This just in: Keely at The Un-Mom promotes Randomness on Tuesday’s. Oh, wait, it’s been going on forever now, hasn’t it? But it’s a great way to empty your rabid brain of worthless crap a myriad of interesting things in one felled swoop. It’s catching on all over the blogosphere like a virus, so if you don’t want to be left behind, you might want to hop on over to Keely’s place and join in the random fun.
I survived the week with Hovering Hubby hovering last week. Sure I didn’t get much blog-hopping done, but I was able to enjoy some reading throughout the blogosphere (albeit constantly interrupted), just not as much as I normally like to do. I’m pretty sure all that over-kill of hovering is why he seemed to forget what Mother’s Day is about, you know treating the mother of your child like a queen…apparently my crown must have been misplaced somewhere.

It seems I need to re-train my hubby… On Mother’s Day I was the first one up, the last one to bed, and I did all the cooking that day and even the load of laundry of his pile of clothes that he snuck into the hamper sometime during the day. It was just like any other ‘normal’ day. The way I look at it, this gives me license to be a slacker on Father’s Day! (snicker!)

I really liked Jo from Under the Influence‘s post on Mother’s Day wishing everyone a Happy Un-Mother’s Day – if you didn’t get a chance to read it, I’ve made it uber convenient for you to read HERE. I think she’s on to something there – if it were changed to ‘Un-Mother’s Day’, it might actually register with the hubby. Or it might just make him think it’s Keely’s day, being that she’s the ‘Un-Mom‘.

Switching over to Verizon from Comcast hit a major hiccup last week, which meant I had to be on the phone with Verizon several times for excruciatingly long periods of time…well, if you’re like me and don’t like to chat on the phone (or be put on ‘terminal ignore’, aka ‘hold’) those 32 minute and 49 minute phone calls would feel excruciating to you, too. The ‘going live with internet’ portion of the whole switchover has now been moved to this Friday, but there’s yet another glitch that needs to be tended to by yet another excruciating phone call today. That saga will earn it’s own post later this week I’m sure.

Speaking of saga’s, the saga of the Pit Bull is getting better – hubby went and talked with the neighbor again over the weekend to express his concerns about his dog hanging out in our yard and using it as his personal toilet. The neighbor apologized and promised to keep it under control, so I’ve only busted the dog 3 times in the past week depositing his crap by the Princess Nagger’s slide. He gets a look of fear in his eyes and hightails it before I can return with the pellet gun, but not before he leaves his deposit. So one of those times I scooped up his deposit with some tree bark and flung it into the neighbors yard where it belongs. I’m not fessing up to the fact that I think some of the stinky stuff landed on a car that was parked over there in the back…

Speaking of that neighbor, both our properties sport very large, very old Maple trees – they’re manificently huge and have been here for decades. The power company comes by once a year to trim the branches that might interfere with any electrical wires that run through both properties – we only have on offending ‘junk’ tree (not a maple) that they have to trim the branches off of, and since it drops offending pollen on our parked cars every year I told them to be as aggressive with cutting the branches as they like. They didn’t get the hint and trim the whole tree, though, only the half closest to the smallish lines that run across our property to the neighbors house.

Apparently there are maple trees on the neighbor’s property that the power company won’t touch – they’re behind some imaginary line of some sort. So the neighbor had his flat bed tow truck out next to the trees with a ladder precariously perched on top of the angled bed, trying to cut the branches that would soon interfere with his electrical wires. The tree won – a couple of the branches he cut hit the power lines and pulled them completely from the side of his house. There was a huge bang followed by some colorful cursing…unfortunately it all happened so fast before I could get out there with my camera, because really, that would have been quite the entertainment factor for the blogosphere. He had to have the power company come out and fix the faux pas on Mother’s Day. Bet the worker’s wives or mothers were a bit peeved about that.

Mother Nature thought it was a good idea to inundate us with rain for 8 days straight last week – first she gave us August weather in April, then April weather in May…I’ll be curious to see what months she decides to juggle next. I do appreciate the fact that I haven’t had to water anything and everything is blooming like crazy – I’m hoping that she’ll give us a break long enough to let things dry out a bit so I can get some actual planting done…then she’s free to turn on the waterworks again.

