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Chris over at The Mommy Journey is the awesome hostess of Mommy Moments. If you’d like to join in, head on over to The Mommy Journey and add your link to Mr. Linky. I’m looking forward to once again checking out all the adorable pictures of all the cute little munchkins! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in the fun, and thought I’d jump right back into it with this week’s theme being ‘Grandparents Bonding’. Since my parents live thousands of miles away, some friends of ours have ‘adopted’ us as our surrogate parents. They have been wonderful with the Princess Nagger and she lovingly calls them Grammy Joyce and Papa Eddie:

Grammy Joyce always asks if she can chew Princess Nagger’s ears off…hence the look on PN’s face and her grabbing onto her ear:

Some special moments with my FIL and his girlfriend, aka Papa and Nana:
Playing pool with Papa…I wrote a tribute to him a while ago, you can read about ‘Pool Shark Papa’ by clicking on the image to go directly to the post:

Both Nana and Papa are in failing health – Nana has Alzheimer’s and can’t remember much, though she does remember the Princess Nagger (who she refers to as ‘the baby’), as well as our cat, Norman. Papa has been diagnosed with lymphoma along with some other serious issues, so we cherish any moments we are able to spend with either of them, and are glad that Princess Nagger is old enough that she’ll have some great memories of the two of them.

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  1. yehey! thanks for joining us again this week… and wow, you have lots of photos… 🙂 its really a joy to be able to capture such moments so when our kids grow up, they will know how their grandparents cared for them…

  2. So sweet! My mom’s parents are still in pretty good health at 93 and 88. I’m so very grateful that we live only 20 minutes from them and they get to visit regularly with their great granddaughter.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. what a beautiful post. I love how Princess Nagger is going after the jewelry

  4. Those pictures are so sweet! I remember the post you did about your FIL awhile back…

  5. What great photos. She’ll be lucky to have those memories of her grandparents.

  6. wow! all the photos showed how much they adored( grandchild and the grandparents) each other.

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