Thanks to Keely, Tuesday’s can be a free-for-all…which is a good thing, because my brain is foggy today, so trying to put together a coherent thought would be a huge stretch. Trust me.

Only 79 days of summer left until school starts for the Princess Nagger. Yes, I’ve already started the count down. Enough said.

Yesterday since Hovering Hubby went back to work after his week-long stay-cation, I had big plans of kicking back and starting to get caught up on leaving witty comments all over the blogosphere since I am severely behind in doing just that. My computer had other plans. I spent too much time this past weekend (in between working like a maniac out in the yard) trying to locate some file folders that seem to have mysteriously disappeared off my portable hard drive – so yesterday I decided to give in to Windows and let it scan said portable hard drive. It. took. forever. And the end result? Those darn files are still missing. Kaput. Gone. Of course I haven’t backed up my back up yet, and luckily it’s only the file folders that house the weekly updates I do for a church website, so that stuff can be recreated if necessary. Hopefully it won’t be necessary.

Did I mention there are only 79 days of summer left before school starts?

It seems that now you can’t hold ‘It’s a school night!’ over her head, Princess Nagger has gotten into this new sneaky way of prolonging bed time. She sneaks out of bed and gets distracted playing – when she gets busted, she claims she’s brushing her teeth…again. I had finally drifted off to sleep last night about 12:30 am, when I heard slam! Her bedroom door closing. Loudly. Of course I had to get up and find out what was going on. Hubby was obliviously sound asleep snoring loudly. OK, potty break is over – go back to bed. Then about a half hour later again…slam! She wanted to brush her teeth…again. Go back to bed. Then the whining commences – she wants some stuffed cow that was downstairs she attempted to sew a hole all by herself (forgetting to tie a knot in the thread, so the hole is still there). After a bunch of back-and-forth about it waiting until tomorrow, she finally stayed in bed.

Only 79 days until I can use ‘It’s a School Night!’ to get her to stay in bed and let me get some sleep.

In 17 days we head out on our annual road trip to visit our friends in Louisiana for almost 2 weeks…we always have so much fun, and Princess Nagger loves playing with their kids who are 10, 6, and not-quite-one. Actually, this will be the first time we get to meet the ‘not-quite-one’ baby girl, since she was still incubating last year when we visited. She’s apparently in the crawling stage and follows her brothers everywhere, so Princess Nagger has offered to distract her from annoying them – you know, when she’s not doing the following and annoying.

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle being offline for 14 days straight – our friends don’t have any sort of internet connection, and finding a wifi access point somewhere in their vicinity is sketchy at best. I’m hoping I can create some scheduled posts to keep y’all entertained while we’re gone – maybe I should recruit some guest bloggers to keep things lively while I’m gone. Any volunteers? 😉

The friends we’re going to visit are a lot of fun – my hubby and her hubby are like kids in a candy store when they go shopping for fireworks to set off on the 4th of July…they try to out-do themselves every year and I’m sure this year will be no exception.

That reminds me of a funny (to me, maybe not to her) story… She works outside the house while her hubby works from home…they have 2 rambunctious boys you have to keep an eye on at all times – of course her hubby isn’t really diligent on keeping a close eye on them, and to give him credit, you’d think sending them to their room for a while would be a ‘safe bet’ they won’t get into trouble. Well, her youngest, who’s now 6, got hold of some scissors. Not only did he give himself a reverse Mohawk (two days before his Kindergarten pictures were to be taken), but he also took the scissors and cut his comforter into shreds…when my friend got home from work and checked on the boys in their room, imagine the total mess of cut/shredded comforter all over the bedroom – with her cute little son sitting in the middle sporting his reverse Mohawk. Fun times for her, I’m sure! 😉

Last Thursday we braved the inundation of rain Mother Nature sent us and drove the hour-plus down to Maryland to visit hubby’s dad at his retirement home – he’s 87 and hanging in there, and always loves to go out to his favorite diner when we come down.

If you happened to read my Tag Schmag post this weekend, you’ll know why this next randomness is sort of ironic… While I was running the tractor around the Back 40 on Sunday, it ran out of gas. If looks could kill, hubby would have dropped dead on the spot when I had to come all the way up to the front to retrieve the gas can. What part of ‘The tractor’s all ready for you’ did I miss? If it’s ‘all ready’, I’m assuming it’s also full of gas. The gas can we have is one of those with the ‘safety spout’…yeah, so much for ‘safety’ – that sucker leaks gas all over the place when you’re trying to feed the tractor…all over the tractor, all over me…not such a beautifimous smell when you’re walking around smelling like gasoline. Gotta match?

