In the Kingdom of Princess Nagger, Dragons should fear not as the Princess will welcome all kinds of Dragons into her kingdom, even if you happen to be the fierce looking two-headed variety:
She will disperse hugs willingly, without being put off by the toothful scowls on your faces, nor the deadly-looking claws on your hands and feet:
She will kindly check your wings to make sure they are in the best condition for flight:
But be forewarned, she does have a mischievous side…
Which may find you suddenly flying at will in spite of yourselves:
Ignore the furry creature as he will only bark madly at you as if he’s lost his mind:
And prepare to be played with endlessly. No knight in shining armor will strike you down, as you will be fiercely protected by the Princess Nagger herself. She will be proud to call you ‘friend’.

Since Princess Nagger was the perfect companion for my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday (and since I had bribed her into said perfect companionship with a trip to Toys R Us), while roaming the aisle-ways looking for the perfect horse to buy to torment Dada with, she spied the two-headed dragon. Suddenly her mission to secure a horse for tormenting disappeared. She preferred the fierce looking two-headed dragon instead. Yes, it makes a Mama proud. 😉

See more photos worth a thousand words at Cheaper Than Therapy:

Cheaper Than Therapy

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  1. Dragons are so – WAY – much cooler than horses. at east, you know, as far as playmates for little princesses.

  2. She would love a mega blocks castle. They come with dragons and knights. Playing with the blocks builds math skills because the kids learn about 3d objects size and dimensions.

  3. The dragon is pretty cool looking. And Princess Nagger has all the required fashion accesories 😉

  4. Two headed dragon – very cool!

    Eileen – stop being a math teacher for five minutes. Thanks very much.

  5. My wings just twitched a little. It's nice to know that I could visit with you and get to play endlessly. :o)

  6. Wait…isn't the princess supposed to be SAVED from the dragon, not the slayer of the dragon??!! lol…..

  7. What is a Princess without a Dragon? She needs to read the Paperbag Princess. That is her. 🙂

  8. Hey – I got in today!

    Princess Nagger is the Paper Bag Princess!! I'd be so proud too. If you don't know what I'm talking about googole it. It's pretty much the best kids book ever.

  9. Yeah for Princess Nagger. Tara's loves dragons too. I remember when the first Harry Potter movie came out, she had to have the dragon that moved and "talked" for Christmas. She knew nothing of the movie, just that the dragon was cool. That was one toy that we DID NOT get rid of when we moved!

    (Did you get my pre-order for vino?)

  10. I love a girl who can tame a dragon while wearing a crown! She would SOOO get along with my 2 girls, one princess and one dragon keeper. I'm surprised we don't have this guy… Toys R Us you say??

  11. Dragons are far better than horses, unless you have a horse that can fly and breathe fire.

  12. Oh the adventures she will have with that mystical creature! Oh wait, she's already having them…

  13. Sounds to me like dragons should be aware of her. She'll turn them into marshmellows and then she can eat them and they'll be all gone Hahahahaha (laughing evilly).

  14. I love the dragon but more so, I love the look on Travis's face, like having a two-headed dragon attacking is an everyday occurrence around there.

  15. See and the stories all went the prince slayed the dragon. I disagree the princess has tamed the dragon and made it her friend!

    Yup that's the way it should be wrote 🙂

  16. Hello Stacy!Nice to meet you.Your little girl is gorgeous,a real princess and you have a beautiful blog too.Also,really cool post!:)

  17. The Princess is my kinda gal. Who needs frou frou when there is a two headed dragon to be had!

  18. Love Princess Nagger's ensemble. That two headed dragon is an awesome accessory. Toys R Us is a very "dangerous" place. I can spend our savings there in one trip. I bribe with trips to the Dollar Store for doctor's appts. Happy ATWT and take care.

  19. Now why would a princess as lovely as she want to spend time with a two-headed dinosaur? Ewwwwww! Go for the horse next time, PN!

    Justine 😮 )

  20. Stacy, RxBambi asked me to give you this message: hey, are you friends with stacy the random cool chick? I'm trying to follow her (blog an twitter) and having issues. I thought if you could tell her about the twitter thing she could follow me then I'll get an email and follow her.

    I told her about firefox!

  21. Love the photos! The dragon is awesome-I'll have to look for one for my son, he's love it too!

  22. She looks so cute and adorable in her Princess dress and crown. Two-headed dragons and princesses, very medieval-themed and totally cool!

  23. It is amazing what kids will pick up and play with. My son really got into his teddy bear for a bit. That didn't really match his Tonka truck usuals.

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