This week’s episode of Random Tuesday Thoughts is brought to you in part by Keely, the coolest Un-Mom I know…well, in a virtual sense that is. Although she’d probably be a kick to hang out with in real life – you know, if I happened to wander into Canada for no particular reason. She gives us license weekly to be random with our thoughts…which takes the pressure off of having to dream up a normal post. So if you’re feeling abnormal, you’ll fit right in – join the rest of us abnormal people and get your Random on!

Guess what our neighbors found living under their shed? Four skunks!! They built a new pond out in their Back 40 (the neighbors, not the skunks), and apparently the skunks thought it was a luxury spa put in just for them…and they were well fed by the field mice in the corn field out back, as well as devouring our baby corn we had to keep replanting because it kept getting munched on…not sure if it was the skunks that ate the baby corn stalks, or the wild rabbits…either way, I’m not sure we’re going to get much corn this year. My hubby took these pictures of one of them hanging out in the row of pine trees between our property and our neighbor’s:
Our neighbor’s dad lives in the house on the other side of them, so he put out some live traps to see if he could catch the skunks…they were smart enough to avoid the traps like a plague, but somehow got duped into crawling into a garbage can.
My neighbor’s dad was getting a bit impatient, so he decided to try to catch them with the garbage can himself:
I was surprised he didn’t get sprayed…one down, 3 to go! By Thursday evening 3 out of the 4 were caught:
Aren’t they cute? Hubby was tempted to reach in and pet them, but decided it probably wasn’t a wise thing to do… Over the weekend, the neighbors discovered that there were more than 4…one of their German Shepherd’s got sprayed, which led them to discover that there were eight of them all together. As far as we know they successfully caught them all – I sure hope so, I don’t have enough tomato juice on hand should one of our dogs get sprayed – or one of us for that matter.

Speaking of critters…Princess Nagger wants to get a kitten…you know, because the pet status is ‘uneven’ since we have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I’m stalling her request until after we get back from Louisiana – I’m hoping she’ll forget about it by then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of Louisiana, we leave in two days! Aaaaaaahhhhh! Am I ready? Sure, I’m ready for a vacation…but do I have everything organized and ready to go? Absolutely not! I work well under pressure, though, so I’ll get it all done. Maybe. Of course that might mean a repeat of last year where I’m doing all the last minute packing at 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning…but it’ll get done.

I wrapped Christmas presents yesterday – it felt odd and out of place to be doing that on an 85 degree day… It’s the Christmas presents I got for our friends we’re going to be visiting – we celebrate Christmas in July so we don’t have to ship the gifts during the holidays. I bought the gifts back then, but didn’t wrap them because I didn’t want to forget what it was I got them before giving them. Princess Nagger ‘helped’ – and she started pulling some of her oddball things to wrap to give to our friends, too…like a sand timer, a box of miscellaneous (and probably dead) batteries, some lip gloss for the baby (when I mentioned maybe she should give that little package to Aunt Christy instead, she responded with an eye roll and “But it’s lip gloss for kids!!!”). I thought it was sweet of her to want to generously gift her miscellaneous crap stuff.

Jenners posted about Twitter last week – it almost sounded like a challenge to hop on the Twitter Train if you dared to be so bold. Early on I used to get on there and Tweet and goof off, but then I found it was a huge time suck and I didn’t want to broach those waters again if I couldn’t do it justice. Well, I took Jenners call to action to heart and went through and downloaded TweetDeck and followed a bunch of people – what was odd was that a bunch that I started following last Thursday I used to be following several months ago…but I wasn’t following them anymore.

So if I used to follow you, and suddenly I stopped following you, it wasn’t me. There must have been a brain fart somewhere in Twitter that kicked me off your followers list. I’ll get back into the swing of things on Twitter – Julie‘s been bugging me to come back to the Twitter side, so I don’t want to disappoint anyone by ignoring their pleas… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m trying to sync my cell phone to send tweets while we’re on the road – but we’ll see how that goes. If you care to follow you can find me @SassyDesigns.

I bit the bullet and had my hair foiled on Saturday. 3 hours and 179 foil pieces later, my hair looks terrible. She charged me $150 since she was using 2 colors – a light blond and a dark blond, you know, to give it a dramatic cool look. And she had to mix more color 3 times to apply since I have more hair on my head than the average person. Like enough to cover 2 or 3 heads. It doesn’t look it from my profile picture, because I’m talented that way. Subjecting myself to 20 minutes of blow drying to tame it down, then another 20 minutes with the curling iron because after blow drying, even though it’s tamed some of the natural wave into obedience, it’s still out of control.

