Back when I was just getting my feet wet on my blog, I posted about our Lazy Mail Carrier. Well, her laziness has reached new heights. Each Spring I place an order with Direct Gardening for a plethora of cool and unique plants to enhance my garden and create some great conversation pieces. Each Spring I get partial deliveries in various modes of packaging, with one of the deliveries being in the form of a 3-foot green plastic bag, particularly if I’ve ordered any baby trees to have some fun with.

In all the years past that familiar green bag was delivered safely to my back porch unscathed – before the mail carrier complained about being afraid of dogs and not wanting to leave the package on the back porch (since we never use the front door and would miss seeing a package if left on the front porch as well as running the risk of any packages being stolen from the front porch). The UPS and FedEx people never have complained or had issues with delivering packages to our back porch, ever. Even when getting greeted enthusiastically by Elvis if he happened to be outside at the time of delivery. After the mail carrier’s bickering escalated to a bogus formal complaint, we were informed that all packages will be left on the front porch at all times because of the mail carrier’s laziness fear of dogs.

Since the mail carrier got busted for launching packages to the front porch without stepping out of her vehicle (regardless of any ‘handle with care’ markings) and being reprimanded for leaving a package in a fragile shopping bag dangling precariously from the front of our mail box along a very busy road, she has been instructed by the Postmaster to exit her vehicle and place the packages carefully on the front porch. She compromised and at least exits her vehicle so when she launches packages onto the front porch it’s not quite the distance it was from the comfort of her vehicle. Until yesterday.

As per usual for a Monday, she was running late. On a ‘normal’ day, the mail is delivered before it’s time to go out and wait for the Princess Nagger’s return bus, so it gives me something to look through as I wait. Except for Mondays when she’s always late. Yesterday was no exception. I noticed her drive by just before 5:00 p.m. in her usual hurried state, and was occupied by the Princess Nagger so I didn’t stroll out to check the mail – I did, however, look out the front windows to see if there happened to be a 3-foot green plastic bag sitting on the porch, since I’ve been waiting anxiously for it to arrive and I would have dropped what I was doing and gone out to retrieve it. While it wasn’t a particularly warm day with the cold front we had come through Sunday night, it was still bright and sunny and live plants in a green plastic bag would suffer from the afternoon sun-heat if I wasn’t careful. No green plastic bag.


Hubby arrived home from work just after 8:00 p.m. and I remembered I hadn’t gotten the mail yet, so he walked around to the front of the house to retrieve it. By then it was dark, so he was taken off guard when he couldn’t reach in to get any mail because there was something in the box blocking access. He had trouble extracting it and knew I would not be happy with what had been stuffed in there unceremoniously.

You guessed it. It was the 3-foot green plastic bag with what used to contain live plants and trees. The lazy mail carrier had rolled the 3-foot bag into a wad and shoved it into the mail box so she wouldn’t have to exit her vehicle and deliver it to the porch. Of course I took pictures.

Here’s the green plastic bag after it was unrolled:
Here’s some of the plants that were in that bag:
Those broken twigs are were Apricot trees, the breakage rendering them useless. Breakage would be expected when it gets wadded in a green plastic bag and shoved into a tiny unforgiving space. You can bet the Postmaster will be getting a call from me first thing this morning. It’s not going to be pleasant. For him.

Stay tuned for this ongoing saga – it could get interesting. I’ll be posting my usual Random Tuesday Thoughts later this morning once I get my Random Thoughts together, I promise. 😉


  1. wow and I thought ours was bad(leaves the packages at the end of my sidewalk instead of next to the door). I would be so fuming! They would definitly be paying for it!

  2. You would think in this “new economy” she’s be a bit more careful on how she does her job cause there are plenty of happy people that will take Any job and Do it right!!!!

  3. I don’t think anyone at the post office ever gets fired. They have some kind of teflon job security.

    Where I lived in Chicago I found it impossible to get a new bank debit card. It took me 6 months and contacting the Postmaster General from our area who set a trap with fake credit cards.

    I had actually applied for a credit card that I never received. I didn’t find out about it until 9 months later when I got an offer from that store about a special sale for credit card customers. I called them and sure enough, I was approved and they sent a card. The card was never used, but I still cancelled it and had them issue a new one and asked them to not send it by USPS.

    Apparently my lazy mail carrier thought some mail was too heavy than other mail and just never delivered envelopes with credit/debit cards in them. Either that or he had a plan to steal them, but wasn’t able to follow through with using them.

  4. How stupid can one BE?? REALLY? Roll it up and put it in the mailbox??? STOOOOPID!

  5. wow – we have one of those in our town – who wont drive down our driveway.. ive had to retreive packages from trees, bushes, etc… now, he just leaves those ornage stickies so i have to go to town to get my own mail.. .maybe that’s what you should have them do!!!

  6. Oh not cool! I would be so ticked too, we get mail order plants as well, but have never had a problem from delivery at least. They are paid to make sure your mail gets delivered safely, that is ridiculous! Good luck!

  7. Eeek, how awful. Mail carriers can be so awful. Since it is a government job, it is hard to get fired.

  8. Wow!! Do we have the same lazy mail carrier?! Our postal service is so lazy that in our subdivision of (fairly upscale) homes, we have APARTMENT STYLE mail boxes. Yes, that means we have to walk to a street corner that is about 1/4 mile away to check our mail. Worse than that, if you receive something that is larger than will fit in your tiny mail slot, you get left a yellow slip which tells you that you need to drive to the post office during office hours to pick up your crap. And, make sure you don’t show up there without proper ID ….

    Seriously, they’re unexcusably lazy and still raising their prices. I don’t get it.

    Sorry, this turned into a rant, too. I’m uglying up your comments section.

  9. What a jerk! My mailman gets annoyed if our sitter parks in the street and puts a note on her car not to park there but she’s only there maybe once a month.

    We were talking about the old school postal workers lately saying how good ours have it when they don’t even have to leave their vehicles most of the time. Sorry about your plants!

  10. Bad mail chick!!

    You know they really have it good. They get federal benefits that regular workers do not get. Federal Workers Comp is crazy!

  11. I have been reading up about your mail carrier…I am speechless. What a piece of work (or something) she is. I haven’t read about the mail theft yet, but I’m about to read now.

    I would be soooooooooooo upset too – what is wrong with her lazy self???

  12. I don’t know what gives with some mail carriers these days!

    My mom’s mail carrier leaves angry notes if my mom has the nerve to park her car in front of her house, which happens to be in front of the mailbox.

    The reason the guy gets upset (and leaves threatening notes) is because he doesn’t want to walk the extra five steps to the mail box as opposed to just driving up to it! Lazy! Ugh!

    I hope your mail carrier pays for your dead plants! Grrr!

  13. I'm a mail carrier and get those plants/trees all the time. Never would I attempt to stuff them in a mailbox:( Horrible service!

    Jennifer….we are not suppossed to exit our vehicles to deliver mail to a blocked box. It is a safety hazard and we will get written up for doing so. So if you want your mail how about not parking in front of your mailbox:)

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