Cheaper Than Therapy

Looking forward to doing some of this this summer:

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  1. Ahhh summer. I can’t wait either. I want to have many more picnics and days at the beach than we did last year…

  2. Look at the Princess Nagger looking all chic in her shades!

    Justine 😮 )

  3. That is so cute! How does she do fishing? Does she enjoy it? How does she do with baiting the hook?

  4. i have not been fishing {or boating} in forever. i think we may have to plan a trip this summer! thanks for the idea 😉

  5. Cute pic. I love fishing. I can’t wait until my boy is old enough to fish with me.

  6. Awesome picture! I normally get a little seasick nowadays, but John really wants to take Sprite fishing one day.

  7. cool picture, she looks like she knows what she is doing!!”Opening day here in Washington this weekend.. well stocked lake, and I get to stay home in peace and quiet! I love opening day!

    Jan 🙂

  8. Love it! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up just a bit more so I can get out and do that too!

  9. She really looks like a natural. Maybe she could teach me a thing or two, I’m a terrible fisherwoman.

  10. I can’t wait until is truly stays warm, it is suppose to be warm here tomorrow.

  11. Ok, so she is pretty well adorable in this picture!!

    The water looks amazing. Those days will be here again soon!

  12. Oh, that looks like fun! I’m sure Alex will go out with his dad and Grandpa next summer. He’s still a little too small yet. 🙂

  13. I used to go fishing with my dad a couple times each week in the summer. We would go in the evening, out on the bay that we cottaged at.

    Great memories!

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