Well, it was bound to happen. I thought I had been moving in stealth mode enough to stay just out of reach…but alas, not so. Not only that, but I got tagged twicein the same week! So this is for my buddy Otin, the (notorious) Wizard of Otin who cracks me up with his funny posts and comments, and to Kristen, of La Dolce Vita who is one smart, sassy and creative lady – and one of my very first bloggy friends. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were in cahoots… 😉
So the tag is ‘Six Unimportant Things that Make Me Happy’. Otin did it with a twist, and created a list of Unimportant Things that Make Him UN-Happy…I decided I’d do both, just to keep it interesting.

Six Unimportant Things that Make Me Happy:

  1. Getting up early before the Hovering Hubby and Princess Nagger and enjoying some moments of peace and quiet with a fresh cup of coffee or three.
  2. Riding the tractor in the Back 40 with my tunes blaring through my headphones and feeling like I’m in my own little world.
  3. Hugs and Kisses from the Princess Nagger – just because.
  4. Bright sunny days that are not hot nor humid.
  5. A nice glass of wine in a candlelit bubble bath…well, OK, a nice glass of wine anywhere.
  6. A good book – and some quiet time to read.
OK, now the Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Unhappy:
  1. Losing my train of thought when I get interrupted – and not being able to get that train of thought back.
  2. Running out of gas while running the tractor around the Back 40 because Hovering Hubby forgot to fill it up.
  3. Sunny days that are excessively hot and humid – the kind where the air is so thick and humid it’s hard to spend any time outside.
  4. Having the neighbor’s pit bull invade our yard with his big piles of crap – especially when he makes those deposits in my flower beds or on the back porch.
  5. Coffee that has gotten cold, but I don’t realize it and take a big swig…
  6. Hairballs (from our Persian, Norman) in hard-to-clean places.
So there ya go – unimportant things you probably didn’t need to know or really care to know… 😉 There are, of course, some rules regarding this tag, but rules are made to be broken, so I’m not going to tag anyone else…unless you are really jonesin’ to post some Unimportant things, then be my guest – consider yourself tagged and post away!

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  1. That cold mouthful of coffee always makes me want to spew. Gross. And at our house, I'm always having my train of thought interrupted, which I suppose makes it less of a train and more of a crowded intersections where the lights have gone wacky. Ah well. Some quiet reading time sounds heavenly. Happy weekend.

  2. mmmmm, i miss our riding lawn mower and our 2 acres to cruise around on it!!! great list 🙂

  3. Loved this post. Isn't it the real small simple things that makes one happy! Stopping by from Harriets Comment Challenge!

  4. #5 cold yucky coffee – good one!!!

    Good tag coverage!! I have been horribly lax on this!!

  5. alrighty i know i was already here today :)just wanted to let you know i FINALLY figured out how to add peoples buttons to my side bar and i added yours 🙂 hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I dont drink coffee BUT I do drink tea and I hate it when it gets cold!! Have a great weekend!

  7. I started that switch about the things that get me pissed, and I see that it has become a part of it lol! I am on firefox right now, it is the only way i could get here!

  8. I couldn't agree more about the sunny, hot and humid days. I spent the afternoon (we're down to one kid today, yay for grandparents) on the roof fixing our leaky patio and I thought I was going to pass out from the heat.

    Happy weekend!

  9. You surprised me with the tractor one!! Coffee, and a good book, or well maybe a glass of wine, and that sunny weather..it is all good!

  10. I want a tractor! Forget that, I want a back 40 dammit!
    I hear ya with the hot and humid, but that's basically all we have here from May till October. Crap on a cracker, I hate it.
    and yeah on the coffee, but make mine extra strong!

    Justine 😮 )

  11. Oh man, I wish we had a back 40! We have a back 10 maybe lol! And I am with you on the hairball thing, Dukes hair is just everywhere! And now little Jimmy has decided that the little puffs of hair he carries around is good to chew on! I keep finding him with hair in his mouth! Luckily he doesn't actually eat it! (at least not that I have noticed lol!)

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