Every week Keely at The Un-Mom encourages everyone to be totally random on Tuesdays. I love random because some days I just can’t focus on one thing. Especially when I get pulled in a million different directions from Hovering Hubby and the Princess Nagger – I am humbled in the presence of anyone with more than one kid – I don’t know how you manage! At any rate, hop on over to Keely’s place and join in the random fun.
This week is the ‘term break’ for the technical college Hovering Hubby works for – so that means he’ll be home more often than normal, which means my time online will be sporadic and potentially minimal…so in case you notice I’m not out and about doing my usual visits and commenting, have no fear, I’ll be playing a major game of catch up next week when he’s back to his ‘regular’ hours. I’m already going through withdrawals.

The voles are back. Well, OK, they never really left, but they made went into hiding to make me think they left… I still haven’t figured out the most effective way of getting rid of them, but we’re looking into getting some barn cats – maybe that will teach them a lesson. Of course there may be an issue with the neighbor’s dog – hopefully he won’t think the barn cats are lunch. Remember how I thought it was a Rottweiler? Apparently I was wrong. It’s a Pit Bull.
Now I know there are ‘nice’ Pit Bulls around, and this one seems nice enough – but I still don’t trust the breed, and I particularly don’t trust them when they’re left to their own devices to poop wherever they want…which in this case is in my yard. And on my back porch. And on my back steps. And in my flower bed. We mentioned the issue to the neighbor, and we’ve noticed that the Pit Bull is in our yard less, but we still get left ‘presents’ on our back patio. And hubby tagged him in the butt a couple of times with the pellet gun, so I think he might be getting the message. I’ll keep you posted.

Training has begun with the puppy and the invisible fence. Hovering Hubby and Princess Nagger went around and put those lovely bright orange flags all around the parameter of our backyard – I’ll be happy when the puppy is trained to not cross those borders so we can get rid of the bright orange flags. Since dogs see in black-and-white and don’t see in color, why do they make them so bright and orange? Wouldn’t the dog clearly see white ones, too? I suppose it benefits the two-leggers so they don’t mow over them accidentally like hubby has done in the past…in spite of them being bright orange.

Hovering Hubby got tired of Elvis rolling in the plants around the pond so he moved the wire to the inside of the pond instead of around the backside along the driveway. So far Elvis has only gotten zapped once in his attempt to go fishing. Apparently he forgot what the flags meant from his training a couple of years ago.
Princess Nagger is in cling-on mode lately – she doesn’t want either one of us out of her sight for any length of time. I’m not sure why that is, usually she prefers to play independently and doesn’t want either of us ‘interfering’. Lately she’ll talk one of us into playing a video game – not necessarily with her, she prefers to watch…like Sunday she roped me into playing Cooking Mama on Wii – and after a while she was off in the other room playing by herself…but the minute I attempted to leave the room and stop playing because my arm was about to fall off, she’d protest. I finally got her to agree to a bowling match on Wii Sports – she is so funny when she’s ‘bowling’, but that little turd will get 4 strikes in a row…yes, she won our little tournament…we’ll be having a rematch later this week.

Today marks Day 5 of chilly temperatures and rain – I thought it was supposed to be ‘April Showers’…guess Mother Nature decided to hold off until May. After giving us August heat in April. My plants are so confused.

I apologize for the discombobulated mode of my Random Tuesday Thoughts today – I have had no less than 20 interruptions from Hovering Hubby this morning…wait, make that 21… and now 22. I’ll be glad when the ‘term break’ is over and Hovering Hubby is back to working ‘normal’ hours and not home hovering while I’m trying to get important stuff done…you know, like blogging. 😉

Feeling Random? Well, you’re not alone. You can find all the cool Random People congregating over at Keely’s place. And don’t forget to stop by Kelly the Neurotic Mom at her new home, Baby Boogers, she’s Keely’s cohort in crime for Random Tuesday Thoughts! Head on over to both places and spread some Random love. You’ll thank me later. 😉

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  1. Now that I know the dog is a pitbull, I’m even more paranoid! That thing needs to be fenced in. I’ve heard too many stories of pitbulls that were sweet all of a sudden going ballistic!

    Not to freak you out or anything 😉

    I’m trapped at the Honda dealer and in a feisty mood since they still can’t replicate the noise!! Another wasted trip and sure as heck, the noise will be back tomorrow.
    I know you didn’t want to hear all this 😀 but it is random Tuesday so I’m covered with this random comment!