Feeling Random? Well, you’re not alone. You can find all the cool Random People congregating over at Keely’s place. And don’t forget to stop by Kelly the Neurotic Mom at her new home, Baby Boogers, she’s Keely’s cohort in crime for Random Tuesday Thoughts! Head on over to both places and spread some Random love. You’ll thank me later. 😉

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  1. Aw, I’m sorry you had to do all the work on Mother’s Day.

    Be thankful the neighbor’s dog isn’t mean. Our neighbor lets his dog run and that thing is vicious and has almost bit the head off my dog several times.

  2. I am also plotting revenge for Fathers Day. Your not the only one. They just don’t get it!!

    Here is my plan for the next holiday where I should get a little bit of thought…I am taking the kids to the mall myself. I will be giving them some cash and tell them to go buy me a gift!!! If I do not train them, they will inflect the same harm on my future daughter in law!!! I must break the cycle!!!!

    I wasn’t going to write a post about mothers day…. it hurt too much. Since you were brave enough, I will. You will have a shout out in my post tomorrow!!!!

    Good for you being honest!!!!

  3. Aren’t neighbours fantastic? And by fantastic, I mean I want to find a place in the country so I don’t have any.

  4. Your stupid neighbor needs to put up a damn fence. Not sure if I’d be hitting a pit bull with pellets though. That dog might just turn on you one of these days.

    Dang, wish you could you had your camera at the ready when the maple won.

    Justine 😮 )

  5. I think you should slip an invisible fence collar onto your neighbors dog…he’ll learn very quickly that way!

    Mother Nature’s rain always makes the flowers etc. so much prettier though for some reason doesn’t it?

  6. My mother’s day last year was awful! AWFUL! Hubby did a complete 180 this year. He must have read the hubby handbook or something. And I’m not caught up on your story on the neighbor’s pit bull, but I couldn’t deal with that! I am already not a dog person and have a phobia of pit bulls, so yeah, um…yeah!

  7. What’s with those Hovering Hubbies? It’s like they have a free minute and don’t know what to do with it.
    We switched over from Verizon a few years ago for similar reasons.Have a great day!

  8. We have a dog that goes running all over the place. I love how you threw the poop back in their yard. I am sorry to hear about your Mother’s day. Have a great day.

  9. I know I shouldn’t have laughed at the poo on the slide thing, but man, that’s giggle worthy. Unless my dog did it to my slide, then I’d be none too pleased.

  10. Ahem, someone is going to be in the doghouse when they get home from work if they don’t take me shopping for MY mother’s day gift. I went all out and here I wait.

    Yesterday I saw a dog loose, looked like Drummer boy/aka Metallica head’s dog and I stopped the car dead in the street and asked the kids, isn’t that “THE DOG”? No. Are you sure? Yes. I was all set to peel out to park in my driveway and get my camera, but when we got to our house and looked across the street, there was goofy tied to a tree. Apparently our neighbor with the invisible dog fence got another dog.

  11. I figured the best Mom’s day gift to myself was to prepare a crock-pot dinner the night before (to cook on Mom’s day) and plan the minimum for the day of. Just chillax and all is well. Hubby made breakfast and lunch. I read a book for like three hours. It was nice!!

  12. I’m lmao at you flinging dog poo on your neighbor’s car. Really, they should keep that puppy a little better restrained.

    My husband made me breakfast on Mother’s Day but I still ended up getting us coffee, feeding the kids, making us dinner, changing a diaper, and mediating sibling arguments. I suppose breakfast was better than nothing.

  13. If you have to call Verizon, you’re in for a treat. A horrible, nasty, gross treat, that is.

    Happy RTT!

  14. I would have absolutely no problem “pooping” the neighbor’s car. (In fact, I used to toss doggie poop into the back of the neighbor’s tricked out truck on a regular basis). Porches are another good target.

