Cheaper Than Therapy
Since Princess Nagger had gotten up way earlier than she normally does (being that she’s a self-proclaimed ‘non-morning person’ and all), she fell asleep on the couch Sunday afternoon…with her galoshes on…and her thumb in her mouth. 😉

And just to show an example of a DQ* Meltdown, this was one from Saturday night (when Princess Nagger was told to clean up her mess in the living room, or the Easter Bunny might not hide eggs because of it):
She had a similar DQ* Meltdown the next day when she was asked to clean up the mess she made that looked like the Easter Bunny had thrown up in the living room… 😉 I told her I was going to start taking pictures of her DQ* attitude and post on my blog… 😉

See more photos worth a thousand words at Cheaper Than Therapy

*DQ = Drama Queenin case you were wondering… 😉

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  1. We had similar meltdowns here on Easter. I told my kids the EB was going to come back and anything that wasn’t put away he was taking with him. They quickly cleaned up, lol.

  2. Did you tell her that her face is gonna freeze in that last picture?

    Hope you enjoyed some candy while she rested 🙂

  3. Ohh what a face…mine made on last night…the pout was so exaggerated…definitely one for the record books…

  4. I love that PN fell asleep with her galoshes on! So funny. My kids(and me) were pretty tired after all the excitement was over.

  5. Hunting for Easter eggs is tough work, and those galoshes are just too cute! Love the DQ pics.

  6. She is so funny sleeping there in her boots! She must have been exhausted.

    I can’t help but think forward to the teenage years. She’s gonna make it so interesting for you. 🙂

  7. One dozen eggs = $2.99
    Chocolate Easter bunny = $5.00
    Plastic Easter grass = $2.50

    Child exhausted from the Easter bunny action = priceless.

  8. Life is really hard for little ones. Cleaning up your own mess, working hard to discover your own candy, Ahg what will we make them do next. 😉
    Cute pix!

  9. That is one of the more colorful outfits I have seen. Of course I don’t have a girl so I am used to blue and brown instead of pink and purple.

  10. I love the pouty face and the fact that she can crash anywhere. My kids have never been able to nap anywhere besides their cribs or the car.

  11. I love the pouty face, whats funny is she has her happy face on in the Button, right next to it!

    Jan 🙂

  12. I love it when they just pass out where ever they are, its so cute! Love the sad clean up face too!

  13. OK, now I want to curl up and take a sleep! I love the pouty sugar sleep deprived faces!

  14. Gotta love those meltdowns. I heard they last for 18 years. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Aw, those napping pics in her galoshes are just too precious!

    Why was she wearing galoshes? LOL

    Justine 😮 )

  16. Considering we usually see her all smiles, I had to totally LOL at her meltdown. heehee

    Love the nap pictures. Very cute!

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