In the spirit of keeping this ‘Wordless’ today, I’m not going to explain the above pictures…until tomorrow. But here’s a hint: I didn’t do it. Stay tuned for:
Later today I will be posting a special Wordful Wednesday post that will be worth the wait. 😉

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  1. oh my! can't wait to hear the back story 🙂 i am sure it's very interesting!!! happy ww…enjoy the rest of your week

  2. Aw, poor guy. lol
    My ten year old daughter wants to be a vet who specializes in reptiles, I am sure she has a few gators and lizards with stitches around here.

  3. Now why didn't I think of doing that when my kid pulled out Cookie Monster's leg?? 🙂

    Happy Wednesday Stacy! 🙂

  4. Ummmm – are you sure YOU didn't do this? I'm sure your story will be classic – can't wait to hear it!

  5. Oh my god… tell me thursday? Where do you find these hilarious meme's? I'm guessing the gator was attacked by Travis?

  6. Looks like great stitches to me!! Hmm… Can't even guess how it happened. =)

  7. Poor Mr. Gator! Can't wait to hear what happened to him. I have sewed many holes that looked similar to that!

  8. The poor Mr. Gator! He looks so sad 🙁 Well I'm sure you'll be able to fix him up pretty good. Looking forward to the story behind this one, thanks!

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