  2. Your garden is fabulous! I love it 🙂

    And the pit bulls? I’m a little hesitatn about the breed as well. I think you are being completely reasonable.

  3. My husband has been home since Oct because of a work layoff. Believe it isn’t easy when they are home!

  4. Ooo, can you come put a garden togeher for me? Your’s is beautiful. Now for the pit bull. I don’t trust them and I would call animal control if you are not feeling comfortable about this situation. Especially having a little one. Pit Bulls are not friendly dogs and they definately are kid friendly. I’m really surprised at the carelessness of your neighbors.

  5. what a beautiful garden. I hope the dog learns his lesson. You could call animal control when you see the dog, cause it would be off it’s property. 🙂

  6. Please watch your daughter around that dog. I have heard of pet Pits turning on their own owner and killing them. Where I live they have to be behind a 6 foot fence.


  7. my little guy is in full on cling-on mode too. i hate it when stuff gets in the way of posting randomness… i mean, shouldn’t work and family understand the tremendous importance of blogging in one’s daily life?

  8. I know the feeling…hubs works at home now too. Sorry no advice for you but lots of sympathy!

    And lovely yellow flags, hehe! Good luck with puppy training. Maybe I should potty train my son that way…

  9. I don’t trust pitbulls either, but then again I have a natural fear of dogs, even though I own 2!

  10. I used to have an underground fence. My dog would still get out sometimes. The mail man brought him home a few times. But for some reason even after I put up a real fence he wouldn’t pass the old boundary when let out of the chain link fence. I guess some parts of the fence worked better than others.

  11. What a pretty garden. No wonder the voles don’t want to leave 🙂

  12. I don’t know how people with more than one child do it either. Sometimes I can’t get around to all the blogs I want to because I’ve got a toddler…oops…gotta go again.

    (by the way, I can’t access your blog at work so sometimes I try to comment and the computer at work freezes up. I read it … I just can’t always comment until I get home and then…oops… really gotta go get him now).

  13. Hi Stacy! I have been so busy I havent been very good at commenting either! As for the Pit Bull… I have a friend who owns 5 of them and loves them BUT I still have a hard time trusting the breed!

  14. I’m totally loving your garden!

    I have no ability to get anything done when hubby is home during the day… I agree!

    Week is half over though!! 🙂

  15. I cannot wait till we get the electric fence up and running so I don’t have to go out with Strudel and get eaten alive by skeeters every day! The wiring is already under the ground… we just have to get the sensor thingamajiggy.

    I think you should call Animal Control about the pit bull problem. That is so not right.

    Justine 😮 0

  16. That dog looks like a Rottweiler to me too! Either way, I like both breeds and think it’s the asshole owners who create problem dogs.

    Poor dogs and their fences… I have a friend whose dog will lay right inside the fence until the battery drains and then take off into forbidden territory. Smart!

    Both of my kids have been extra clingy/needy lately too. Not sure what’s up but it’s not pleasant to try to function with 70lbs of children clinging to you at all times.

  17. First.. the garden looks lovely, even with the orange flags!

    When we had our invisible fence put in, the flags they used were white..I still find one tucked in the garden occasionally!

    Gotta tell you we love invisible fence.. we had the garden put off limits.. no doubt saved 1-2 corgi lives from near death from ME!

    Plus now my cat knows.. she has a off limit area from the dogs!
    We look forward to hearing from you, enjoy the hubby while he is hovering!!

  18. can i have your pond? just put it in a box and ship it ok? great! i’ve been away from the computer a lot too, hubby… home more…understood 🙂

  19. You have a beautiful garden! I’m super jealous! That’s def a pit though, you can see it in the cute little face.

  20. I love the pond, even with the orange flags. My kids all have their clingy days, even the teenager. Now when four of them are pulling at me at once, that’s when I want to occasionally run away from home.

  21. my husband just took 4 days off. I was sure happy to send him back. I even packed that first lunch back. It totally threw off my schedule.

    Love the garden, good thing to keep the pooch out of it!

    And lastly, how nice of your neighbors dog to pose for you…

  22. Our across the street neighbors adopted a full grown pit bull who they won’t leash. It drives me batty when I see the dog outside, knowing that my own terrier has a Napoleon complex and that dog will think Harry is a snack.

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