So we made it safe and sound to the halfway point of our final destination… We got started on the road a bit later than originally planned, as the garbage guys didn’t finally show up to pick up our garbage until after 11:00 a.m. At least it gave me a chance to do a little bit of blog-hopping before we left! 🙂

For the most part our drive was uneventful – there was one OMG moment when we noticed a dead deer in the lane ahead of us, and a car off into the middle median with police and the entire front end of the car smushed with the front window completely blown out. I had to drive onto the left shoulder to get around the gory sight of the dead deer, and hubby noted that the police were attending to someone on the ground outside of the damaged car. If hubby had been driving I would taken pictures of the deer… 🙂

After a while on the road, we glanced back and noticed the most unusual expression on Travis:

You really have to click on the picture to get the full effect…he realized he was being laughed at, so he opened his eyes:
Later Princess Nagger thought it would be a good idea to let Travis use one of the neck pillows… (If you look closely, you’ll notice that she lost her first baby tooth on Wednesday – the Tooth Fairy was apparently feeling quite generous, as Princess Nagger awoke the next morning to a five dollar bill under her pillow…)

Travis doesn’t seem to mind the neck pillow:
And now to annoy Travis with her ‘Crabster’…she says it’s a crab-lobster, hence ‘Crabster’… 🙂

If you’re wondering where Elvis is, see that glimpse of a princess comforter in the 3rd row seats? Yeah, that’s Elvis’s blanket…he was loving the solitude of not having Travis pestering him every minute so he could enjoy the trip in peace.He sure loves the Princess Nagger, and puts up with so much…
I tried to take a picture of the colorful sky as the sun was setting – it was quite hard to do through the dirty windshield whilst going about 78 mph… 😉 But you get the idea…
In just a few short hours (it is now just after 1:00 am), we will be hitting the road for the second day of traveling – completing our journey to Louisiana so we can relax and have some fun with our friends! I’ll be posting throughout our time away, so don’t forget to stop on by and see what craziness fun we’ll be up to! 😉


  1. Is he cheesing in his sleep?! LOL! So adorable! Glad to hear that your first day of traveling went well. I hope you have an uneventful second day! Safe driving!

  2. I know that I am a pain in the ass, but you could not even make one day without posting something! Isn't addiction a bitch? (Really Laughing)!

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that dog grinning? Looks like you had a nice trip, less the dead deer. I hate those.

  4. You are as bad as (no maybe worse) than me, blogging after driving 500 miles, I probably would have too but Motel 6 didn't have INTERNET!

    Travis is a great traveler, love the "grin"!

    Don't you hate when driving gets in the way of a good photo op? Tara is always commentating from the back of what she will say to the police or EMTs after I CRASH or get pulled over whilst trying to do a drive by shoot!

    Have a safe, and uneventful (unless it's photo worthy) day!

  5. I have to say, I'm glad you didn't take a pic of the dead deer. That just woulda made me cry!
    Travis is just too cute and I love how he lets PN mess with him. That first smiley pic was just great. What kind of dog is Elvis?
    Safe traveling!

    Justine 😮 )

  6. Of course the picture of Travis just makes you smile. What was he thinking? What is it about girls and their dogs, my daughter did the same thing to our dogs when she was that age. She is now 28 and I think she has finally moved past that desire!

  7. YEAH!!!!!!!!
    GREAT PICS and and an internet connection.
    HAPPY VirtualVGNO!!!!!

  8. Travis and PN photos are so cute! So you're traveling to my state? How cool!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  9. Travis looks like he is enjoying his vacation already. I really need a vacation too. Enjoy LA!

  10. What fun pictures! It looks like you're making the most of the long trip.

    I love that you have a dog named Travis!

  11. Oh my, those photos are GREAT! I just love Travis's grin. His coloring is absolutely beautiful. In one of the photos, it almost looks as if he is wearing a mask. Awesome! One more thing, love the interaction between the puppy and his girl.

  12. Travis was totally smiling, I love it! I was wondering if you guys were taking him with, guess I got my answer.

  13. That photo is just cracking me up! I'm totally giggling over it! Travis seems like a really good sport!

    have fun!

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  15. love the shots. .the first one of Travis "smiling" in his sleep. precious. What a great dog, and super kids dog!

    Hope you have gobs of fun 🙂

  16. Love the pics! Poor Travis… but the pic with the neck pillow and Crabsters made me snort my coffee. Luckily I didn't spit it on my keyboard!

  17. LOL, poor Travis is at the mercy of Princess Nagger and that expression on his face was hysterical! Did Elvis come along too?

    $5 is the going rate for the tooth fairy? I feel so ripped off (and so should my kids)

  18. OMGoodness! His expression is hilarious! Hahaha! And he sure does put up with a lot, but that's awesome. So patient.

    Congrats to PN on losing her first tooth, too! =)

  19. love dogs, and your travis is sooo adorable… i have a belgian malinois and we'd take him on trips/vacations too… one time we took him on a 'climbing expedition' to the highest peak in our area… it was a 5 day climb/hike and he made it to the summit! so proud of him!

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