Travis did very well with his surgery – since the vet is also an animal hospital, they performed the surgery in the middle of the night Monday night since they didn’t get to any of the surgeries scheduled for that day. Poor Travis – I bet he was starving by the time they gave him any food the next morning – if they did. For the next few days he’ll be sporting this lovely collar – to keep him from chewing on his incision. No stitches, so at least we won’t have to go back to have them removed.

I’ll have to video tape him walking around with it, though – he keeps misjudging distance and gets hung up on doorways or furniture when he is trying to scurry by. He did fine sleeping with it on the last couple of nights, taking up a good quarter of the bed in the process. He was a bit groggy on Tuesday when we brought him home, but yesterday he was acting like his old self – trying to get the last bark in when the neighbor dogs were barking from inside their house.

See more photos worth a thousand words at Cheaper Than Therapy:

Cheaper Than Therapy

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  1. Poor Travis, he's probably equally as confused since you're chasing him around with a camera taking pictures of his cone head. He's probably expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out any second and tell him he's being Punk'd.

  2. poor guy, but the cone made me laugh becuase my greyhound sometimes pees in the house when we leave him and my brother said we should put a diaper on him and then a big cone so he can't chew off the diaper!

  3. Poor beautiful doggy. All four of our pet children have had surgery too. I have never had to put one of those things on them, though. They looks so funny.

  4. Aww, I hope he is feeling better! I had to LOL at him though, he looks just thrilled in that second picture!

  5. Keep the cone on him. Nothing worse than going back to the vet to restitch.

    Let's rename him Conehead the Conquer.

  6. I am sure Travis is not amused, and I feel bad for the puppy, but he looks so darn adorable with his cone head! Sorry Travis, not laughing at you buddy! Get better soon!

  7. Aw, hope he's all better soon. The Elizabethan collar has never lasted long on any of my dogs. It is funny to watch them navigate, but how akward them must feel.

    Give him lots of love and ear scratches from me ":D

  8. Now if they could just make one of those to keep me away from a plate of doughnuts I'd be all set.

  9. Oh the cone. My old dog Sugar had her feel of those. It was pretty interesting to watch her.

  10. It is so sad and so funny when dogs have to wear those cones. I always feel terrible but can't help laughing when I see one. 🙂

  11. Poor Travis! It must be really annoying having all that extra weight around your neck! I wish him all the best!
    And don't judge me but he looks way too funny with the cone.. he looks like big giant funnel :)))

    Have a great Thursday!

  12. Those cone things always make me giggle lol. Poor little Travis :o( I wonder if dogs get embarrassed when other dogs see them wearing those things??

  13. The second picture made me smile. He has this look of "I am totally rockin' this cone and you can't deny it!"

    Hope he heals quickly, poor thing!

  14. That second shot where he is looking sideways like: "please just shoot me and get it over with"…

  15. All for the better no surprise granddoggies. The second picture looks like he's modeling the cone and it looks good on him!

  16. ♥♥♥ Aww, poor Travis! ♥♥♥
    ♥♥♥ He is GORGEOUS! ♥♥♥
    I ♥ all the picture!
    Have a ☺☺☺HAPPY☺☺☺ ATWT!!

  17. Oh my goodness! I remember when my dog had to wear something like this. Drove him absolutely nuts. Although I must say that it was highly entertaining. 🙂


  18. Awe-ha-ha…that's so sad and funny! kinda like my girl being shoved out of the picture by her brother. Makes you want to laugh and cry all at the same time!

  19. Aww, poor guy! He doesn't look too thrilled with the whole thing. He's a really handsome young man!

  20. Glad the surgery went well. Thos cones are hilarious. I could laugh all day at them. I guess I am not very sensitive.

  21. Awww…poor pup…he looks so sad…but something funny about it too — as kids we ALWAYS just laughed at our pooch when she had to wear "the cone". Speedy recovery!

  22. Glad that Travis's surgery went well. Lucky you don't have to go back to the vets to get the stitches out.

  23. Poor guy. Every single dog ever seen wearing one of those things has the same pathetic look on it's face. 🙂

  24. oh poor boy 🙁 my kids nicknamed our dog "lampy" when he had his surgery. hope he feels all better soon

  25. The look on his face in that second picture is hysterical! I do feel sorry for him.

  26. Is it funny that the first pic when the page was loading I thought the dog was wearing a tutu? Happy ATWT

  27. LOL….poor fella!!!
    I hope it all heals up quick so he doesn't rip the cone off in frustration!!

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