Cheaper Than Therapy

Yes, I confess – I couldn’t resist spiking the Princess Nagger’s hair when she was 9 months old just after her bath…apparently she was on to me, though, based on the maniacal look in her eyes:

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  1. Hey Stacy!

    Great picture. Nice job covering up the parts she may complain about in the future :()

  2. She’s too cute .. the look she’s giving you is great, LOL

  3. so cute! I used to do that to my daughter during the summer when her hair was just growing in because I would lather her head with sunblock and then spike her hair up.

  4. omg, I can’t wait for my son to have enough hair to do this! Who would have thought an Italian and a Puerto Rican could have such a bald baby?? She is precious 🙂

  5. Well, I guess she does have a bit of a glint in her eyes, doesn’t she?

    Isn’t it funny what we do to our little ones to make ourselves laugh?

  6. That photo is worth a KAJILLION words.

    And I will totally do it to my own someday 😉

  7. Don’t worry, I pull the same trick on Elliot. She looks badass with spiked hair!

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