhile.

  41. It drives me nuts about the early store decorating craze. Ugh. I tend to decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving but usually everything else is done @ the beginning of the month of the holiday.

    My Hubby was pretty bad about forgetting things like that so I stopped giving him things too. This went on for a couple of years. This year I went all out & had tons of stuff & made it quite the party w/ just us & our kids. Ya know what? I actually received presents & a card this year including one I absolutely have been wanting since I first saw it.

  42. I LOVE Halloween, so that picture you took totally excited me LOL! I usually start decorating for Halloween in the middle of September 🙂 And for the Thanksgiving, RIGHT after Halloweena and Christmas RIGHT after Thanksgiving! happy VGNO 🙂

  43. You sure did cram lots into that post…. I haven't been in too many stores lately so I haven't seen the fall decorations, but Hallmark does have their Christmas ornaments out already. I find that with things out so early, I get burned out on the holiday before it even gets here. Hopefully we will do some decorating this year, the past two years I didn't do much seasonal decorating because I didn't feel like being bothered! I love to burn fall scented candles when the evenings are crisp and the days become shorter! That's my favorite seasonal thing, and for Christmas, on December 1st I like to start burning Jack Frost Yankee Candle!

  44. You are one busy, busy lady. As for decorating, I only do Christmas now. I start the day after Thanksgiving because I think it looks so beautiful that I want the decorations up for a long time.

  45. Ok, too many interesting subjects so I'll just comment on the most serious one. Do something about communicating your feelings with your Hubby NOW – go to counseling, take him out to dinner, do something, because you are stewing and you're going to erupt and it's going to be ugly. Good luck and hugs. ♥♥Ivette

  46. Ditto everything that's been said, I'm sure, but I didnt actually read all the comments. To add my bit, I'll say that my 6th anniversary is at the end of the month. I wanted this absolutely beautiful Gucci handbag, but Hubs almost had a MI so I guess it's out. But we're going to Boston the week before so I'm sure I can get something good out of it from him. Not sure what I'm getting him. I'd be a little pissed if he forgot, but I wouldnt let it be the end-all be-all, I'd jsut make him pay dearly on your birthday and chrsitmas!


  47. I usually put Halloween items up early in October. I also tend to make them more for fall so I can switch things up minimally for Thanksgiving. For Chanukah we usually put things up a few days before we light the Menorah . . . unless we do it the day of. Since there is not a lot to put up for that we keep it simple.

  48. Next week will be Christmas stuff!

    On to other subjects:

    Don't men rot sometimes?

    Happy VGNO!

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