It’s Friday once again…apparently I blinked and *poof!* there went another week! Once again it’s time to alleviate the brain cells and collection of thoughts that may or may not make up a whole blog post. Well, considering how wordy I am in general, I suppose I could make a bunch of individual posts with my mish-mash, but this is so much more fun! You can thank the notorious Mrs. 4444 (you can call her Mrs. Four) for her inspiration for this Friday mish-mash. You can also thank Sara for having another version called Friday Freewrite. They’re the instigators of the Friday Fun we get to enjoy weekly.


Blogger and Google are still up to their annoying tricks. Moving my blog to a self-hosted site is looking better and better all the time. I’m just not looking forward to the massive work it would entail.


Because Blogger and Google have been up to their annoying tricks, it’s put a serious crimp in my ability to do my ‘normal’ blog-hopping and commenting, you know, as opposed to my ‘abnormal’ mode. Hopefully this weekend will prove to be more successful on some catching up. I’ve been able to read some great posts (when I’ve been ‘allowed’ to by Google), but have been limited on the ability to leave comments. I like leaving comments. Blogger and Google have been robbing me of some fun this week.


Those that are ‘They’ that are ‘calling’ whomever they call for the weather are threatening us with severe thunderstorms today…so we’ll see if we do get them, and how often I’ll be resetting the clocks when we lose power. I of course will be unplugging the important electronics (like my laptop and the router/modem) when any storms hit…no need to kill the electronics with excessive electricity before it goes out. Mother Nature may be in cahoots with Blogger and Google. I’m just sayin’.


Last night was the First Grade Orientation for the Princess Nagger. I ended up writing an entire post about that experience…I’d appreciate any feedback on that less-than-stellar introduction to First Grade, if you have time – please.


My PBS (Pancake Boob Syndrome, aka Mammogram) on Saturday went without a hitch. Though when the nurse/technician/whatever they call it was putting my boobs where they needed to be, the only thought that kept going through my head was “This is probably the closest thing to feeling like an actual piece of meat.” I think, though, that I will schedule any future PBS moments on a Saturday like it worked out this year – I was the only person in the waiting room, and I was in-and-out in about 10 minutes. Those are the kind of ‘doctor’ appointments I can live with.


Last week I mentioned that Julie was pimping out Wii Sports Resort – I found it at BJ’s for $5.00 less than any other place, so I decided to buy it. Princess Nagger and I played it while hubby was at band practice Tuesday night – well, I played it while Princess Nagger cheered me on and kept telling me to keep going to unlock more levels…so I did. And boy, oh boy was my arm, shoulder, and right side of my back sore the next day!! I had trouble moving my arm even a little bit because the muscles were so sore! I might have to try to be ambidextrous so I don’t end up getting muscle tone fabulous on the right side, but not on the left. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I did imbibe in some more WiiFit this week to keep going on the momentum I’ve re-started, and was rewarded by bidding farewell to another 3 pounds. I’m reserving EA Sports Active for when the Princess Nagger is back in school so I have more free time to focus on those workouts – she prefers to watch me do the WiiFit, so at least I can do that without her wanting me to stop and put Sly Cooper in the PlayStation instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Princess Nagger Conversation of the Week:

Princess Nagger: “You need to get a new brownie pan, Mama.”

Me: “I do? Why do you think that?”

PN: “Because you need one that automatically slices the brownies.”

Me: “Wait…you mean there’s a pan that automatically slices the brownies?”

PN: “Yes, I saw it on a commercial and you need to get one so we can make brownies.”

Me: “I already have a pan we can make brownies in.”

PN: “But does it automatically slice them?”

Me: “Well, no…it doesn’t. How does the one you saw work?”

PN: “Well, first, you put the batter in. Then you insert the, um….brownie cutter. Then you put it in the oven and let it bake.”

Me: “Brownie cutter?”

PN: “Yes, it fits right inside the pan and cuts the brownies automatically.”

Me: “Huh. That sounds interesting.”

PN: “It is interesting! After you bake the brownies, you take the pan out of the oven…wait, do you have a cooling rack, Mama? One that’s about this big?”

Me: “Yes, I do have a cooling rack…they’re a little bigger than that, is that OK?”

PN: “I think so, we’ll have to check. You put the pan on the cooling rack and watch.”

Me: “Watch what?”

PN: “You watch them cool off, of course! Then you can decorate them, and enjoy!”

Me: “Decorate brownies??”

PN: “Actually, you can put M&M’s on them – or anything! Even sprinkles!!”

Me: “On Brownies???”

PN: “Yes, Mama…on brownies! Or you can even bake a cake in the pan, too. It doesn’t have a bottom.”

