Welcome to the 2009 Contractor Awards.

The Nominees are:

And the Winner is:

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  1. Ohmygoodness! Those are SUPER funny! The first one is crazy! And the last one made me LOL! Can’t you just see two guys figuring out how to go at the same time in that bathroom!

  2. Mr.Linky is an SOB lately, but I feel for him. Those pictures are CLASSIC! Going to find the Magic Eraser now…

  3. Those are SOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!! I cant believe how crooked that one window is!

  4. OMG. Those are so funny. Can you believe that people could make such big mistakes? Hilarious WW.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  5. Oh my goodness those are hysterical!! Where did you even find all those pictures? I like the first one – great for sledding 🙂

  6. Those are great, I love the balcony with no entrance. If you could get up there, it would be a great solution for some alone time. 😉

  7. Holy Mongus!! I would have a dickens of a time getting my kids into the car with that kind of driveway!

  8. HOLY CRUD… those are hysterical. I had to look at a few of them and do a double take. That driveway is hysterical.. I was thinking, “In Colorado.. that’s a ski slope!”

    Thanks for the laugh….


    And I am SO tired that on some of these I thought, “what’s wrong with this one it looks fine!” meaning, maybe *I* was the supervisor of these projects!

    No coffee + tiredness + lack of engineering degree = Salvador Dalikim

  10. ROFLMAO! Dh is a M/E Engineer and deals with contractors all the time…this is hysterical I am SO sending it to him.

    Happy WW!!

  11. Seriously? And I thought I was surrounded by idiots. ROFL.
    I can’t wait to show this to hubby!

  12. Those are so funny! I can’t believe you found so many. Thanks for the chuckle:)

  13. I’ve seen these before3 and just assume they’re all photo shopped.

    Justine 😮 )

  14. Those pics are hilarious! I can imagine my husband doing something like that…

  15. Amazing pictures. I like the railroad and house right on it. That must not be a fun place to be.

  16. Isn’t it amazing how hopelessly clueless some workers can be??? I’m lucky that my husband built our house so we didn’t end up with any of these geniuses on the job!

  17. OMG! Those were all funny. I would hate to have that first driveway in the winter!! LOL!

  18. Those are some nice pictures! The urinal one was definitely my fav! I hate people being too close to me, that is waaay too close for comfort!

  19. These were sooooo funny! Though I will admit that I had to look twice at some of them to see what the problem was. I’m pretty sure this is what stuff would look like if I was in charge of building stuff!

  20. I’m such a mom – the only thing I thought of with those first driveways is I hope no kids live there.

    Or they have very strong helmets.

    The world is full of idiots. Sad, yet so true.

  21. Maybe those urinals are for the guys with crooked pee-pees that veer sharply to the left or right.

  22. Truly amazing (but not necessarily surprising!). Where on earth did you find these?

  23. I love pictures like these, especially wondering which ones are truly real!

  24. Ok, those were really funny. I went to show my husband but apparently he already saw them. Thanks for sharing.

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