If you were around this weekend, you saw that my friend Hit40 thought I “threw down” on her hilariously funny ‘Geeked Out Sandwiches’ post…and I had big plans of inundating the Princess Nagger with all kinds of cool and unique sandwiches this weekend to show off today.

First I thought I would show you when it all began with the Princess Nagger… Her first ‘real’ sandwich – one of my favorites when I was a kid – Miracle Whip and Cheese…
The crust cut off, and the rest cut into small squares so she could easily handle them and eat them with the few teeth she had at the time. Obviously she was too tired to finish, but it was a start.I had visions of grandeur this weekend of creating the most unique and wonderful sandwich shapes imaginable to out-geek Hit40. Visions are one thing, reality is a whole new ball game.

Friday Princess Nagger was a willing subject for the Sandwich Wars, requesting the ‘Wiggle Cut Criss-Cross Puzzle Sandwich’. You remember this teaser:
The resulting sandwich – no butter or peanut butter this time, just both kinds of jam:

See? A ‘puzzle’:

I got that sandwich cutter at Target, in case you were wondering and felt like you have to get one, too…

Saturday Princess Nagger at first resisted having a sandwich for lunch, then she decided she’d contribute with the creativity and asked for this cookie cutter to be used:

Note to self: Smallish plastic cookie cutters are not a good idea. The result?

Epic. Failure.

That doesn’t look very appetizing, does it? Princess Nagger didn’t want to eat it because of that. Her comment? “You failed, Mama!” In the future I’ll have to remember not to mutter the words ‘Epic Failure’ when I’m doing something like that…


Rather than start all over and waste a sandwich, I told her she had to eat that little funky star because that’s what she requested. I know, I’m a mean Mommy. Luckily there was just enough of the sandwich left to go with our old stand-by, the “Pie Sandwich”:
If anyone can tell me what this little cutter/crimper thing is called, I’d appreciate it – I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called… it’s used to make tarts or something, but it makes great Pie Sandwiches that the Princess Nagger Loves.
She did indeed eat the funky star: “I ate your failure, Mama!” (oh, if it were only that easy!)  and polished off the Pie Sandwich. About a half hour later she said “I’m hungry, Mama.” Of course I offered up: “How about a sandwich? Or maybe a sandwich? You can have a sandwich, how does that sound?” Each mention of ‘sandwich’ caused her to shake her head vehemently in the negative direction. Bribery didn’t work. Cajoling didn’t work. Nothing worked. *sigh*  So my dear friend Hit40 – I’m waving the white flag….
You are clearly Geekier than I with the more impressive Geek Sandwiches and your children are much more cooperative than the Princess Nagger… Princess Nagger is happy to be let off the hook as well:
The Nagger Kingdom is content. For now…

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  1. Aww, poor princess is all sandwiched out!! 🙂 And, the wiggly cutter is just way too cool! Now, I must have a jelly sandwich!

  2. OMGosh, that star sandwich looks like the attempts I made at using a dinosaur sandwich cutter. More like shredded triangles. LOL.

  3. I'm sorry you had to raise the white flag. That reminds me of the time I tried to make eggs look like mickey mouse heads.. that too was a failure of epic proportions, and the "mold" worked much better for burgers, and even rice!

  4. Now you said that you raised the white flag but I have a sneaky suspicion that you will be back here in a week or so with the sandwich of all sandwiches. If you're honest I bet you haven't slept for thinking about the geeky sandwich to out-do all geeky sandwiches!!

  5. lol,you two girls are crazy!But cool sandwiches indeed!love the first pic,so sweet!Have a nice day!

  6. You two are like 2 mad scientists experimenting on your families! "Hurry up and eat that sandwich, I am making another one"! LMAO!!!

  7. I laughed so hard!!!! OMG!!! I wonder if the others found your post as funny. What a riot!!!

    I have the clear advantage due to my boys being on a turkey and cheese jag right now. The freaks will pick an item of food eat and it it FOR MONTHS!!! JUST MONTHS!!!

    Austin's last jag was peanut butter and banana sandwiches. This lasted about a YEAR!!!! Adam was on a mac & cheese with garlic breadsticks jag before the turkey.

    I went through 5 loafs of bread, 1 pound of american deli cheese, and 4 containers of turkey last week. And it was not enough!!! I am all out. I have to hit Wal Mart today. The boys have really started to eat.

