Elvis (a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) started to look like a mangy mutt and seriously needed a hair cut, especially since Mother Nature was giving us some abnormally hot days…so I had him shaved all over to keep cool. (Of course Mother Nature decided it was the perfect time to send us a cold front with frost advisories, but at least he’s ready in case she switches it up again):This is typically what a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier hair cut would look like (you know, if you were into doing the show dog mode and all):
But why cover up that cute goofy face?
Our Blue Merle Sheltie puppy, Travis, is almost full grown:
One of these days I’ll get creative like Nikki Crumpet and Yaya and put thought bubbles on the doggie pics for extra entertainment factor… 😉

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  1. And isn’t it funny that once they get all shaved and they feel all light they just love to jump and run around as fast as they can!!


    Pretty fuzzy babies!

  2. Th ey are so stinkin cute! I luv the new buzz. I bet he does too.
    Happy WW!

  3. They are cuties! Hehe Love dogs especially after fur cuts lol Happy WW! :O)

  4. omg that is just the cutest puppy!!!! what adorable pooches you have!!! and what lucky dogs they are ;)!

  5. WOW! Elvis looks like a totally different dog now!!! And I love Travis! I had a Blue Merle when I was growing up.

  6. Awe, what a cute puppy! Isn’t it amazing how a hair cut can make such a difference? Doesn’t even look like the same puppy anymore.

    Cute puppy either way!

  7. They are so cute!! I am the same way with my Shitzhus. They are supposed to have the long hair, but I can’t see their cute faces!!


  8. OMG I laughed so hard…I would never want to cover up that cute little face – Elvis is a sweetie. I can only imagine what your “bubbles” might say – I can’t wait to see them! Happy WW – thanks for stopping by!

  9. We used to have an Airedale!! If we ever get another dog, it will be a soft-coated wheaton terrier – they are so adorable!! Have 2 of them in our neighborhood and I love stopping to snuggle with them when I am on my walks!

  10. Hilarious pictures! These reminded of the Good Housekeeping before and after shots.

    Your dog’s confidence must be sky-high now with his new look. 🙂


  11. I have a golden retriever that I have shaved every spring, he doesn’t even look like the same dog when he comes back!

  12. Loving the summer Haircut Elvis got! So fashion forward!

    Welcome to the BlogBaby Family! FYI – we are a potluck kind of people so do keep that in mind next time you stop by! 😉


  13. I love a freshly shaved dog, they’re ugly cute. They barely resemble their furrier former selves.

  14. awww… i love the fresh cut look – i always feel like they are super clean when they are freshly groomed!

  15. Wow, Travis did get big! Elvis is adorable and I think it’s funny that the second you decided to shave him, it got cold again. I’ve always wanted to shave my lab/shepherd mix but he would kill me.

  16. Hahaha! Yup, the bubbles make things so much fun! Super easy-just load it into photobucket and get to editing girl!

    Your furbabies are so cute!

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