You know the drill…since I’m rarely wordless, I like to combine Wordless Wednesday with Wordful Wednesday – that way I can be lazy efficient and cover both bases with one easy post! 😉

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day – a perfect day to get some stuff done in the yard. I built a greenhouse in the back 40 on our property a couple of years ago, and thought I’d head out there to fix it and get it ready for transferring some of the seedlings I have started in the house, as well as get some new ones started. After the wacky winter we had, a few wind storms had dislodged a some of the panels so I needed to reattach them and get the shelving set back up again. Princess Nagger was taking advantage of the nice weather to run around out back and play on the rope swing, so I had to get a shot before I got too close, or she’d try to hide from the camera:

When I got back to the greenhouse, the first thing I noticed is hubby had tossed a set of my shelving inside the greenhouse upside down…but what really caught my eye was this:

So my greenhouse antics are on hold until the dove vacates her cozy nest…I’ll be keeping a close eye on it so I can get some great hatching or hatched pictures…wonder how long it will be before I can fix and use my greenhouse?

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Happy Earth Day!

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  1. What a nice surprise to find; and I’m sooooo happy that you have a green house…how kewL… Happy Earth Day!

  2. oh what a wonderful post for earth day!!! hope yours is green and full of wonderful things!!! xoxo… annie

  3. Who is that hot chick in your sassy site of the day widget????

    Every year birds build their nests in my wreath on my front door. We decided to move the wreath this year because we didn’t want to get nailed by the bird eggs every time we go in and out. It’s quite the site to watch them build their nests from the windows on my door.

  4. Enjoy! Two years in a row we had cardinals build a nest right outside of our windows. We got to watch them build the nest, then we got to count the eggs and see the babies. We even got to see one baby “fly the coop!”

  5. Oh how delightful to find the doves nesting! I’ve just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. Thanks 🙂

  6. You get doves, I get squriells who gnaw through my roof! Happy Earth Day sweets:-)

  7. Look at all that green. I’m in NM and we don’t see all that green grass out here. I love it! I’m sorry you have to wait for the dove to leave. I can’t wait to see pics of your plants once you get to use your green house. 🙂

  8. Nice find. Like DiPaola Momma, I am battling a squirrel who is currently winning. I feel so helpless!!

  9. Ha! I posted yesterday about my bird issues. But my tenants are in hiding, I can hear them pretty clearly though through my ceiling. Great photo of the culprit in her nest. Happy WW.

  10. What a beautiful bird. That is a lovely photo. I cannot believe it didn’t fly away.

    Happy Earth Day to you as well.

    Happy WW from Sara @ Mostly Wordless Wednesday HQ!

  11. Great picture! Love the bird — can’t wait to see baby pictures. — Your little girl looks like she is have a wonderful time. TFs

  12. What a pretty birdie! Enjoy bird watching while she is residing in your greenhouse!

  13. Wow, you sure do get your share of critters over there.
    Enjoy the bird watching but don’t expect that greenhouse back any time soon. 😉

  14. I’m seeing birds nesting everywhere lately! My friend has one in his sombrero on his porch!

  15. What a beautiful and appropriate post for thsi Earth Day 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the baby birds…

  16. Nice of you to leave the birds alone. Hopefully they will returnt he favor and move out before spraying everything with bird poo.

  17. The Doves are really nesting in the big garden at work in. More than ever. I don’t know the scientific answer but they seem to fledge fairly fast.

  18. Happy Earth Day!

    Are there eggs in that nest? how cute!

    Funny you said tire swing-I was just telling Josh this week that our kids are gonna be kids if he doesn’t let them have a tire swing! 🙂

  19. thanks for visiting me today!

    amazing. that is a really cool find. and a cool green house!


  20. I always love to watch birdies hatching .. my kids get so excited about things like that!

  21. She chose an interesting place for her nest. It will be quite interesting to watch the nest over time and see the birds hatching.

  22. oh you have a nice big yard – I would love a green house! lucky girl!

    ps – you are added girlie!!

  23. How cool is that? I can’t wait to see if you can get pics of the baby birds when they hatch!!!

    Justine 😮 )

  24. you have a greenhouse, how cool is that.. and I think the dove looks like she should stay!

    Jan 🙂

  25. I used to love swinging on rope swings! So fun!

    And that bird is just too cool!

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