Super Keely at The Un-Mom promotes Randomness on Tuesday’s. I guess that means she’s an enabler, since she enables us to be Random just for the sake of a Tuesday. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you really should – the first Random Tuesday is free. 😉

An update the the rant I posted earlier this morning – I spoke with the Postmaster who instructed me to file a formal complaint online so he can drag pull the lazy incompetent sorry excuse of a mail carrier into his office for a discussion and subsequent disciplinary action. I’ll update as that happens, since he won’t get the formal complaint until tomorrow. I went a step further and filed a formal complaint of ‘mail tampering’ with the Postal Inspector, citing our mail carrier as the ‘suspect’ and am in the process for filing formal complaints with the Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau. We’ll see how this one turns out. 6 years of issues and headaches is 6 years too many.

Mother Nature is still playing tricks on us – here it is closing in on the end of May and we’re still getting ‘frost advisory’ alerts (like for this morning) after getting a heat wave, then endless rain, then more heat followed by lows in the low 30’s at night…she can’t seem to make up her mind what time of year it is. I’m so far behind in my creative planting because of the frost risks (and incompetent delivery of live plants by our lazy mail carrier) I’m not sure how my garden will shape up this year…

Last week we were all a sight to behold having caught the plague and all. I can’t even try to tell you how miserable it is to have a flu bug and not be able to toss your cookies to feel better – you just have to wait for it to work its way through your system. Yeah, fun times. I can’t toss any cookies because I had esophagus surgery last year to finally resolve the 20+ year acid reflux issue I had – the surgery was a success, no acid reflux to be had after that. But it also prohibits you from throwing up. Which means I have to be very careful if I were to go out and party and perhaps drink too much…I haven’t been in that mode in quite a while, but now that I have to be careful, it makes you want to see how careful you really have to be…well, OK, not really. But the thought has crossed my mind to experiment. Luckily I’m smart enough to abstain from putting myself through any scientific experiments. Mostly. For now.

Last Wednesday morning I was in the Summer House trying to focus on my computer screen and throw a post up so people weren’t figuring I was throwing in the towel since my presence had been fairly sparse in the blogosphere last week. Once I squinted enough at my screen and silently cursed how badly I was feeling and the headache that was making it difficult to focus on the glaringly bright screen, I relocated myself and my laptop to the house. I happened to glance out the window and suddenly discovered the reason behind the very large bang I had heard shortly before:

I took these pictures through my front side window since I was looking like death warmed over and didn’t want people to think maybe I was part of the crash. It also made me realize I really need to wash the outside of my windows.
The local volunteer fire company arrived to do the clean up, parking right out front with the hum of the engine causing quite the stir:
Luckily it appeared that no one was seriously hurt in the crash, except for the unsuspecting telephone pole:
The road was closed for a couple of hours for the assesment and clean up, but once the car was hauled away they opened the road and the telephone company had to come out and replace the pole which took pretty much the rest of the day.

Our next house will definitely not be in such close proximity to a busy road – luckily our back yard and ‘back 40’ are far enough from the front and meet up with farmland so we can enjoy peace and quiet away from the busy street.

Yesterday Princess Nagger’s kindergarten class had a ‘field trip’ to the high school swimming pool to swim. She had such a great time, so now she’s in mega nag mode about getting a swimming pool for our backyard this year. We had one of those 25-foot ones that you inflate the top and as you fill it with water it rises, and it worked great to cool off from the heat. We’d empty and deflate it at the end of the summer, then replant the grass it killed to start fresh the next year. It lasted 2 years because hubby thought the second year it was a good idea to rinse it off after taking it out of the barn, spreading it out on the gravel driveway to dry before setting it back up again.

While the initial idea was a good one, him letting the Princess Nagger run around on it with shoes on was not. We used it that summer, but had to keep topping it off with more water because of the hole that was created near the bottom that we couldn’t patch effectively and the slow leak was annoying. That fall we cut it up and used the bottom of it as ‘Crocodile Lake’ for Princess Nagger’s Dora the Explorer Birthday Party I did for her. We have yet to replace it, so last summer’s heat was a little less bearable without the pool option. If we switch from frost advisory mode to extreme heat and humidity, it’s going to be a must. That is if Mother Nature gets her act together.

