Is it just me, or are the weeks flying faster than they were, say, last week? I was sitting here late last night, staring at my computer screen and while I had some jumbled thoughts roiling through my brain, I couldn’t quite put a coherent sentence together. So I decided to sleep on it. Which is why my post is much later than usual, you know, ‘live’ instead of scheduled in advance. Thank goodness Keely has anointed Tuesday’s for this very special event, because I’m just going to wing it.

First I want to start by saying a huge Thank You to all of you that left a comment on my Top Ten post. Your kindness (and comments) really touched me and totally made my day. A special Thank You to Otin and Hit40 for their extra efforts and linky love – you are both hilarious and so appreciated. I’ll let you know if either I or my 2010 roommate, blueviolet, were one of the 15 lucky winners – fingers are crossed, so hopefully my typing won’t suffer too badly.

Yesterday was Princess Nagger’s very first foray into the world of ‘Day Camp’. I started to write about it, but realized it was going to turn into it’s very own lengthy post and would negate this particular post as being ‘random’, so I’ll save that for another post – maybe included in a recap of the full week, since today is only Day 2. If she still goes. Let’s just say that the first day started off a bit rough and bedtime last night was filled with wailing, crying and gnashing of teeth. We’ll leave it at that until the full post.

Only 30 days until school starts. Yes, I’m doing a countdown. I might start counting hours and minutes if it gets to that, but suffice it to say, the countdown has officially begun. Princess Nagger may be 6, but she’s acting like she’s 2 as of late. So I suppose that means she’s going through the ‘Terrible Two’s times Three‘. The brick wall over yonder looks quite appealing for beating my head against. I’ll refrain…for now.

I really need to start jotting down funky things that happen so I can put them into a Random Tuesday post – or any other post for that matter, because when it comes time to produce something intelligible, my mind goes to mush.

Maybe Keely’s prediction of zombies taking over has finally happened.

Otin did a wonderful little linky poem last week, and I’ve been having lots of fun reading and virtually meeting some of his bloggy friends and have been enjoying myself immensely. I’m slowly working my way through the list, because I’m intrigued, and have not been disappointed in his selection of friends. For those that are gracing me with your presence, I thank you. And for those that are somewhat annoyed by my ‘girly’ blog, have no fear, I’ll be updating it in the near future. I’m still attempting to find the footing I’m comfortable with in this massive blogosphere, but I’m getting there. Bear with me.

Speaking of ‘annoying’, why do people still use the Word Verification? It’s such an inconvenient step in the comment-leaving process, and really, if you’re worried about anyone spamming your post, change it to ‘blog owner approval’ instead. The people who leave comments on your blog will thank you. By leaving comments.

Speaking of ‘comments’, Mr. C. had a wonderful post regarding that very subject on his blog the other day. I’m not going to do it any injustice by rehashing it here, you’ll have to click over and read for yourself. You won’t be sorry. It’s right on the money.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll try to get my randomness together more cohesively for next week. Meanwhile, be sure to stop by the Un-Mom for even better randomness from people who’s brains aren’t quite mush. Unless Keely‘s zombies got to them. Then you’re on your own.

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  1. The word verification drives me bonkers too!!! And, I would like them to put an email on their profile instead of having to hunt around their blog to find where to email them. The email is always hidden somewhere but WHERE?

  2. You evil mother for making your daughter go to day camp where they probably spend the entire day playing games, swimming, and having fun.
    hhhmmm30 days huh?

  3. Terrible twos times three, LOL, some days I think I'm in it x6. I tell Tara many times that she is behaving like a two year old….

    I've got mush brain this morning too. Headache, want to go back to bed mush brain. Let's see what cup of coffee #2 will do!

    Have a good day, I hope PN goes to camp.

  4. Ooh I agree, I so DISLIKE that word verification! It's annoying, and at times I truly DON'T want to leave a comment. Hopefully they get the picture sooner or later. LOL.
    I removed mine the first 3 weeks of blogging. I think it was Violet (in a Nut Shell) that had mentioned it. I removed it, wondering why they automatically allow it. Do spammers really hit your blog up? hmmm.. interesting.

    Sorry to hear princess isn't enjoying her Day Camp. I know Caleb had a terrible time last summer. Not only that..THEY LOST MY CHILD (age 5) at a water park.

    That;s another story. Needless to say, HE NEVER WENT BACK!

    Some of those kids can be harder on others, I noticed they pick on the ones who are sensitive.

    Caleb is SENSITIVE. *sigh.. kids can be so mean sometimes.

  5. I awarded YOU

    Now since I'm so not into rules, heh heh, all you have to do is pass them on.

    I hate rules. LOL.

  6. Good luck getting PN to camp. Sounds like an interesting post coming up.

    We don't go back until Sept 9th. So we've still got a looooong time before I'm alone again.

  7. Oh and I hate those word verification things too! They can be so hard to read then I type them in wrong and need to type in another word and then I just say forget it and don't leave a comment.

  8. The day camp post was going to be lengthy? As opposed to your normal posts? Or War and Peace?

  9. Since Pitcher is grown, I forget what that time was like until I read posts such as this…

  10. I HATE it when you go to leave a comment and THEN the WV thingee pops up after you already think you are finished. Drives me nuts.

    I hope I don't have that on my blog. I'm going to have to go check to be sure.

  11. My little lady started Dance Camp this week and has pitched a fit the past two days when we get their, 2 seconds later – SHE IS HAVING A BALL WITH THE OTHER LITTLE GIRLS!