Lately I’ve been attacking it with a flat iron which really brings it into submission. I keep it long, because the extra weight of my hair actually seems to help pull some of the natural wave out, giving me an edge on taming it into submission. If I were to cut my hair short and leave it in it’s natural curly/wavy state, I’d probably be vying for air space with Steenky Bee and her mane of hair. One of these days I’ll have to post a before and after pic – as in before I tame it and after.

Back to my bad foil job – apparently the gal foiling my hair went heavy on the dark blond, which happens to be darker than my normal blond color, and it’s dark all over. With sections of a nice deep purple hue when you get in the right light. Hardly any highlights at all, and none of my original blond. So I get to go back tomorrow morning first thing and have her fix it. The day before we leave on vacation. When I have a million things I need to get done before we go. But it needs to be fixed. STAT.

You may not realize this, but I can be painfully shy sometimes. Like when I first meet new people. I tend to be the quiet one, absorbing conversations and keeping to the background. Until I gauge the personalities and sense of humor, then I’ll get comfortable enough cut loose. Because I have a unique sense of humor that some people just don’t get. And I’m not comfortable being in the center of attention, so I don’t want to be a dork and say something I might consider witty and charming in my head, but when it’s spoken out loud it falls flat. So as I get more comfortable in the blogosphere, I’ll be more adept at leaving witty comments (or at least witty in my head) more often. Just so you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Feeling Random? Then head on over to the Un-Mom for some awesome randomness. Join in the fun – you deserve a break today…it’s less fattening and more satisfying than McDonald’s… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Those skunks are sooooo cute. My sister had a room mate in college who had a pet skunk. Somehow the sprayer or the scent that it sprayed had been removed. It was a very nice pet actually. But that being said, I don't want to get one. I've got dogs, rabbits, a fish, and a hamster. We used to have chickens, but we moved and had to give them away.

  2. I knew a gal who had a pet skunk.. she was destinkified..(?) anyway, so cute.

    I love this post, as you shared some cool personal stuff about you.. shy was surprised by that…I am uncomfortable with people I don't know.

    I have a sister who flys for Alaska, and it is the perfect job for her.. loves new people.

    I vote yes for the kitten, as she is old enough now to have one of her own, and so many need homes!

  3. Celebrating christmas in July..I've heard of this! ofcourse in My family we have 6 birthdays in june & july, so it IS christmas all over ๐Ÿ™‚ p.s. those skunks do look pretty cute & soft!

  4. Happy RTT! I think I'd freak if my hair came up purple especially after they charged you three body parts for it. I hope it gets worked out in time. Or pack hats, lots of hats.

    Have a safe and awesome vacation!

  5. I actually like the smell of skunk on a summer night! I am serious, not the overwhelming type odor, but the one that smells like a freshly opened Heineken. I also think that a lot of people have the shy at first thing going on, I know I do!

  6. those skunks are sooo cute! i hope he found them a new home and didn't hurt them! my sis had a skunk at work and everyone wanted to kill it and she said no! so she caught it in a trap…the wildlife rescue center told her to cover it with a blanket as the darkness calms it and sure enough it worked…but the funny thing was she had dad's brand new car and put it in the trunk and drove it several miles away into some woods…she is soooo lucky that the skunk didn't stink up that car! dad would have killed her since you can't get that smell out of a car (so i have heard!) to this day, dad never knew (he passed) and mom still doesn't know!

  7. Oh ew, that is a lot of skunks in one place! I hope they are all caught & you don't have to worry about them any more.

    Have a great time on vacation & enjoy your Christmas in July!

  8. yuck, skunks are the pits Kane has been sprayed a few times. hope yours are gone.

  9. Skunks seem to be one of the few woodland creatures we don't have around. They were cute but still – ickkkkk! Good luck with getting your hair fixed – nothing worse than walking out of a salon after a few hours feeling horrible about what was done!

  10. Those stinky little critters are so cute!

    That stinks about the bad hair coloring. That is not a small price to pay so it should be exactly how you want it. At least you work well under pressure, as you said, so even though your appointment is the day before you leave, it'll all work out.

    You had better blog while you're gone. I can't stand 2 weeks without you.

  11. OMG, the skunks are SO cute! I want one! I used to know people (online) that had pet skunks. They had them de-musked or whatever.

    Geez woman, did you go to the same person that usually does your hair? I'd be PISSED and no WAY would I let that chick try to fix it!

    Justine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

  12. Oh I feel you on the hair coloring issue. I really do my best to avoid it. Get back there and get it fixed ASAP!

    My boss showed up yesterday with a REALLY bad bottle job that had to have burned her hair something horrible. She's French and something of a fashion LaTeeDa… and I just KNOW that it is killing her to have to leave the house like that.