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  1. I lived on a main road in a town once… and once was more than enough to never repeat that mistake again!

  2. I managed to move away from a main road, but I can’t seem to escape train tracks. ARGH!

  3. It’s been ridiculously cold here too. It’s May and I have the heat on!

    Funny I posted about my lazy mail carrier too. They must have been trained by the same post master. Not sure how yours fit that bag of trees in your mailbox. I’ve had boxes left ON TOP of my mailbox before. One was a new set of checks. That’d be a great thing for someone to steal.

    Hope you get new,nice plants soon.

  4. Looks like my car when it got hit last year…while it was parked on the road, in front of my house. We live too close to the road too and I have now witnessed the aftermath of three accidents (not counting my own) since moving in six years ago. I’m sure more have occurred when I have been at work, however.

    Glad you are all feeling better. Sorry you can’t vomit. I think. 🙂

  5. OMG and in front of your house! We live on a main highway and we see all kind of crazy things. So glad you are feeling better — I missed hearing from you. My mailman hates to get out of his little car to put a box on my porch so he tries to find a way to put it on the mailbox lid. TFS

  6. AHHHH Stacy I caught it!
    I feel so sick. Sore throat and everything.

    That’s quite the bang up. You’re like me- sit in the house and snap away :). Hope they had their seat belts on.

  7. If it were warm (and never accuse the weather of that here) a pool would be nice. But only if it comes with cabana boys to bring me ice tea and a book and maybe some oreos. 😉

  8. After reading this & the 1st post this morning, lazy mail carrier needs a major a$$ whooping. Hope the weather starts cooperating so PN can get her pool this year!

  9. Remind me never to mess with your plants :). You go for the jugular.

    You are lucky the accident didn’t take the power out. We had a similar situation and lost power for 2 days while we waited for the phone company to come fix the pole.

  10. Gee Stacy, we must of been seperated by birth like you said. I too live on a busy street, but have a big backyard with woods behind me, we always have accidents near our house, we also have one of those inflata-pools…but we haven’t left it out in the driveway. We’ll make sure not to do that. Thanks for the tip! Glad you don’t have the plague anymore, the plague sucks!

  11. i hope that the mail carrier learns a bit quicker just what the new economy means for job security. I’ll be waiting to read that update! That accident looks quite harsh and by the looks of that damage someone was travelling a tad too fast for a residential area. Poor Telephone pole!

  12. I live on a main road. It’s not so bad in the winter but being on a hospital route totally takes the fun out of opening the windows in the summer. Next house: the WOODS.

    Holy car wreck. That car is smushed!

  13. Wait, you can’t throw up? At all? That makes no sense to me, what happens if you do?

    That wreck looked bad, we have a busy road behind us and there are always smashing noises and sirens.

  14. Wow, scary car crash. I would be taking pictures too, but I live on a dead end. Though we get the occassional scary driver dropping his kid off to school. We live right next door to the school.

    You can’t throw up!? I didn’t know that was possible.

    Not doing good on my comment challenge. I also was sick last week. Darn virus.

  15. Me thinks it might be time to invest in a real pool. Ya know, one that won’t deflate on ya.

    Yikes, looks like that car was going pretty damn fast. Lucky no one was hurt. But I had to laugh, because you’re now the crazy lady who stares out her window, but instead of binoculars, you’ve got a camera.

    Justine 😮 )

  16. I can’t believe that bang didn’t send you running to the window, that car is pretty crunched. Glad to hear nobody was seriously injured and that your plague has worked it’s way through. I hate tossing my cookies, but worse still is needing to but not being able to.

  17. Oh yikes!! You know, I’m deathly afraid of driving now because I’m SURE I’ll be in yet ANOTHER accident. I’ve been in 8 accidents and 3 bus accidents, all not my fault and I’m such a freak…TOTALLY paranoid! Such drama at your house, wow!!!

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