Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Virginia Farm

Coming home from Louisiana, the longest part of the drive is the endless stretch of I-81 through Virginia. That part of the drive seems to last forever. The rest areas are few and far-between, and at one point hubby really was jonesin’ to stop and stretch his legs (probably because I was driving and making him nervous). Since there was nary a rest area to be found, we pulled off when we saw a sign for a park-n- – this was the view across the street from the tiny PNR.

Of the rest areas we did see, there were huge signs announcing that the rest areas would be closing on July 21st. Several on the trip down had already been closed. Upon further investigation, Virginia is apparently closing 18 of their 30 rest areas – for good. They feel that the cost of upkeep is too much, and their thought is that there are McDonald’s and gas stations at nearby exits for people to get their needed breaks from driving. I’m guessing McDonald’s and those gas stations are not going to be too happy with those traveling with dogs that need to take a break, too. Or some of these beautiful farms are going to get more snap-happy visitors. I’m just sayin’. 😉

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44 thoughts on “Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Virginia Farm

  1. Fantastic photos of the farmland. It looks so peaceful. Closed rest stops are always a worry of mine.

  2. Great pictures! I can't believe that thing have come to closing rest stops. Wow!

  3. My sister lives in Virginia. She told me about the state closing the rest areas. Plus, they really did cut back on the cops too. The state made some big cuts to balance their budget instead of raising taxes.

  4. The one and only time I was in Virginia was when i was 12. I don't even remember much of it because we'd get in the car and BAM I'd be asleep. Now reststops are the most important part of the trip, they keep kids sane and parents from twitching as much.

  5. Beautiful pictures – I love farms – all that land – it seems so peaceful.

  6. This is gorgeous photography! Stunning. I think I need to roadtrip with the family to VA!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love seeing different parts of America. I'm still using pictures from our trip in May.

  8. What a beautiful area! Too bad about shutting down the nice rest areas though!
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Very cool. Odd that they would shut down rest stops when people need then. Especially shutting down more than half. I drive the I-5 up and down CA and those rest stops are sometimes necessary in between gas stations or fast food joints.

  10. That farm looks like heave on earth! So beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the fun comments! :0)

  11. really? That is too bad. We travel that stretch every now and then- and I'd much rather stop at a rest area than at one of those off the highway food spots

  12. Dave Barry said the speed limits should be set according to how boring the scenery is. Virginia should probably set a minimum of 135.

  13. that is so picturesque and beautiful. Much better than a rest stop. Unless you really have to poo.

    Justine 😮 )

  14. Gorgeous pics! I have driven through VA and never stopped there. I guess I should have stopped at one of those rest stops and enjoyed a view like that.

    Thanks for visiting today! Happy WW!

  15. Really pretty pics! Too bad about the rest stops. Yup, that would mean a lot of tinkling on the roadside.

  16. There are long stretches of highway like that between where my family and I live. Those rest stops should be spaced according to how long a 4year old can hold it.

  17. Very pretty! You're right though, VA seems to take forever to drive through! It's sad that they are closing so many rest stops. It makes our road trips with whiny-gotta-go-right-now kids that much more difficult!

  18. So GREEEN!!! I miss green!!! Everything is currently a pleasent yellow or dead brown here in Central Texas right now. Blah! Thanks for sharing some green with us. Breath of fresh air!!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my site today! I'm glad to see the watermark isn't too intrusive! And I'm glad to have someone else agree with me and call the turd a turd.

    Happy WW!

  19. What a beautiful area. No rest stops? Could be a problem for me after a couple of bottles of water…

    Happy WW!

  20. Beautiful pictures… I can't believe they want to close all those down but with the way things are I guess I can understand.. However, I have big dogs and gas stations and MD don't like us…

  21. That's strange about the rest areas but I guess it makes sense. I love the pictures, I want to move to a farm. My city kids and husband wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

  22. I often "joke" about us having a farm one day. My husband says that he hopes me and my new hubby enjoy it! :o) He grew up in a rural area and doesn't want to go back. And, I just really, really love cows!!

    Great WW post, Stacy!

  23. It's just so peaceful out there in the country, isn't it? Just looking at the pictures is calming.

  24. Great photos!

    It's a shame they're closing the rest areas down. I understand the cost being too much, but as you pointed out, they serve more of a purpose than just a restroom. And for more than just people!

    I'm just out visiting via WW 🙂