Sitting out under the gazebo on Monday, which was turning out to be a hot, sultry day in Louisiana – I was just sending a twitter update via my cell phone since the internet connection was null and void, when this decided to alight on my unopened Vanilla Coke. I was worried that it would take off before I had a chance to grab my camera on the other side of the can, but it hung out for quite a while, helping itself to the cool drops of condensation on the side of the can.

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  1. Tell that butterfly that Coke is addictive and to stop before he gets in too deep. You know I speak from personal experience.

  2. You get the neatest shots. What a beautiful butterfly. I can't believe it sat there like that.

    Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  3. Love it!
    I was caught without camera last evening, when stopped at a LONG traffic light, right outside the car window was a lovely Monarch butterfly hanging out on a really cool plant (weed)…. if only my camera weren't in the house!

  4. That is just beautiful! So glad he waited for you to grab the camera! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Those are great pictures! Sharing a drink with a butterfly – how often do you get to say that?

  6. I can't believe you captured that! It's awesome!! Your camera rocks. My photo would have been all blurry.

  7. That is quite a capture, you got the butterfly at the perfect angle. It must really enjoy Vanilla Coke 🙂

  8. That is super cool but I'd be too scared to drink the coke after that. I get too freaked out too easily 🙂

  9. Oh how beautiful! I love it when a butterfly flutters into my life…even if it is only for a moment.

  10. It's cool that it landed so close to you!

  11. He was just hoping to cool down a little. Maybe he was waiting for you to open it and share.

  12. Your photo skills put mine to shame. I would have mysteriously ended up with a picture of my foot.

    Oh, and is it weird that I am super excited for you to come home and have an Internet connection again? 🙂


  13. wow, lucky you! I love butterflies. I couldn't help but stare at its broken wings. Its amazing it didn't affect its ability to fly.

  14. Great shot of the butterfly!!! He must have been very thirsty. I would have probably poured a little on a napkin for it.

  15. oh that's is so awesome! I'll have to put that in my collect 101 things on FB, they had a butterfly collection

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