Princess Nagger and Hovering Hubby decided to share their intestinal bug/flu with me. Yay. I suppose it was inevitable, but man oh man, when I woke up Thursday morning, I felt like I had been hit by a mac truck. Of course my ‘mommy duties’ couldn’t be set aside, so I had to press on and see hubby off to work and wished more than anything that Princess Nagger was in full-day school instead of afternoon half-days so I would have had a chance to hide under the covers for an indeterminate amount of time. No such luck. So both Thursday and Friday I pretty much went through the motions.

Luckily today I feel more ‘human’ again, though my raging headache still persists as does my lower back ache, but duty calls and I must venture out to do my bi-monthly grocery shopping. I thought I’d better post an update, however, as I’m usually not AWOL from my own blog with the handy-dandy way of being able to schedule posts in advance, but this week I had no opportunity to plan ahead.

Whatever bug they picked up lasted 3-4 days, so I’m on day 3 of the yucks and should be back to 100% by tomorrow or Monday – at least today I don’t feel like death warmed over, so that’s a good thing! Even better is there is no apparent hoof growth, so we can all breath a sigh of relief… At least my headache isn’t so fierce that it causes pain to gaze upon my computer screen, so when I return from the grocery jungle, I’ll be able to sit and relax and play some catch up on my favorite bloggy friends…something to look forward to! 🙂


  1. i am so sorry to hear you are down with a bug! i injured my neck somehow and talk about a pain in the neck!!! hope you are feeling 100% soon! xox…. annie

  2. I was wondering were you went! Hope you feel better soon. Just rest as much as possible.


  3. Get all the rest you need…and hopefully no one else gets sick.

    Have a great week!

  4. Get all the rest you need…and hopefully no one else gets sick.

    Have a great week!

  5. I am so sorry.. that sounds like a really bad bug..the headaches are the part that would take me down.. of course throw in the rest of it..uck!!!

    Glad to hear no split hoof morphing!!

    We are always here.. in Blogland.. when you are feeling 100%~

  6. Icky with the Sickies! And, gosh, the worst time to be sick is in the summer heat. Well, I guess that only applies if you live in my area of the country where we’ve had 90 degree heat all week. The only thing that keeps us alive in the South is the gallons of sweet tea we use to hydrate with.

  7. Can I just say that whatever intestinal evilness has been running around this year has been unusually wicked. We know several who have succumbed and it sounds B-A-D!

  8. Raging fever, can’t keep food down, IV inserted in the arm, but as long as I can still blog all is well! I love addiction! HAHA!

  9. We have had the yucks around here as well. I am glad you are up and about today. Hoping tomorrow you are back to normal!

    I know what you mean about wishing for full days of school. We do afternoon SK as well. At times I thought we would never make it until 12:30!

  10. Ugh, you poor thing. I hope you’re feeling MUCH better by now.

    Justine 😮 )

  11. poor sick mommy 🙁 i always miss my mom and her triangle cut toast and apple juice when i’m sick. hope you’re 100% soon.

  12. I am sorry you get the “yucks”! It is so hard to be sick being a mom!! I had a few instances when Tara was younger and it was just the two of us that I could barely get out of bed… I felt so guilty. Luckily I can count those times on one hand in 12 years.

    I hope you all feel better! Glad there is no “hoofage”.

  13. Feel better soon! Remember to not over do it too quick or you’ll be just end upsick again and looking after no one.

  14. oh no! I’m sorry you ended up getting it 🙁 Hopefull you are on the mend and back to normal!

  15. As long as there’s no hooves or horns, I think you’ll survive!

    Feel better!

  16. I read this the other day but forgot to comment. Ugh, so sorry you’re sick, I hope you’re better soon!

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