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I was thisclose to being a Bad Mama. Sometime toward the end of the school year, we got paperwork that outlined what the local community center was doing for Day Camp for the kids. Of course it can get quite pricey to send your kid to Day Camp, but they had an option of picking and choosing week to week. So I told the Princess Nagger she could decide on one week, so she had to make her selection carefully.

When I stopped by the center to drop of the deposit to hold her spot for the chosen week, I got inundated with a stack of paperwork to be filled out…Emergency Contact Forms, Permission Forms, and a Health Form to be filled out by her doctor and returned with the final payment for the week.

I set the paperwork aside and got busy with end of school activities, then vacation preparation and finally vacation. For some reason after we got back from vacation (and most likely because I had Foggy Brain Syndrome from my sinus infection) I got mixed up on what the dates were. Until this week. I realized that Day Camp starts this upcoming Monday. GAH!

I dug out the paperwork and realized that I was already a day late from the deadline to pay the final amount and that I had until Friday to turn in the other documentation. In a panic I called the center and left a message, then called the Pediatrician to see how fast they could do a turn around on the Health form…they said they could certainly attempt to have it done by Friday.

Luckily the Pediatrician’s office happens to be open until 8:00 pm on Tuesday’s, so I was able to drive all the way over there to drop off that magical piece of paper – then was told that I would need to call Friday morning and see if the Doctor had the time to fill it out. It’s only one page, Princess Nagger had her annual check up just in February, so how difficult could it be?

I explained my faux pas and asked her extra nicely if she could please at least put a note on it for when the doctor was in Friday morning that it was really important and I would be forever grateful…so we’ll see when I call this morning how that all turns out. If it’s a ‘go’ that means I’ll have to rush over to the doctor’s office to pick up the paper, then drive past our house to the other side of Timbuktu to drop it off…but it will be worth it.

Meanwhile I got in touch with the center on Wednesday, and they were very nice – said that Princess Nagger is still ‘in’, and if I couldn’t get the paperwork and payment to them until Monday morning when I drop her off at the school, that would be fine, too – though they would prefer it to be Friday.

So at least Princess Nagger has a chance at going to Day Camp next week and having lots of fun…which means I’ll have a whole week of catching up on my shows on DVR…catching up on blogging without constant interruptions… getting stuff done and doing some major cleaning. I think I’m more excited than Princess Nagger is about Day Camp! 🙂

The doctor’s appointment that I had scheduled for last week I postponed until this week. Because I could. And I didn’t feel like going in. But I decided I better not reschedule it again, or I might not be able to convince the doctor to simply call in a prescription of antibiotics should I incur another major sinus infection within the next 6-12 months. She’s a very nice doctor, but a bit hard to understand sometimes with her accent – mostly because she’s very soft-spoken.

I felt like an idiot asking her to repeat herself a couple of times. Maybe I should have just nodded and smiled, because she in a roundabout way reprimanded me for putting off my annual and having a mammogram. So those appointments have been scheduled. Both in August. So stay tuned for PBS (Pancake Boob Syndrome for those that need clarification). But at least I was able to show her that the antibiotic was successful in knocking the yucks out of my system. So that was good.

Princess Nagger has been in cling-on mode this week. Another reason to do whatever I need to in order to make sure she gets to attend Day Camp next week. I haven’t been able to bottle the Blackberry Merlot yet, because I want to make sure everything stays sanitary during that final process.

When PN’s in cling-on mode, she’s a little busy-body and has to get into everything and wants to touch everything…which is a no-no for keeping things sanitary during the process. I know, I’m probably more anal than most, but at least those that are getting this wonderful nectar will be confident that it’s perfect and sanitary. 🙂

Several of you have expressed great interest in the home wine making process – with PN out of the house next week, I’ll be able to start some new batches as well as rack and bottle the waiting batches and take a bunch of pictures and do some posts about it. So stay tuned!

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  1. Blackberry Merlot? Oh that sounds yummy–I could use a glass right now 😉 Day camp–hmmmmmm… why didn't I think of that?

  2. I'm glad your Princess will still get to go to Day Camp, I'm sure she'll enjoy lots of fun activities 🙂 Good for you as well to get a week off to finish your wine bottling and do other stuff and just relax. Good luck!

  3. My youngest has been a klingon recently, too. Summer break is just too darn long.

  4. YOU GO MOM! You'll get that all done today. And Princess will have a wonderful week. uh.and you too.. just don't SIP while your bottling. I tend to sip when using my good wine for cooking LOL.

  5. Day camps rock!! And, I'm glad your feeling better, so you enjoy your little break next week.

    That "PBS" cracked me up!

  6. Day camp rocks – for parents as well as kids. How exciting that you make your own wine – and blackberry merlot sounds divine! Looking forward to finding out more about the process.

    I don't think I've ever heard a better description of the dreaded mammogram – I may have to borrow PBS!

  7. I am known by our park office well. Not only for the mere fact that I often fall behind the deadline in sending items back but because I often get nominated to help. With 6 children this gets you well known by the park office who takes care of day camps etc…. I end up getting phone calls to see if my child will be attending and / or that they need help and they would love for me to participate as well.

  8. I have NEVER found a wine I like. I'm on a quest. What time should I come over???

    Hallie 🙂

  9. Day camp is the greatest invention ever! I should have done it years ago! took me 10yrs to figure this out.

  10. Visiting from SITS (I think…hehe). Funny blog – I did practically the same thing when my daughter was going to Girl Scout camp. I somehow overlooked the fact that she needed a physician to sign a form the NIGHT before she was to get on the bus. So, I asked my Grandma to be Dr. Grandma for a day, but she refused, the whole legal ramifications thing yada yada yada. So, using her magical Grandma powers, she got my little girl into her doctor's office for an appointment just 30 minutes before my Girl Scout was to board the bus. Phew! Tragedy avoided! Glad you were able to avoid tragedy too and got your Princess to Day Camp! 🙂

  11. I probably shouldn't admit this… but I can't remember the last time I went to the doctor for anything womanly! So – good for you – one reschedule isn't such a bad thing! 😉

    Yay for day camps and homemade wine!! – Looking forward to the photos!

  12. Graham's been going MWF to daycamp but it's over next week. Got any ideas of places we can send him after that? Or places to send me?

  13. School (and dance, horseback riding, day camp, sleepaway camp, soccer, girl scouts, etc) forms are a nightmare – I have a stack of them by my bills already for the next school year. Ugh!

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