I’m keeping this short for once because I am sitting in McDonald’s taking advantage of their free wifi connection since our internet and phone service at home is deader than a doornail.

It suddenly went out yesterday afternoon right in the middle of my precious blog-hopping time and while I was working on a couple of posts (including one for the VGNO that I was so looking forward to participating in). That also means I’m going to miss out on tomorrow’s Quotable Sunday since I usually write those posts on Saturday to schedule the upload for early in the morning… *sniff!* Not to mention already being behind on my visits – trying to get caught up before we head to Louisiana in a week-and-a-half.

Verizon has been less than accommodating – I got bounced from department to department in various phone calls to them from 3pm until about 10pm last night. At one point I was able to speak to someone in the ‘repair’ dept. – they originally told us the earliest anyone could come out and look into the problem would be next Friday.

Uh, hello?! We cannot be without internet for an entire week* – never mind being without internet and phone! Apparently since we’re a ‘residential’ customer vs. a ‘business’ customer, they’re really backed up. We were told that if we were a ‘business’ customer, they’d be able to send someone out sooner. Almost made us want to change our status to ‘business’ until they fix the problem, then switch it back. Almost.

Now I really wish I had bought a blackberry or iPhone or something similar so I could have access online in spite of my internet connection. In case you are wondering, I am really, really mad. But I won’t bore you with the details until we’re back online – I did speak to a supervisor who worked some magic and someone will (hopefully) be out on Monday afternoon to fix the problem. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves and I’ll catch up with you when I’m back online. Send some good thoughts my way if you don’t mind – I could sure use some right about now! 🙂

*unless we’re in the Caribbean drinking Pina Colada’s and sitting on the beach soaking up the warm sun…then we’d give up internet for an entire week, no problem!

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  1. To people that don't understand this addiction, that would sound like a silly rant! But I can feel your anger! Blogger was down one morning that I was trying to do a post, and I had to go to work without posting it. I drove all the way home for lunch, just to post the damn thing!!!

  2. I can feel your pain. Sometimes I just want to throw my computer out the window when the internet is being stupid. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. Oh no! How can they expect you to go a week?? I think you'll be throwing back a few Big Macs this week….

  4. Oh no! How can they expect you to go a week?? I think you'll be throwing back a few Big Macs this week….

  5. GAH- you know I would die. Absolutely die. Even with my BlackBerry… it just isn't the same. Hope it comes back on as suddenly as it disappeared…

  6. ACK!! When our internet goes down I start going through withdrawals. I give it the few hour fix time, but then…. I get ancy, a fidget, I wonder what I'm missing, I fret about what I was supposed to do online and how I'm not working PR for the magazine (www.rootandsprout.com).

    Drive me nutty!

    Once, our power was out until almost midnight. It came back on, and I played in cyber space for another couple hours while the house slept!

    Oh, we have a local eatery place in small-town that actually has wi-fi! So, when the kids are in school and I'm helping out I pop over there and capture their signal too, LOL!

  7. that sucks…I understand your frustration. I bought my little Netbook recently.. so if I crash at home, will I can use that. We don't have anything but Clearwire here, so we just cross our fingers!

  8. How awful! I couldn't imagine going without an internet connection. That would drive me nuts.

    The only problems we are having are with our router. We have a hard time connecting to it with our laptops. It is old and we didn't spend a whole lot on it so I think it is just wearing out. I'm connected to the neighbor's unsecured network right now.

    I hope your internet gets fixed soon!

  9. I feel for you. I wasn't able to get on the last two days while I was away and it just about killed me!

  10. Bummer! My internet connection was a little touch and go last summer, and AT&T wasn't exactly itching to help either. Ah well. Hope it gets resolved quickly.

  11. I just saw that your problem is fixed so I guess I missed the outage entirely. Yay for quicker than expected service. We had landscapers cut our cable/internet/phone lines several times over the course of their work and it was so damn frustrating.

  12. Sorry!! Hope you get up and running soon… I I know how frustrating it is… thank goodness I can get online with my phone!

  13. What a serious PITA! I do see that it has been fixed. I lose my mind when my router needs to be rebooted or my hubbie is overloading the system!

  14. I hate losing the net. It's like losing my right arm! I'm sending good net thoughts your way!

  15. It really irritates me when you call someplace and they transfer you around or you call back and get a different answer. I sure hope that your internet is back up and running Monday!

  16. I can't stand how the phone and Internet people are so unresponsive. A few years ago, they accidentally cut off our Internet and phone. They then got snippy with me because I didn't answer the phone that wasn't working.

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