  15. I hate dealing with any of the phone folks! I finally did a random tuesday post and you were my inspiration! I always love yours!

  16. I hear you on Mother’s Day – why was I spreading mulch??? I do not know!

  17. I hear you on Mother’s Day – why was I spreading mulch??? I do not know!

  18. Wow, I recommend that you get breakfast in bed for father’s day. Since it was the anti-mother’s day, you might as well have father’s day be relaxing for you.

    We had the same rain. I am so glad it stopped. We have been spending a lot of time outside (YAY).

  19. I wish Mother Nature would bring some of that rain down here. We’re on fire patrol for dry spots since it’s so hot here and grass is dry and people are careless with their cigarette butts..

  20. Sorry about the stupid dog — he needs to put up a fence. I bet it was funny when the electrical lines came flying out the house. Lucky no one got hurt. Sorry about your Mothers Day! TFS

  21. I almost flung a snake over the fence into my neighbor’s yard last weekend but that had nothing to do with them not controlling their animals. Sorry you’re still dealing with their dog, that sucks. Also, that’s scary about the power lines…

  22. UGH! Someone’s dog is leaving big doo’s in our front yard! I refuse to clean it up! I still can’t figure out who it is though, otherwise, they’d be in for it!

  23. If it rains anymore I am going to have to grow gills. It is so depressing.

  24. I think we both know where the Hovering Hubby had that crown! Mine doesn’t get the whole “reading blogs and connect with other mommybloggers” thing. Meh. Oh well.

  25. Well I haven’t posted about Mother’s Day, maybe because my whole household FORGOT it was a Mother’s Day…don’t ask, I’m still pissed LOL

    Hope next year goes better!

  26. poo! on the poopie dog,reason #1 I don’t have a dog. I can’t even stand other people’s dogs that decide my roadside is their “spot”. I’ve got backyard foxes that also like to leave deposits!

  27. when you find an appropriate training program for your husband, let me know. mine needs the same reprogramming!

  28. You are brilliant. I am going to do this switch-a-roo on Father’s Day, as my Mother’s day was a regular day around here too!

    I don’t blame you flinging the dog poop over where it belongs. Good for you.

  29. Good for you on the crap chucking! I would of done the same thing! Happy Mother’s Day, sorry you were so busy!

  30. Aw, Darn hubby? My hubby at least brought home flowers after having to work the whole day. I will send you one of mine! he he. Oh I totally understand the neighbor dog too! I use a little bb gun, but never see the dog in time!? Stop by I am having an “Anniversary Giveaway”

  31. Technological hiccups suck. I got a MAC from my grandfather yesterday to replace my dying PC to which I had attached an external memory in case it kicked the bucket before I got a new comp; well, I got the new computer, the PC is still alive and kicking, but, somehow, the external memory is almost completely erased. Oh and my MAC doesnt let me get my email on its email thingie. At this point, a 32 minute “terminal ignore” session is very much welcome if it’ll get all this fixed!

  32. Quite a week! You deserve an extra mother's day this Sunday ;D

    Your neighbor sounds like a trip. At least you have learned to return his dog's "presents". Do that for a couple of weeks & I bet the problem goes away

  33. I’d definitely be fine with an “Un Mom” day. Whether it referred to me in particular or not. Because the actual Mother’s Day tried my patience.

    I’m a little late this week, but Happy Tuesday! 😉

  34. were our husbands conspiring to keep us doing laundry on Mother's Day?? Shame on them 😉 If you happen to slack on Father's Day…oh well…

    Not sure what's worse, being on the phone with Verizon or AT&T – both excruciatingly painful!

  35. The neighbors power accident would have been a great picture…but then even better would have been pictures of you flinging dog poo over the fence!!!

  36. Haha! Love that you flung the crap back over to the neighbors. I’d be tempted to do that as well!

    We’ve had a lot of rain lately too, but thankfully the past couple days have been nice and SUNNY and WARM! SO thankful! (and here I am sitting inside on the computer on one of the nice days. lol)

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