Clearly I need more coffee. Head on over to Un-Mom for some awesome zombie randomness. Give yourself a break today and join in the fun…since she’s still feuding with Mr. Linky, be sure to leave your post link in the comments so everyone can stop by for a random visit.

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  1. Oh, and did you know that it's only 78 more days until school starts again…

    I guess you don't love the smell of gasoline in the morning either.

  2. I'm already counting down, too. What am I supposed to do with these kids all summer? I don't want them bored but it's SO HOT outside. Wah.

  3. Oh I cannot wait for school to commence again!! DS has already begun to lose privileges which will make this and ever longer summer! We have the late night "bathroom" breaks too! I was thinking I might switch out his door handle so I can lock it from the outside….then he stays in his room! LOL

  4. You have 78 more days of Summer left? I only have a week left before my 7 year old starts first grade.. and it means less blogging for me and more stuff that moms do.. It also means I can't sleep in anymore, need to wake up extra early to prepare her for school and make her lunch, and stuff.. I'm stressed out just thinking about it! LOL

    I am way behind in leaving comments all over the blogosphere to and my second blog is participating in Harriet's June Comment Challenge, I hope at least I make 500 comments.. 😀

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 🙂

  5. Oh I had to laugh at the image of the lawnmower and match! Hubbies older ride on has been flakey to the point that if he tries to fix it again the guys at the "shop" where he gets parts said, uh just sprinkle gasoline under it and Puff!

  6. Your bedtime routine comments gave me the biggest laugh I've had all day. Thanks!

  7. My mom says her favorite try-to-stay-up-as-long-as-possible line was, "My eyelash hurts!" My parents just laughed at me. Meanies.

    What sort of guest posts are you looking for? 🙂

  8. Howdy there. Happy Tuesday!

    My son and your daughter must be peas in a pod because he's been avoiding bedtime like the plague. Of course he's only 3 1/2 so bed time is like sending him off to a flaming hot oven (something he just doesn't want to do) because it means he can't play anymore.

    Oh well…79 more days till school!

  9. I can't believe you know someone without an internet connection. That blows my mind. My grandparents don't have internet but they have never used a computer either so that is a bit different I guess. Happy Random Tuesday.

  10. I have noticed a lot of moms dreaming of the start of the school year. My daughter isn't in school yet…for a while so I don't know the kind of bliss that school brings.

  11. There are alot of coffee houses around that have wireless internet service, you should bring the laptop just in case!

  12. 3 more days of school for me!!!

    I never had this problem of getting outta bed at 12:30 to pee and to brush?? I suffered through the nightmares forever!!!

    This is a new one? Maybe – you need to get her up early for the pool to wear her out for some good sleep at night.

    I see you added a commentator widget?? Or was it there?? You should change the top to something fun. You can just type in the HTML code to replace the words that you do not want. Kinda fun. I put MEOW at the bottom of mine.

  13. that's a lot of info chick! i hope you have a wonderful trip visiting friends. (just so you know… you CAN blog from your cell phone! i did it while moving across country)
    Have a great evening

  14. My kids aren't even out yet and I am counting the days until they return. They will be going to camp, but there are 3 weeks when no camps run. It makes it very difficult for working moms.

    I hope you have a great trip! Enjoy!

  15. That must be the friend you told me about whose kid is crazy like Graham. I'll bet she's counting the days until summer is over too! Wow, two whole weeks without internet, you're not going to make it!

  16. Ah, kids and scissors…when my stepdaughters were 4 and 2 (and while I was still dating their dad), the older decided to give the younger a haircut before Daddy woke up one morning. He called me once he discovered the "carnage" and begged me to come over and fix Allie's hair…sadly, there wasn't much to be done.

  17. Ooh, I wanna go to LA with you! but no internet? what is WRONG with your friends? Holy geez.

    And OMG, too funny that it was out of gas after you just said how much that ticks you off!

    Justine ;o )

  18. OMG Summer!? When will it end?! Oh in 79 days apparently for you. I haven't begun the countdown yet, only because I don't know when school will be back in session exactly. Already it's putting a crimp in my blog hopping abilities. So if I don't get around here often enough, blame the public school system for not offering year round education. 😉 Happy Day Late RTT.

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