1. She looks like she’s changing the radio station in that last picture. Glad to see she’s got the important stuff down in order to start driving!

  2. Is it wrong that I feel like the gorrilla riding next to your daughter today?!

    Check out my blog today. I participated in Chick Chat and I can TOTALLY see you doing this in the future… you should sign up.

  3. Looks like she had a great time .. I’d call that $.50 well spent!

  4. I wish my big butt fit in those things still – I used to love them! She looks like she is having a blast!

  5. I haven’t seen those rides in a long time. They used to be everywhere. Now I just find them in Chuck E. Cheese, etc.

  6. So much fun!! My kids would have been scared of the giant monkey, no way would they have gotten in that seat.

  7. Oh she’s such a beauty! Kids LOVE those little ride things huh…I may have thrown a tantrum or two when I was little to go for a ride…cute shots 🙂

  8. My kids always loved those little ride on things! Although, I’m not quite sure I’ve seen them that elaborate! Cute pic!

    Happy ATWT!

  9. She’s brave! I don’t think I’d get into a car with that scary looking monkey thing and a giraffe looming over my head 🙂

    She’s adorable. It really does look like she’s changing the station in that last one!

  10. That is a sweet ride, i want a car like that … the only thing riding in my car lately are monkeys!

  11. Now THAT is a safari I can afford. 🙂 I still think it would be amazing to go on a real safari one day…even if it must be at Disney. 😉

  12. oh glad I am not the only one that ends up spending loads of quarters on those rides that last 5 seconds.

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