WooHoo! It’s Tuesday so that means I don’t have to be coherent since my brain isn’t functioning in coherent mode today. The instigator of this wonder is none other than KeelyNo Doubt she’ll have some awesome randomness today considering she was truly doing an Un-Mom thing and going to a concert with girlfriends last night. Hopefully her fears about leaving her little one home alone with his daddy didn’t interfere with her partying like a rock star. But when you go over to her blog, be sure to speak softly and don’t turn on any bright lights…you know, just in case.

Two Tuesdays of having to do my Random Tuesday Thoughts on the fly while traveling was two Tuesdays too many. Well, not really, but it sure is good to be in mid-80’s weather instead of 112+ and if it’s too hot I can flip on the air conditioning and enjoy the cold blast. And this week I’ll get to stalk visit all the other participants – I’ve had Random Tuesday withdrawal not being able to get around to as many players as I can. So I’ll get my fix today.

I’m still nursing a nasty sinus infection, but I did call my doctor’s office again last week and asked for my doctor to call me personally so we could chat. She finally called Thursday evening, and agreed to call in a prescription of antibiotics to be picked up last Friday; as long as I promised to keep my appointment tomorrow so she can get her office fee and co-pay make sure everything is OK. I’ll humor her – besides, I am starting to feel better, so that means I was right. And maybe next time there won’t be the insistence of me coming in when she saw me less than a year ago. Many of you have recommended CVS’s Minute Clinic – unfortunately we don’t have those here…I sure wish we did, sounds like a convenient get out of jail by avoiding the doctor place.

I forgot to mention the monkey we saw while on vacation…our friends have a neighbor that has a genuine pet monkey. They had been regaling us with stories about this monkey, making sure we kept a close eye on our dogs because their natural curiosity and the monkey smell might lead them over there. The monkey is apparently not so friendly with other animals – dogs he’ll tolerate, but they get too close he’ll pick them up and throw them out of his personal space (sometimes injuring said dogs). For some reason he has something against cats – he hates them with a passion and simply snaps their necks. I pictured this ginormous ape or gorilla and wondered how people would be allowed to have such a pet.

We wandered over there on the 4th and did the neighborly thing and asked the owner if we could take pictures – he was very nice and told me to take as many pictures as I’d like…so I did. He was a little shy at first – when he finally came out of hiding he wouldn’t look in our general direction:
Yes, he’s playing with a funky large green rubber ducky – he’d hold it up to his ear, squeak it, then make a face and bite it…over and over again. Then he just made faces at us because he could:We didn’t get very close, and made sure the kids stayed a safe distance… It was………. interesting. ‘Nuff said.

Moving on…I’m currently in a conundrum trying to figure out which camera to get…I’ve been poring over the reviews and specs and all that jazz…and I’m still waffling between the Nikon D5000 and the Canon T1i.
Every time I think I’ve made up my mind, I read a different review that sways me in the other direction. So if there are any camera aficionado’s out there, let me know which one truly is better than the other. Please.

Did you know that Spanish is the opposite of English? Me neither. I was busy in the Summer House reading blogs on Saturday when the intercom rang…it was the Princess Nagger:

PN: “I ate all of my sandwich – can I have an ice cream cone, now?”

Me: “Sure, why don’t you ask Dada to make it for you.”

PN: “He’s playing Jak & Daxter – I made it a little complicated for him…”

Me (snickering): “You made it a little complicated for him? How so?”

PN: “I changed the language to Spanish!!”

Me (laughing) “You did?! That’s funny!”

PN: “Yes, I decided to make it complicated…I thought about changing it to Italian, but I decided to make it the opposite of English and do Spanish instead.”

Me: (laughing and coughing)

PN: “I decided to make it more challenging and change the language so now everything’s coming up Spanish!”

Me (gasping for air) “That’s too funny!”

PN: “OK, I’m going to ask Dada to make an ice cream cone for me…loveyoubye!*click*

Feeling Random? Then head on over to the Un-Mom for some awesome randomness. Get your Random on and join in the fun…you won’t be sorry!

