It’s Friday and it’s Time to Party!! Mother Nature finally conceded to sent the thunderstorms scurrying away…our power is back, and I’m ready to do some fun blog-hopping! Better late than never, right? 😉
The lovely Ann from ‘Ann Again and Again‘ is the hostess with the mostest with her weekly Virtual Girls Night Out – Come join the fun (boys are welcome, too)! There’s great music and drinks, fun party games, and even a Mr. Linky to add your blog for VGNO visits! Ann knows how to throw a great party! 🙂

For music this week, I really like the song that Ann chose – since I couldn’t find anything to compare, I decided to go with the music video of a song we hear while we were on vacation… Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Never mind…Blogger won’t let me load the video…grrrr! I don’t want to hold up the post, so moving on…

The drink of the night is “Absolute Vacation – Ann has the recipe posted and I’ve made one special just for you:

What’s a party without some food?

Let’s go simple with Tomato Basil Finger Sandwiches:

Here’s a Fresh Fruit Platter that you can pick and choose from:
And for your Sweet Tooth (but on the lighter side), how about Watermelon Yogurt Ice:

Time For A Party Game!

This one’s called “The Title Says It All”. The instructions were to use the MckLinky “guest book” as our guide and use the title of the previous blog listed in a sentence or in a short story. I signed in right under Posh Mom@The Diary Of A Posh Mommy…so here’s what I came up with:

While reading The Diary Of A Posh Mommy, I am taken away to a far exotic place, soaking in the sun on a white sandy beach, having Absolute Vacation drinks brought to me by cute cabana boys as I relax and gaze out over the crystal sea. In dreamland, I too, can be a Posh Mom. 😉

And Look! Tonight Ann’s having TWO Giveaways!

Hop on over to Ann’s and find out they are and what you need to do to enter…you won’t be sorry!

Before you go…could you do me a huge favor? Would you pretty please stop by this post (Top 10 Reasons…) and leave a comment for me there? I would be forever in your debt…I really want to go to BlogHer 2010, so being one of fifteen winners for a $100 sponsorship would certainly be a step in the right direction! 😉 I have until Monday at midnight to collect lots of comments…so pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

Ready to join the fun? Then go over to Ann’s to join the Virtual GNO and check out all the other cool bloggers participating in this very special event. Anyone can join in the fun… Sign Mr. Linky and visit those that sign-in! Go blog-hopping! And most importantly, Have Fun! Well? What are you waiting for? 🙂



  1. Hi Stacy! Love your VGNO feast … if only it weren't virtual! ;0)

    I will stop by the "Top 10" link and leave a comment for ya! Good Luck!! I would love to go to Blogher, too, but I already go to another big writing conference every year and it gets pricey.

    I'm running an Organization Challenge on my blog that you might want to check out. Lots of fun and good weekly giveaways!

    Happy VGNO!

  2. Happy Friday, my dear. Sign me up for everything but the yogurt dessert, I need chocolate. I just gorged on Chinese food though so I can barely move.

  3. Happy VGNO! Not much hopping tonight. We've all been at parties. Plus, with a wonky internet, nothing gets done.

  4. Ooo, that sorbet is TOO WONDERFUL. You always host the BEST events. Hey, I'm adding you to my blogroll. It is ridiculous that it took me this long. I kind of assumed you were already there, truth be known. Happy VGNO.

  5. That watermelon yogurt ice has me craving for some iced treats! The strawberries in the fruit platter look fresh and scrumptious as well. Now I'm hungry! 🙂

  6. What the heck is going on with the darn follower widget? Do you know if blogger is working on it? I love this widget.

    I can still click follow. But, it boots you off the website. If you go back to their site… you are following which is nice. Just really really annoying.

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