Princess Nagger was happily swimming in the very cold water in the pool – ‘very cold’ because the day before Luke thought it was a good idea to pee in the pool while swimming…eh, not so much. So the pool had to be drained and re-filled…of course it was really cold after the refilling, but that didn’t deter the Princess Nagger from splashing about happily. Luke joined her for about 5 minutes, then decided it was too cold for him – he asked me if he could play the Wii, but I told him to ask his mom since he’s been getting in trouble for too much Wii play and not doing other stuff – like cleaning his room. The answer was ‘no’, as evidenced by the enormous pout shortly thereafter. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and commenting – as some of you know I’m on vacation until next Wednesday, so getting around to leave comments is not happening like I would like, because of no internet connection. I’ll have some major catching up to do when I get back next week! 🙂
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Cheaper Than Therapy

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  1. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, cold pool! Pouting around here is short and sweet (and loud) thus far but I'm counting the days until they become longer.

  2. Aw, I didn't even see the little pouter until I looked a second time!

    Justine ;o )

  3. Aw, I didn't even see the little pouter until I looked a second time!

    Justine ;o )

  4. Cute pouting! I have a niece who is the pouting queen and I love it – she gets furious with me because I want to take pictures, and I laugh at her. My brother doesn't think I'm very nice, but who cares?

  5. well you can be proud he knows how to express himself well LOL

  6. Love the picture — Hope you are enjoying your trip. R U still in Louisiana — Very hot!

  7. I didn't even see him at first!! Pool pouters are the funniest!! Not sure I would have drained the pool though, maybe just shocked the heck out if it instead!! Enjoy your vacation!!

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