    Austin ate 15 of those cake cookies for breakfast!!! OMG!!

  8. I would go for the pie sandwich. The puzzle sandwich would be a hit with my teenagers. (You didn't draw the outline with an ink pen did you?)

    I shall proceed to vote for you.

  9. LOL, now you have to create some great sandwich cutters and make millions!

    You gave it your all and that's ALL THAT MATTERS! I'll be the sandwich taster next time. I volunteer! me, me. please pick me. I love PB&J!

  10. I cannot imagine being bored enough to actually want to compete in a geeky sandwich contest! Just slap two pieces together and be done with it! LOL
    Btw… Miracle Whip? Ewwwwwwwwwww

    Justine 😮 )

  11. I always cut Pitchers sandwiches in half, diagonally. I would take one bite out of the middle, just to make sure it wasn't poisoned. We still laugh about this.

  12. lol aww, a very good effort! And I thought the little pie sandwiches were adorable.

    Still laughing about the star one though 😛

  13. I believe that contraption is called a Pierogi Press or Dumpling Maker. Not that I have ever used or owned one. I boil the tea kettle dry;-)

  14. Princess Nagger is completely adorable, and she ate your failure, how cool is that?

    I'm new here, so I had a little catching up to do:
    I voted, yea!
    My favorite "friend" quote is the bra one.

    Thanks so much for your nice comment. I don't know where you found the time to even read my post, you have, like, a bajillion followers. Have you seen the "kittens inspired by kittens" video on youtube yet? Highly recommended for anyone who has a little nagger. kiss, kiss xo

  15. boy do I remember that krimping tool. There were several out. I still have quite a few. They were marketed as Tartmaster, available in two sizes they also had different shapes. Pampered Chef had one out called Cut-N-Seal a pastry tool, marketed in 1996. Not sure which one you have. I haven't made sandwiches like that in many years. Maybe I will for my G-nephew (age5), he might in enjoy it! As for my teen, not trendy,lol.

  16. I do this too- post my failures in the kitchen, as well as my victories! I repect that, and it helps all to learn what to do-and avoid. Nicely done, we will get along famously!

  17. That's such a funny picture! And look at what a cute mom you are, cutting her cheese sandwich into little squares! But by far, that pie cutter thingy…I NEED THAT!!!!!!!!!

  18. I would have to agree with Blue Violet, Stacy. You sandwiches kick my sandwiches' butt any day of the week!



  19. Love that puzzle cutter. What cute ideas and thanks for the heads up on the cookie cutter. I won't try that one.

  20. hahahah that is hilarious!! Well, atleast you tried to make it fun! I got a craving for smuckers.

  21. That first picture is so precious!! I have never tried a miracle whip and cheese sandwich. Maybe I can get them off the sodium nitrate kick they are on.

  22. I thought the puzzle sandwich was pretty cool and the pie sandwich looked pretty fun as well.

    My sandwich choices as a child were always "cut or whole?"

  23. That failure sammich looks like something I threw up in college. Ok, that wasn't nice, it was still edible. PN was a cutie in her high chair, too tired to eat. I'm NEVER too tired to eat, btw.

  24. wow those are something! lol I don't even cut the sandwich in half most of the time … i'm a bit of a failure

  25. after seeing the perfection that is the "pie sandwich" I would stop right there and forget all those new fangled cutters for good!

  26. The Cut-n-Seal

    My parents insisted on buying one for my oldest. I'm mean and just tell him to eat the whole thing. 🙂

    Love that first pic of her sleeping. Classic

  27. She is so cute sleeping, with her thumb in her mouth and head off to one side. Too bad you didn't get to win the Sandwich Wars! The experience will definitely give you more ideas for the next one 😉 How about a cupcake wars next time haha?

  28. My kids wont even eat sandwiches so I couldn't even enter your sandwich-off if I wanted to (sigh). Let me tell you, school lunch is a challenge.

  29. Ok, you conceded on the sandwich front. They may have won the battle but, maybe we're thinking on a flat plain…build up…lego-shaped sandwiches, sandwich rings…oh yes, go there!!


  30. This is such a great idea to make sandwiches more fun and interesting. (I wish this trick would work on husbands!)

  31. You are so funny!

    A sandwich? How 'bout a…sandwich?


    Love her "I ate your fail, mama." too! LOL

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