Me: “No bottom? How does the batter stay in there, then??”

PN: “Well, the sides separate from the bottom to they come out easier, and it even has a rack you can put it on to serve it. And it also comes with stencils so you can decorate with patterns. And the whole thing can go in the dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about washing it by hand, Mama. It’s safe to put in the dishwasher. So you should get one. And we should make brownies.”

My curiosity got the best of me…I had to try to find out what she was talking about. Jenners will appreciate this…here’s the brownie pan Princess Nagger is trying to get me to buy – I’m actually tempted to get one…but I told Princess Nagger we have to wait until it shows up on Target’s ‘As Seen on TV’ shelf first…then there’s no shipping to worry about… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Note: If you click on the picture it will take you to the website to check it out…(Jenners)…if you’re curious like I was. Curiosity Killed the Cat…BUT Satisfaction Brought Him Back! ๐Ÿ˜‰


If you’re just hanging out at home on Friday night (and blogging), feel free to join in on Ann’s Virtual Girl’s Night Out (boys are welcome, too!)


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  1. Sounds like PN has been watching too many infomercials! That is too funny!

    Even though your post is random, I follow right along with you. Guess i'm feeling pretty random this morning too!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. That is the craziest brownie pan! I wonder if the brownies will actually come right out of those segments because if they stick to each of those grids, that would be a nightmare.

    I need to look into Saturday appointments. But then I'd have to get up on a Saturday, wouldn't I?

  3. We have fallen victim to a few 'as seen on TV' items. Kids are particularly susceptible to that sort of advertising, I think.

  4. I don't know what is funnier, the fact that she was so enthralled with the informercial or her retelling of all the magic brownie pan could do! That's adorable! I'm thinking Christmas gift?

  5. My boys are big on ordering from infomercials! They watch them with eyes glued to the TV. Sadly they convince me to order. LOL

  6. Yes Blogger and Google are up to their shenanegans. I guess they didn't want Twitter to become so popular all on their own but screwing with us. When I saw the commercial for that brownie pan I thought to myself………..hmmmmm. You are the first person I know who has actually tried it. I'm sure it will hit Walmart in no time.

  7. "Do you have a cooling rack" LMBO a first grader asking that! Chef PN??? Hey I voted for ya today.. so let me bribe you back. Stop by and enter my contests. BOTH would be things that PN would dig and then I won't feel all sad and alone, pathetic, needy.. have I made my point? he he

  8. Now that's quite the baking set! You could make anything with that! Too bad Blogger has been acting up for you. I'm self hosted and I'm really glad I am. But of course then you have to deal with server issues sometimes. It's a trade off I guess.

    Just over from SITS! Happy Friday!

  9. I bet you can find the brownie maker at Bed Bath and Beyond. The store carries the infomercial stuff. Give it to PN for Christmas!!

  10. haha,this is so great!I like your little conversation with your daughter.Me too I haven't seen that week pass!Have a nice weekend you and your daughter!:)

  11. PN is just too funny and cute! Love it. And, I sure hope her teacher turns out to be awesome…or at least better than you think. :o)

    Sorry about all the crazy Blogger issues, but congrats on the 3 lbs.!!

    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!

  12. We've seen that brownie pan too, my son is always trying to convince me of the latest gadget.

    On the blogger side, self-hosting is definitely nice & it is really easy to do.

  13. That is one pimped out brownie pan. Maybe if you get it you can have "brownie wars" instead of your "sandwich wars".

  14. Sounds like Princess Nagger has a great future as a salesperson! Or a baker. Or Billy May's replacement.

  15. Love the PN conversation. She sounds so cute.

    I am not excited about my first mammogram in the future. I wear a DDD and I have a feeling they are going to have to really hurt me to fully scan me well.

    What is blogger doing? I haven't had blogger or google ever act up on me. Weird!

  16. I have more kitchen gizmos than anyone I know, and the truth is- They don't care if it works, they care you are convinced enough to buy it! Your daughter is cute and smart… you'll look good with gray hair!

  17. Forget the kids; I LOVE the t.v. products. Love them!! Now my husband wants that brownie pan. We are suckers.

  18. Happy Friday & Happy VGNO. The weather was showing storms a bit ago in the general area that I think you are from, headed my way! I hope you stay safe and your electric stays on!

    Tara wants the giant cupcake cake pan. I did see a "pan cookie" pan at BB&B that would make individual brownies, etc instead of having to cut them. I always cut so unevenly. This pan looks cool too! Thanks to PN, I hadn't seen that infomercial!

    Have a good weekend! My Friday Fragments are up!