  12. My little lady started Dance Camp this week and has pitched a fit the past two days when we get their, 2 seconds later – SHE IS HAVING A BALL WITH THE OTHER LITTLE GIRLS!

  13. camp what fun. I always wanted to go. I hope you have a great week. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. The count down to school has begun for you. I guess I could start counting down the years for me. Mine is only well almost 2 I still have awhile…

  14. Word verification bugs me too; especially since they are such bizzare-orama words!

    And yet……I'm sure I STILL have it on my comment page. Sorry guys! I've been working on switching it and when I figure it out, well, you'll know!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  15. OKAY! I fixed it. No more word verification on my comment page.

    Thanks for the, ummmmmmm, NUDGE!

    Carry on……

  16. Word verification drives me nutso too. I hope it is not still on mine!

    Look forward to hearing the Horror from Day Camp stories. Your stories crack me up.
    It must be in the air. My 6 (almost 7) yr old has been quite whiny and smart mouthed here of late too. I'll join you at that brick wall momentarily. Let me fix us some drinks first!

  17. I think I'm guilty of the word verification. I will check and take it off because it is annoying.

  18. I recently removed word verification from my blog, as I realized that it stopped me from posting comments on other people's blogs! Funny how that works.

  19. Now I am going to have to check to make sure my word verification isn't on. I never understood the reason for it anyway. Hope day 2 at camp is fun!

  20. The fun thing about random is that it's random.
    Roomies with blueviolet? No fair! She rocks. (Where ya going??)

  21. You can turn the word verification off? I didn't know that. I'll have to see if I can figure out how to turn mine off.

    30 days until school starts? I think my daughter starts in about 25 days. She had a really short summer this year.

  22. Does not sound like camp was a total hit, huh? Poor Princess. Hopefully Day 2 went better.

  23. Hi Stacey!
    I'm loving your blog … you have a great sense of humor. I appreciate that. ;0)

    So glad you're joining in my Operation Organization challenge. Can organization actually "fun"? Maybe not, but at least we'll have others to share the misery with. Kickoff is Friday! ;0)

  24. I agree on word veri which is why i took mine down months ago…

    I so would love to be in NYC in 2010!

    30 days till school starts we have 15 and i am counting down the days!

    Love your blog and RTT

  25. I am counting down the days until school starts too. We have 36 more days (actually 35.5, but I am rounding up because it will feel like longer). I am sorry to hear that day camp was a problem. I ran into the same problem with my older daughter yesterday, but finally, a couple of her friends showed up so she was good to go.

  26. I agree about the word verification. I hate it especially if I'm trying to comment from my phone.

  27. As much as people write about the annoyance of word verification and thank the Lord they do, you'd think people would be turning it off right and left like good boys and girls. What the heck? Do we need to have a day of unity against word verification to get the job done?

    Well, your post is yet another step in the right direction.

    And, I don't know about you…but when midnight rolled on by last night…I did a hallelujah cheer. The end.

    Luv ya, roomie!

  28. My "baby" starts kindergarten this year…so my countdown is in denial. I don't want school to start.

  29. I don't even want to think about school – my daughter will be in fourth grade already. My son will be a senior but I pulled him from public school and put him in an online one – so much for disability compliance. Tired of wrestling with the system. This way he can sleep in and do the work at his own pace – which is much faster than the other students, so he won't be frustrated.

    Word verification can be funny, though, if you get some goofy/bizarre words. It does happen sometimes. You just have to watch out for it.

  30. "I'll try to get my randomness together more cohesively for next week."

    That is classic.

    Thanks for commenting the other day on The Jason Show, and thanks for following, too!

  31. "Let's just say that the first day started off a bit rough and bedtime last night was filled with wailing, crying and gnashing of teeth" … but enough about you Stacy, how's Princess Nagger dealing with it? 😛

  32. Princess Nagger and I have one thing in common then, we both act like 2 year olds sometimes! Wow! I got a lot of linky love!!! Time does fly, doesn't it?

  33. Word verification is truly the bane of my existence when commenting. Don't people understand the number of blogs that we need to visit?

    Stop slowing us down! 🙂




    There. If just one person gets the message it won't all have been in vain 🙂

    I can't wait to click over and read this comment post you've mentioned…

  35. OMG, I HATE word verification. Hate it, hate it. Hate it. Did I mention hate?

    I'm counting the days too.

  36. Word verification should be outlawed by homeland security…at least they'd be doing something !! lol

  37. Here you are, doing a count-down to school starting and I'm DREADING IT! I hate the whole hum-drum routine of it. I hate that during the school year my kids have to be totally responsible. I hate just about everything about it! Arghhhhhhhhh

    Oh, and I hate word verification too!

    Justine 😮 )

  38. Whoa! What happened while I was gone? Win what? I hope you do and blue violet too!!

  39. I ditched word verification within my first month of blogging and my comments went up! I'm not a fan either…

    Princess Nagger off to school! Whatever are you going to do with yourself? lol!

  40. I do a count down too when Summer starts! 😀 Summer Vacation starts in April here and lasts until first week of June.. so for now, I am happy because my 7 year old is occupied with school! 😀

    I feel like that too whenever I need to write something that has to make sense, I have nothing.. 😀 I am seriously considering making RTT my everyday theme.. LOL but Keely won't allow it.. LOL 😀

    I know what you mean about the Word Verification, but people use it to get rid spammers, and believe me, there are a lot of spammers out there!

    I'm heading over to Mr.C's blog and read that comment post! 😀

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 😀

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