Meet ‘See Ya Later‘. Yes, that’s his name. Princess Nagger deems it so.

When we bought ‘See Ya Later‘, the zipper was already broken*. But that didn’t deter Princess Nagger, because, well, Mama could sew it. After we got home from vacation, poor ‘See Ya Later‘ sat on the bar for over a week. I told Princess Nagger I’d be happy to sew it as long as she picked up her toys in the living room. ‘See Ya Later‘ had to wait. And wait he did. Until this past Tuesday. Princess Nagger came out to the Summer House and proudly announced:

“Look Mama! You don’t have to sew See Ya Later! I already fixed him! Didn’t I do a good job?”
Without actually being shown how, Princess Nagger had figured out strictly by observation how to do a stitch. And since she ran out of thread, she used a safety pin. Proof positive that they are like little sponges, soaking up everything around them. I praised her work highly, of course, then she asked me if I could please teach her how to tie a knot without tying a knot, since I had mentioned that I’d show her how.

I offered to sew the back of See Ya Later with green thread so it wouldn’t be noticeable. She was quite happy to observe me doing that, though she did kept saying “How much longer is it going to be?” “Are you done yet?” “Why is it taking so long?” But See Ya Later was finally sewn whole, and Princess Nagger was happy:
Then she decided it would be fun for See Ya Later to attack Mama since I kept taking pictures:

*The Back Story behind the alligator:

Each year when we go to Louisiana to visit our friends, one of our regular stops is to spend the day at The Fun Farm. They have a booth there that is similar in idea to Boyd’s Bears. You choose which animal you want, you help stuff it, then they give you a star to wish on and place inside the stuffed animal. They then close the locking zipper and give you a cardboard ‘house’ for your new stuffed animal, as well as a Birth Certificate. Princess Nagger gets a stuffed animal every year we go down.

This year, she saw the alligator on the shelf. Since the Alligator Farm we usually visit had changed their ‘minimum number of tourists’ to 10, we weren’t able to go. So she chose the alligator for this year’s stuffed animal treat. Unfortunately, it was the last one they had, and the zipper was broken. Undeterred, she went with her second choice, a horse. None in stock. Third choice was a duck – only one left, it too had a broken zipper. This continued through several different animal choices, until she finally chose a mouse.

You could tell that she was a bit disappointed in getting her 7th choice vs. her first choice, so hubby pulled the manager aside and haggled over the broken zippered gator. The manager acquiesced and sold the alligator to us at a discount. Princess Nagger was disappointed that she couldn’t play with it until it got sewed, but understood we’d have to wait until we got home.

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  1. LOL, She did a GREAT JOB! I'm giving her 5 stars! YES INDEED. Princess, you did a AWESOME JOB!

    "see you later" is a one of a kind name and I LOVE IT!

  2. It is absolutely adorable that she tried to fix it herself…and didn't so a half-bad job! Way to go!!

  3. That is so cute, she sewed that better than I ever could, I am dangerous with a needle and thread!

  4. That is SO cute that she tried stitching See Ya Later all by herself! Of course, if the deal was she had to clean up before the gator got fixed, I'm assuming she never did pick up her toys?

    Justine 😮 )

  5. I want a little girl!!! I am hoping the oldest boy becomes handy at fixing computers this year at school. They have no interest in baking or sewing. Just eating.

  6. Very clever girl. My B sews just the smallest bit, and she has her own knitting needles with bunnies at the ends. She is very crafty and creative and my apartment is like an art studio. I am usually cross-stitching or sewing on my very much adored sewing machine, so we work together. It's nice to have a girl – then again, it's nice to have a boy, too. I was lucky to be able to have both before the doctor said no more.

    She's a cutie!

  7. She definitely has a way with names! I love the name See ya Later, especially since she had to wait to see him later. She did a great job with the sewing. I am glad she got her first choice animal after all.

  8. Adorable pictures. "See Ya Later" is one lucky gator to have such a sweet young girl looking after him. Happy ATWT and take care.

  9. Love the gator. Isn't it great when our kids get innovative and try to accomplish things are their own.

  10. She did an excellent job! My poor daughter waited 6 months for me to sew the tail back on her Webkinz monkey.

  11. What a sweet thing – and how smart. You are going to have to keep your wits to stay ahead of that one!

  12. Well, I left a comment from my Iphone and it's not here…

    Tell PN she did a great job, and we love the name. She's a very bright girl!

  13. too cute. she seems to have taken the same sewing class i did, she's just better at it…haha. kids are amazing.

  14. Wow, that is so great she sewed him up herself! I love his name too! What a cute story, thanks for sharing it!

  15. It absolutely frightens me that PN sews as well as I do! That could've been *my* handiwork… THis was such a cute story 🙂

  16. That's VERY cute! I still have a stuffed dog that was my fav – Spot was his name. I left him on vacation once in Canada and they had to mail him back. lol. He had red marker all over him from the 'surgeries' I gave him.

    Uh, good times, lol

  17. Sew cute. She did a lovely job. 🙂

    It always amazes me how much my 5 yr old absorbs and then does all on her own. 🙂

  18. I really like that she took it upon herself to fix it. That's a good character trait which will serve her well in the future! Yay PN! I think you did a fine sewing job on See Ya Later.

  19. its so cute that she fixed it herself. I love the story of how she ended up with him, too.

  20. Isn't it amazing how quickly kids pick things up? They are such sponges.

  21. I'm glad she got her first choice vs her 7th! And she's actually a patient kid that could wait until she got home. We're working on that around here….

    I can barely sew and PN can. That's rough.

  22. I'm not a gator fan but that's the cutest little nagger I've ever seen.

  23. Such a smart girl, your Princess Nagger is! 🙂 She even thought of using the safety pin after running out of thread! Very resourceful indeed!

  24. First of all, she sews better than me! Second I think that's nice that the manager let her have the alligator at a discount. (Hope it was a good one!) And lastly, I love the name see you later! Very cute.

    If you have time later, come by my ATWT post and say hello!

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