  19. this is how my talk went when my son wanted me to get "Aqua Globes" Darn marketing geniuses!!!

    i hope 1st great goes well *eek* things started ruff for my little man, but after 2 weeks now it is great. chin up ๐Ÿ™‚

    and yes, blogger is grounded at my house too. gave it a stiff talking to and sent it to bed!

  20. LOL PN cracks me up, once again! What a nifty little brownie pan. She could be a sales person for As Seen On TV. Haha!!

  21. This question is related to the beginning of your post. I have been confused with the whole techical aspect of BlogFrog. It's still over my head, but how do I know who is in my community and who isn't? I see that you have many members. My profile reads that I have 1 member, yet your picture and another blogger's picture appears. Are you considered a "Friend" not "Member?" I thought you might be able to help me since you are a pro. Have a wonderful weekend and take care. Sorry for my rambling.

  22. LOL your little girl is the best ๐Ÿ™‚ love that pan ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm thinking of getting it though you know how much I love brownies ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love being on my hosting…no more BS from blogger LOL

  23. I'd be so chicken to move from blogger.

    I just got Sport Resort for the kiddies, and my boy has been playing non-stop…I've only tried the sword-fighting (why oh why I started with that one first, I don't know… to give the boy a laugh?) and had a sore arm after 5 minutes. Sheesh!

  24. Your Doctor appointment sounded like my sex life! Pancake boobs and in and out in 10 minutes!!!! OH, I will burn for that comment! HAHAHA!!!

  25. Yeah, cuz with those sore muscles, cutting brownies might be just too much! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats on losing those pounds! I'm jealous.

    I'm curious about all of your troubles commenting. I haven't had any problems at all. I wonder what's causing yours.

    Have a great weekend! Off to catch up ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. are right .. they are soul mates!!! And I must confess…what a great job she did describing it! And I kind of want to consider this. You get that, I'll get my Swivel Sweeper G2 and we'll compare notes, then we'll arrange a marriage between the two of them and sit back while they start up their own company pitching products — there is an opening in the pitchman business since Billy Mays passed after all.

    Too funny!

    And that weight loss won't stay gone if you get that pan!

  27. Congratulations on losing three pounds! Be that feels great!

    We lose power here every time the breeze blows. Very annoying! Thanks "Google"! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you decide to look into the self-hosted site, my web host is incredible! Let me know if you'd like more info.

    Have a great weekend!

  28. That pan looks awesome! I think PN is right, you DO need it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I keep hearing about people having issues with blogger and google but I haven't had any… maybe I'm just lucky! I hope it resolves itself though, it's frustrating when you can't do what you want to do!

  29. Haha, looks like a great pan!! I'm sure it even makes the brownies taste better ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I'm with you though, I just can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by now. It's crazy. Hope you get back to your 'normal' blog hoppin self again soon ๐Ÿ™‚


  30. I can't believe there's an As Seen On TV product that I haven't heard of yet! Gotta go check it out.

    Off to read about your first grade orientation…

  31. cool brownie pan! adorable conversation! ha.

    @otin – OMG…lmao!

    saw wii sports resort the other day…looks way cool…may have to stop at BJs on the way home!

  32. I like to wait for 'As seen on tv' stuff to hit the store too, that way I know it probably actually works and isn't another useless product that will end up in my storage.

    I should probably knock on wood before I say this, but I've had no problem with Google or Blogger. Though, I've probably just jinxed myself.

    Have a great weekend!


  33. PN cracks me up – she is too funny, and a smart little brownie…er…cookie. It is funny how kids really want all of those things and believe the infomercials. I have to admit – the brownie pan sounds interesting (and maybe more work than necessary LOL).

    I love your new toolbar at the bottom! The purple is gorgeous!

  34. haha! I'm actually always tempted to buy one of those "all edges" brownie pans!

  35. hey stacy! just gave you a Cupcake Award! would you grab it from my sidebar while it's hot? hello and hugs to princess!

  36. Would you believe that having NOT seen the commercial and BEFORE looking at the picture, I could imagine exactly what PN was talking about? I was thinking, "Oh, it's like a rectangular springform pan with an insert!" Hey, the kid is good at advertising!

    Justine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )
    Btw… congrats on the 3 pounds!

  37. nice post! its nice seeing posts that you know was written with much effort and from the heart. care to exlink? have already added u in my blogroll.promise to visit often.

  38. I love Nintendo Wii too! PN will be fine at school – you will be the cool mum! Congrats on the smooth pancake boob thing (haha…!!)

  39. PN never fails to crack me up. And 1st grade? Wow!

    Your PBS sounded better than my last one. It was pre-surgery and they had to take 2 shots of each side to get them all in. How embarrassing.

  40. The teens here at work love Wii Sports Resort, especially the skydiving. They howl laughing when they play.

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