The Wordless Wednesday Portion:

And now onto the Wordful Wednesday Portion… Princess Nagger has been a little busybody since she’s been home from school. First she decided to line up the staples from the fresh box I just bought in order of height:
It was quite the challenge getting them all neatly back into the box! I’m just glad she decided to leave the box of 500 paper clips alone and not do something creative with them…

Then she decided it would be cool to ‘decorate’ the box a guitar arrived in for hubby:

Unfortunately the guy shipped the wrong guitar, so the box will be going back – fully decorated – to exchange for the correct guitar. I’m sure the Princess Nagger will deem the new box worthy of decorating, too…and I’ll be curious to see if there’s any feedback from the guy this box is going back too… 😉

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  1. Lol that that box is going back all decorated!!!

    LOVE the staples in a row…that's right up my OCD alley!

  2. So many pics to look at this week. The staples cracked me up. I line things up, so that is totally something I would do.

    The flowers are lovely. The box cracked me up. She is so creative. It looks like the man she drew is surving or on a skateboard maybe. Too neat.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  3. Beautiful flower photos. I'm sure the mailman is going to smile when he sees the guitar box.

  4. My oldest boy used to organize the crayons where ever we went – dentist, friends house…. He never colored. Just tidied up.

    LOL that your daughter is also organizing your office supplies!!!

  5. Wouldn't it be great if all delivery boxes looked like that? It couldn't help but make someone smile no matter what was in the box.

  6. So Funny…A bet they will have a good laugh when the box goes back:-)Happy WW

  7. Oh, the staples lined up…I love (So OCD myself). She did a great job on the guitar box…whoever sees it as it makes it way back is going to love it!

  8. Wow, those roses are so vibrant and pink. Love them. I"d like to know what the guy says that gets the box returned myself.

  9. You must have the most beautiful garden. The roses look great. We had so much rain and chilly weather this June that ours never made it 100% 🙁 They kind of gave u half way through.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. The rose is beautiful and PN, she is something! I'm loving her art work. Tara used to like to "organize" things like that too… only I think I recall having to pick up 500 paper clips one time!

  11. Love that box decorating! Bet the people getting the guitar back in it will love it too! Happy WW!

  12. That's funny about the box! I wonder what they'll think when they get it back! At least she's keeping herself entertained!

  13. Love the box, very creative! It is so funny that it will have to go back like that!
    Your flower pics are beautiful!

  14. Love those flowers…beautiful! And, my Sam decorates anything and everything. So cute!

  15. That decorated box is so FUN! I bet the next person who gets it will have a mile wide smile! Way to brighten a day!

  16. I find it especially funny that the guitar is going back in that box. I love how she colored the nose!

  17. The color on that rose is stunning. And your little one is super busy! I'm impressed with your creativity and ability to find something to do with everyday things.


    Happy WW!

  18. Love the box, too bad it is going back. Kinda funny really!

    Your roses are beautiful.

  19. The flower shots are very pretty! Looks like your little one is keeping busy. Love the box! Wouldn't it be great to see the look on the person who gets it?

  20. Oh lovely flower..what's the smell of that??

    The kid has a talent. She's creative.

  21. The guy is gonna get a kick out of the box! Nothing wrong with a little burst of color every now and again!

  22. I love the pretty pink roses…. I'm thinking of planting a yellow rose bush – you're inspiring me!!

    happy WW!!

  23. I'm sure the guitar guy will just think you were giving his package the personal touch. Wait, that didn't sound right…sorry.

  24. She decorated the box for them — they will be very surprised –LOL

    Love the flowers — beautiful colors.

  25. LOL! Love the box. The flowers are beautiful and staples? Your daughter is a crack up 🙂

  26. I wish I could see the look on the receiving persons face when they get the guitar back in that box. Too funny.
    I'm always letting DD destroy something or make a big mess because it is keeping her busy for that minute but always regret afterwords when I have to put all the change back in the jar or stuff all the wipes back in the box.

  27. I love the box… that's awesome! Especially the part about the box being returned to sender… I'd love to see his reaction when it comes in!

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