  13. Random, indeed! I totally want to pet those little cuties! That was my first thought!

  14. Very scary shunks.

    I rarely go to the hair salon for just this reason. Those people are NUTS!

    Have a great trip.

  15. I'm at work so can't see the pictures, but I'll have to stop back later to see just how 'pettable' those skunks are.

    This is some great randomness!

    Happy RTT!

  16. Those skunks are pretty adorable. When I was little our neighbor's cousin had a pet skunk I used to play with. I never go to the hair salon. I just do it myself. Of course it looks like I do it myself. Have a great vacation!

  17. Oh, wow! They really are pretty cute and a bit smaller than I imagined. I'm sure we have them around here, but I've never seen one. Our latest sightings are beavers, which are huge…and cute, too! :o)

  18. Make a counter-offer to Princess Nagger. Offer to whack one of the dogs if the balance will make her happy.

  19. Ahhh! Those skunks are ADORABLE! Who knew they were so damn cute?? I kind of want one…

  20. Only you would get that close to a bunch of skunks for a bloggy photo op. Well played my friend, well played. Xmas in June? You're starting to scare me.

  21. The skunks are adorable! I wouldn't want them around, but they are so cute.

    Regarding the shy thing…I am exactly the same way. Maybe worse. I'm working on it.

    Good luck with the hair repair!!

  22. Talk about Stink Pots. You have to admit it's pretty cool! My boys would love to see one of those up close and personal. We actually caught one in a squirrel trap once.

  23. hi stacie! back again, got somethign for ya on my blog! byw, your hair is too pretty for some idiot to mess up! change stylists!

  24. So first Mr Linky goes crazy, now Twitter… I think it's getting to that time movies always talk about where technology turns against humans! I'm not crazy! I'm not!!

  25. Have a wonderful, safe trip! Love the idea of Christmas in July. Good luck with the foils, too. Hope you get it all done before you have to leave.

    Happy RTT!

  26. Those skunks are so cute but still wouldn't want them too close LOL hope they are gone!

  27. Cute skunks, this is being said with a lot of land between us and computer monitors…
    My hair is SCARY. It's dark, VERY thick, and frizzed out like I've been playing with electricity. I've tried flat irons, product, prayer. Nothing has worked. Gr!

  28. I never thought anyone would ever use the words skunk and cute in the same sentence.

  29. I think the skunks look cute. Great random post today! What did you do with the skunks when you caught them? Were you able to release them somewhere? Thank goodness nobody got sprayed.

  30. EEEWWW I'm not big on skunks and I can't believe they didn't spray him!

    I'm a curly hair girl and straighten with flat iron. my hair is sorta short but as it grows out it gets crazzzy!

  31. What a great random post. Have a blast on vacation. And if your daughter still wants a cat offer her a skunk ๐Ÿ™‚ That should do the trick. Good luck with the hair.

  32. Holy Wild Kingdom! My goodness Stacey, you've got a lot going on in your part of the world. Those pictures of the skunk are too much.

    Oh, and I can totally relate to you on being more witty in my head than in reality. Happens all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚


  33. I cannot believe the skunks.

    Get another cat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sorry about your hair. ๐Ÿ™

    I'm totally shy when I first meet ppl too.

  34. Happy RTT. That must have been so weird to wrap presents! Funny mental picture. And I know skunks and gross and out but they're cute and fluffy in the pictures…!

  35. omg those are the cutest little things EVER. Though I'm glad they're at YOUR house.

    Bummer on the hair. I have threatened my hairdresser with death if she ever moves or gets a different career. When she went on maternity leave, I just *didn't* get my hair cut.

  36. The skunks are adorable. I don't blame your husband for wanting to reach in and pet them, they look so fluffy and inviting. Why not keep one of those to even out your pet count? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Enjoy your July Christmas in Louisiana. I don't even want to think about Christmas Christmas for another six months…or never, never is good too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Enjoy your holiday, have a great trip and yes twitter on the road once you do it will be addicting. I love my BB and can't live without it while blogging.

    The skunks are cute (to look at) lol and I'm glad it all got settled without anyone getting juiced.

  38. Where was I on Tuesday, and how did I miss this post? The skunks are adorable, I almost had an encounter with one the other night when I had to let Princess out at 3am…. I'm glad he scurried off into the trees!

  39. EEK!! Those skunks ARE cute, but what in the world did he do with them after he caught them?

    Oh no! Bad hair jobs are so annoying! Having to go back and have it re-done. Ugh. Believe me. I had to do that recently too. And going to the school, it takes even longer. But it was my sister that was doing it and it was NOT her fault that it turned out badly. It was her dumb instructors fault. Ugh! Anywho, glad you got your hair corrected the way it should be!

    Your last paragraph sounds EXACTLY like me! Too funny!

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