A weekend at BlogHer would be such a thrill; but this weekend at home will soon fit the bill…

  1. The weeds in the garden need tending that’s true…
  2. And the weather is perfect – the skies are so blue.
  3. Princess Nagger will charm me with her sweet hugs and kisses…
  4. And Hovering Hubby would sure miss his Mrs.!
  5. Quiet mornings with coffee from my cool Keurig pot…will make me quite happy; I like it a lot.
  6. I have Blogs to hop onto for Blog Hop ‘09
  7. My visits to everyone will suit me just fine.
  8. I have new wine to make and more wine in my stash…
  9. Staying home will certainly save me some cash.
  10. Exploring with Cozi will be so much fun… Getting things organized is task number one.

That is the end of this fun little rhyme – I hope that you liked it…will you gift me your time? For comments are needed on this very post…the winners are chosen on who has the most… 😉

The Fine Print:

Wonder what’s up with these posts popping up all over the blogosphere? Cozi has generously offered a $100 sponsorship for BlogHer ’10! I would so love to go, so this would be a great start! The 15 bloggers with the most comments by midnight on Monday (July 27th) will be chosen for the $100 sponsorship… the sponsored moms will be announced on Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 on Thursday (July 30th) and on Twitter. (Cozi will subjectively break any comment count ties.)
Poetry-mode inspired by blueviolet – thanks, my bloggy friend (and BlogHer 2010 Roomie! WooHoo!), for always inspiring me! 🙂

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  1. yeah…you do need to stay at home…we are staying home too for many similar reasons..

    i am here from ‘follow me group’ at mbc..to let you know i am following you..

    please follow me too…my rss feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheSelfLoveProject

    i have 40$ worth giveaway on monday..do visit..

  2. I'm glad I was a poetic inspiration for you on this!

    And I have to comment on my BlogHer 10 ROOMIE'S post! Yay, we're gonna be roomies in NYC! I can't wait!!

  3. Hehe fun- stopping by from The Mommy Files since I didn't get to go this year. Hope to see you next year.
    Stop on by when you have a chance and say hello.

  4. Stacy, I wish I could come up with such a fun rhyming comment, but your poem was great fun to read and every one of the 10 sound like a good reason to stay home.


  5. That's awesome! I have heard great things about Cozi…good luck!

    And you make WINE? Hmmm too bad you don't live near me! 😉

    I'm not at BlogHer this weekend either but we're having a little blog get together tomorrow night here in Nashville so I'm making the best of it!

  6. You like weeding? Cause I could use someone to take over here.

    Sounds like a nice weekend at home.

  7. Awesome rhyming!! I don't know if my comments are helping anyone, since I am commenting on a bunch of blogs, but I hope it helps you!
    Good luck on winning the $100!

  8. Here I am what a great list. I got my weeds done last weekend. Have a great night..

  9. Jeez, that's a lot of money to shell out on bloggy sponsorships! I'm home this weekend too, no BlogHer for me.

  10. i was wondering about all the mentions of that cozi think 🙂 hope you have a great weekend!

  11. You may not be at BlogHer but it will be fun none the less! Very cute poem!

    PS – read your miracle baby story and HOLY COW! That was quite the soap opera! Glad you got your miracle baby! I was 39 when I got pregnant myself after some trials and tribulations (and divorce and remarriage!). So glad it is all going so well for you!

  12. Your poem was great!!!

    And I would love to attend BlogHer but anonymously because I'm a coward like that! It would be so weird to meet another blogger in person!

  13. Awesome poem, you are surely one cool writer 🙂 Love your number three reason, that's definitely more than enough, since hugs and kisses are always in demand 🙂 Thanks!

  14. Stopping by to help a girl out! I'll tweet this post too and see if I can try to help get you any comments. No promises, LOL. I really want to go to BlogHer '10 b/c I didn't make it this year either. Are you attending any other conferences coming up?

  15. Hey Sassy Mama…I am so with you on reasons 1, 6 & 9 to stay home this weekend. Looking forward to a quiet weekend at home myself!

  16. Good luck! So where is BlogHer 2010 going to be? I would love to go too. I hope they don't limit the tickets like they did to this years'.

  17. I'm here to help. Good luck girl!
    Hope you win and are able to go to
    BlogHer '10.

  18. Aww, yay, Stacy! You totally deserve to go to BlogHer '10!! 🙂 You know, as long as you promise to hang out with me!

  19. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my place. Love the poem and the food pics from VGNO. Now I'm hungry. 🙂

  20. Well if it's in NYC, maybe we can go together… both being from the Keystone state and all….

  21. why win when you have such wonderful plans…but maybe next year! good luck!

  22. Great poem, wishing you lots of luck … and please, please, please could someone explain BlogHer to me

  23. Oh how clever you are! I absolutely love your little poem – it sounds like a wonderful weekend (and yes, you DID save lots of cash!).

    Good luck!

  24. there's always something to be said for saving lots of cash. I like your prose 🙂

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