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  1. PN is awesome as always 🙂 love her ideas. Hope you get better! And I love both of those cameras 😉

  2. Get the nikon! Both cameras are awesome but the nikons feel much better in the hand imho 🙂

  3. Well the monkey is interesting. Why do they have it. It seems like it's just chained up. I love the fact that it plays with the duck!
    So that conversation to way to cute. Where do they come up with those ideas?

  4. Crazy pet monkey!

    I'm glad you are starting to feel better!

    PN is too funny!

  5. That Monkey is mean, someone needs to spank that monkey! HAHA! Glad you are feeling better!

  6. Ohh, I have a Nikon and I'm in love with it. Total love. I've heard the Canons are nice too though.

    What a strange pet, a monkey. And the poor guy is locked up with a chain all the time! Let's all head there and free him. Free MONKEY! Wait, then he might bite us…

  7. That's a big monkey. Have to say I would love to see him chuck a dog (if the dog didn't get hurt of course).

  8. OMG! A pet monkey! I'm soooooo glad they aren't my neighbors. I hate monkeys. Wow! I'm super impressed with PN's many languages. That's amazing. Happy RTT!

  9. PN is one smart cookie!

    Sooo…if English is the opposite of Spanish, then what's the opposite of French?

    Just curious, since it's Bastille Day!

  10. Love the randomness! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    There's something creepy about actually having a monkey for a pet..or maybe it's the part where he likes to kill small animals?

    Happy RTT!

  11. For being so young, PN sure has a lot to teach us. 🙂

    That monkey scares me. It really does.

  12. IMHO go for the Nikon. But here I am to throw another thought at you. GO FOR THE D-90! Put a little more money into it and get a LOT more camera. You won't be sorry and you'll thank me for it later.

  13. While both cameras are great, I have a point and shoot that John got me for Mother's Day, a Panasonic DMC-FX37. 10 Megapixel. I love this thing! It doesn't do what those cameras do, but I wasn't trying for it and still get some gorgeous shots.

  14. I think this is the kind of monkey that chewed the face off that poor woman?? I am too lazy to google it.

    I WOULD NOT want a monkey living next door to me.

  15. I'm going to be laughing over the mental image of a monkey throwing a dog all day long! Though no dogs were hurt in the making of this mental image.

    Your PN sounds like my daughter. She has been taking French for 6 years and speaks it pretty well so she keeps putting things on my computer in French, like Facebook, etc. It's always much funnier when it happens to someone else though!

  16. Ok, anything that will snap a cat's neck is not a pet. It's a wild animal, and should be somewhere…wild. Creepy.

    I like the video game language idea switch. Ask PN what else she has up her sleeve for dada. I need to stockpile these.

  17. Glad to hear you're at least on the mend. FINALLY.

    And that monkey? I think you were very wise to keep a distance. He looks scary. And animals on chains never seem like the best idea either…

  18. Oh, I am sooo glad that monkey is not around here, that would freak me out.
    I love that conversation you had with PN. Too funny!

  19. Bloody funny post, I expect the entire nation of Spain is brimming with pride at simply being the opposite of English…

  20. That looks like one crazy pet monkey. Ummm, yeah…..interesting to watch but never to have RIGHT!?

    I hate those little illnesses that just linger and linger. Feel better soon!

    Great random post!

  21. interesting pet – i don't think i'd be able to handle a pet monkey. then again, these days, i don't think i could handle a pet ROCK.

  22. You have sure got a lot going on! I'm not sure I get the whole monkey as a pet thing, but those are some awesome photos. Maybe you should stick with your current camera and thereby avoid having to make a camera decision, which is what I normally do when faced with a decision 😀

  23. What the hell kind of monkey is that? It almost looks like a damn baboon! And, is it even legal for them to have it? And to keep it CHAINED up in 100+ weather? EEKS!

    OMG, PN is tooooooooooo funny!

    Justine 😮 )

  24. My hubby has a sinus infection too..

    That looks like a grumpy monkey.. I thought the green thing were limes or something, it turns out it's a rubber ducky. LOL

    I so need a camera too. But they all look the same and have almost the same features, it's hard to choose!

    Anyway, Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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