Anissa has an overflowing plate, so she’s stopped the Recipe Swap Monday’s for the time being…I will, however, still post the Crawfish Boil recipe at some point this week when I get my act together. Promise. Meanwhile, here’s hoping Anissa gets through the upcoming move and getting ready for the upcoming school year – she home schools her kids, and I don’t know how she manages to get it all done!
So today I’m just going to prattle on about nothing. I don’t want to use up too many of my Random Thoughts, since tomorrow is the ‘official’ day for that over at the Un-Mom’s nook (I was going to be creative and use the word ‘hovel’, but discovered that it means “tiny unkempt house”. I certainly don’t want to insult Keely with that sort of description – have you seen her Ninja outfit?!) But this way tomorrow’s post won’t be such a long novel. Hopefully.

Otin was an enabler of procrastination yesterday with his hilarious (and well written) poem of links – if you haven’t checked out his blog, you really must…he’s such a fun read! That boy can spout prose like nobody’s business…hopefully he’s keeping all of his incredible writings safe somewhere so he can bind them into book form. I’d buy that book – as long as he promises me an autographed copy. Hear that, Otin? I’m first in line for your autograph. That should make your day. 😉

Hit 40‘s (aka Sane Without Drugs) comment section has become more of a message board with all the back-and-forth comments bandied about…I am guilty of contributing to that venue, but a girls gotta have fun, right? She’s so patient and understanding…and her email replies are guffaw-worthy, too. Besides, there’s just something about being the Top Whiner on her side bar that brings a smile to your face…or would that be a smirk? 😉

Remember how on Friday it was going to be ‘Wal*Mart, Take Two’? Well, I blew it off. I didn’t feel like going 2 days in a row – one day of rude people was enough, so I just did the other half of my grocery shopping instead. We were expecting rain/thunderstorms around 3:00 pm, so I made sure I yanked the Princess Nagger out of bed early enough so she could come kicking and screaming with me for part 2 of the shopping and we’d get home way before the rain would arrive. Yeah. About that.

Mother Nature must be snickering incessantly somewhere, because this is the second time I’ve gotten finished with a boatload of shopping and she’s decided to open up the clouds while we’re in the store. And keep them open all the way home. And let it rain harder as I’m unloading all the loot. And then stop the minute I put my mom van in park in front of the barn in my ‘usual’ spot. On the flip side, thanks Mother Nature, for finally watering my plants so I didn’t have to. She gave them an extra dose in the late afternoon – when the rain was originally supposed to start.

I really need to close some of the 50-million tabs I have open…I keep confusing Firefox and it ends up shutting down on me. You know, because it’s sucking way too much memory and making my computer confused.

Yesterday I ended up making that second trip to Wal*Mart, because I wanted to see if they had the labels I needed to make the wine labels I so painstakingly created on Saturday, and figured I might as well pick up those errant 3 items I forgot last week. I was sure wishing I had brought my camera along – I don’t like taking pictures with my cell phone because the quality is severely lacking, and I haven’t figured out how to pull them off of there yet. But boy I sure missed some photographic moments! First was the parking lot at WM – there were scads of trailers and campers parked willy nilly – it’s definitely summertime and the tourist season is in full force.

It’s a rare occasion that I get to stand in the 20 Items or Less aisle, and I mentally added up the items in my cart on the way over (yes, I did end up picking up a few unnecessary items, hence it wasn’t just 3 items…but it was definitely way less than 20). I picked the right lane, though, because the one over had a guy who had at least 100 items in his cart. Well, OK, I might be exaggerating a little, but his cart was definitely supporting way more than 20 items. The lady who was behind him moved over behind me looking pointedly at his cart. We exchanged pleasantries about people not knowing how to count, and I was wishing I could really draw attention to him by taking a picture. But no camera.

Then, because Wal*Mart didn’t have the size labels I needed, I had to go to Office Max. I sure miss the days of working in an office and being able to pilfer office supplies – 40-bucks for a stack of labels…insanity! But they’re guaranteed to be smudge-proof and jam-proof, so we’ll see how they work with the new color laser printer hubby got last week. Now I won’t have to coat the labels with spray varnish to make sure the colors don’t run by using my ink jet printer.

On the way there, I was again wishing I had my camera, because there was a woman driving a red convertible that was in serious need of a root touch up. It looked pretty funny following her – she had her hair pulled pack into a low pony tail, so her dark roots almost looked like a perfect little cap on the crown of her head. Sexy! Not. Then on the way out of the parking lot was a scrawny teenager with no shirt but his baggy shorts had so many studs they were threatening to fall off his skinny frame. A missed Kodak moment, I tellya!

Blueviolet is a sweetheart – she and I exchanged some interesting emails yesterday, and she thought I should share what I wrote to her about my wine making process with you all, too… So I just might do that in another post later this week…you can blame her if it’s a long read…*evil grin!*

Once again I’ve gone through a whole post without posting pictures…so here’s one for you to ponder:
Yes, Princess Nagger has one of those blue hula skirts on her head…so she could have blue hair. She was saying goodbye to Dada as he was getting ready to leave for band practice last week, and notice she’s admiring herself in the side mirror. The galoshes were obviously the perfect touch. Never a dull moment!

That’s enough mishmash for today. See? Aren’t you glad I didn’t save all this for tomorrow? Now I need to come up with more randomness by tomorrow…and I’ll try to keep it short, since vodkamom doesn’t like these long winded posts so much… 😉

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  1. That top whiner list drives me crazy! LOL! Do you make any semi sweet wine, I don't do the real dry stuff? Thanks for the mention! I started out with a few people and just kept adding to it!

  2. Whaaaa…I posted a recipe…..
    What a loser.

    I do that all the time to FF. heeeheee :()

  3. Thank you for the shout out!! Very kind of you 🙂

    I thought princess nagger sprayed her hair with some temporary coloring. I had a few high schools students this last year who had a different color about every day. Kinda fun.

  4. I love your Random Thoughts! I always have so many tabs open too – I cannot help it, there is so much I want to do at once!

    I love Princess Nagger's blue hair (though I was relieved to hear it was only a hula skirt!)

  5. I thought that was a blue wig. I never thought about a hula skirt. As long as it's a skirt and not dye, we're in good shape. I can't wait to see how that little one keeps you on your toes in another 10 years. =:O

    I can only have about 5 tabs open at once or I start to twitch. 😉

  6. That's great mishmash! And I still can't get over the 'tourists' in the WM parking lots. Just last night, my husband and I drove past and on the outer lot there was a huge RV. The guy was setting things up and the gal was sitting in a lounge chair reading a book! That's just weird.

  7. I'm sorry but this qualifies for randomness whether you like it or not! 😉

    Walmart is the bane of my existence, I can't believe you survived it twice in two days! I've only been maybe three times in the last year and once was last week. I got accosted by some woman who thought I worked there and ever after I told her I didn't, she had me finding baby supplies and leading her to the register like I did. So weird. She was scary, ok?

  8. I have used hula skirts as wigs before – don't ask. They come in handy in lots of ways.

  9. Do you use Tree Style Tab with Firefox? I have found it makes things much easier with many open tabs (yes, I always have a lot open too).

  10. I try to stay away from the Wal-mart as a rule, but I'd say a good majority of the after hours shoppers provide some pretty entertaining blog fodder…and photo ops.

    40 bucks for labels? Wow. I'm a big fan of the permanent markers myself, but I don't make wine so… 😉

    Mishmash, random, it bears a startling resemblance.

  11. Haha! Love the blue 'wig'!

    I would love to hear about the wine making process. I find that stuff fascinating.

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