Have you met Keely yet? She resides over at The Un-Mom and hosts this fun weekly Random Tuesday thing…I love random because I am. Random that is. If you’ve ever wanted to have a chance to do a brain dump into one post, this is your chance…the perfect opportunity to eliminate the brain freeze. Well, unless you’re eating ice cream. Can’t help you with that one.
Remember the vole war I planned on waging last week? Someone must have tipped off the voles…they seem to have disappeared. I don’t know if it’s because we had a major heat wave over the weekend, or if they overheard me talking about their demise. Could be they ran out of yummy roots to eat because I still haven’t replaced the plants that mysteriously disappeared in my flower beds because I wanted to make sure the voles were gone first.

They better not come back when I do plant everything I plan to plant…if you checked out my participation in the garden virtual tour, you’ll notice that my ‘main’ flower bed is conveniently absent because it looks like crap horrendous right now. More weeds than good plants, of course the voles ate the good plants and left the weeds. The least they could have done was at least cleaned out the weeds for me. You know, show some appreciation for all the yummy plants I planted for them to eat.

I really want to know who has an ‘in’ with Mother Nature. It sure isn’t me. I cajoled her to send us some ‘real’ winter weather this past winter, you know, in the form of snow. But she didn’t oblige. She sent it to people who were probably cursing me for wishing for snow. Now those curses have alighted on us with August weather in April. It has been freakishly hot since last Friday, and those that are they are calling whomever they call for more heat today. I’m so not ready to wear summer clothes just yet, especially since I fell off the Wii Mommies Wagon a few weeks ago…and since we don’t have central air the house has gotten unbearably hot. I’m thinking a move to Alaska or Canada might be in order.

I recently updated my Norton software…now it really causes some interference and makes Firefox crash more often than not. It always seems to do so when I’m in the middle of creating a funny or witty comment. The comment is wiped out and Firefox takes forever to reload when I ‘restore previous session’… of course it could be that I’ll have 59 tabs open all at once. I do get easily distracted when I’m blog-hopping.

We’re in the process of transitioning Comcast out and Verizon in since the discovery that Comcast is not, as they claim, ‘Comcastic’… Yesterday Verizon took over our phone service; Internet will follow as of 6PM May 5th. No idea why there has to be a week in between since we already had DirectTV come install the satellite dish and we’re supposed to be getting the fastest internet connection with Verizon’s ‘special’ package deal right now. So far we’ve held off canceling all of our Comcast stuff until we are ‘live’ with all the Verizon stuff – we can’t be without internet for any length of time. If that happens I’ll be forced to utilize the neighbor’s wifi signal…wonder if I can have them move their router closer to us so the signal is stronger? Otherwise their signal acts like dial-up. Slow internet connection is not fun.

Speaking of the neighbors, we’re having rottweiler issues. Our neighbor’s rottweiler is constantly in our yard. Constantly. He is becoming a major annoyance because he keeps pooping on our back porch, or on the brick patio, or in my flower beds, and is marking every corner of every structure in our yard with pee. I’d give him a medal if all that activity had chased the voles away, but no such luck. The neighbors on the other side of us have two ginormous German shepherds – they manage to keep their dogs in their yard, save for the occasional quick visit to come over and sniff Elvis’s butt. The dogs, not the neighbors. Just thought I’d better clarify who’s doing the butt-sniffing in case you were wondering.

The rottweiler’s owners just let him run rampant. The rottweiler will constantly come in our yard just to poop, then scurry back to his own yard. Moron. We have an invisible fence to keep our dogs in our own yard. But of course it doesn’t keep other dogs out. We’ll yell for him to go home – loudly – in the hopes that the neighbors will hear and call him back home. Doesn’t seem to be working.
Right now we’re bringing the Sheltie puppy (Travis) out on a leash because he’s still too small to get one of those collars that work with the invisible fence…the rottweiler seems afraid of him, if Travis barks at him the rottweiler hides behind a tree. But that could be because one of us two-leggers is there with Travis, glaring at the rottweiler or yelling for him to go home. I worry that once Travis has the special collar so he can run freely in the backyard and doesn’t have the two-legger supervision, that the rottweiler may decide he would make a nice snack. So hubby bought a pellet gun on Saturday. I’ll let you know if that does the trick. The vole wars have now become the rottweiler wars. News at 11.

Out of the blue this conversation with Princess Nagger happened the other day:

PN: “Do you have wrinkles by your eyes?”

Me: “What?

PN: “Do you have wrinkles by your eyes? You know wrinkles? Because I know the perfect thing to get rid of them. And you only have to wear it for 20 minutes!”

Me (laughing): “What is it?”

PN: “It’s called Wrinkle Free Eyes and you only have to wear it for 20 minutes. But you don’t have wrinkles around your eyes, do you, so you wouldn’t need to get that.”

Thank goodness for low lighting.

Feeling Random? Well, you’re not alone. You can find all the cool Random People congregating over at Keely’s place. Her co-host is back with a passion – Kelly the Neurotic Mom at her new home, Baby Boogers. Head on over to both places and spread some Random love. You’ll thank me later. 😉

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  1. So cute about the wrinkles!

    Very strange the voles disappeared? Hmmm…..

    That neighbor’s dog in my yard pooping and peeing would piss me off (pun intended). Seriously, I would be so irritated. I would probably feed it some special medicine…..

    Totally sucks about your Internet cutting out in the middle of things. That happens to me sometimes too.

  2. We had this one lady that would walk her dog everyday and let him stop right at our drive way and poop or pee on this one bush. It wouldn’t be so bad but it was right beside my mailbox. One day I finally had enough and waited like some stalker crazed person and when she came around to my house I went outside and asked her to respect my property and keep her dogs shit to herself. Needless to say, I don’t see her in my neighborhood anymore. :o)

  3. You have to speak to your neighbour, it’s not going to stop until the rules are set. I’m just sorry I can’t talk to my “foxes” owner, she’s leaving land mines all over the place.

  4. Are you sure you didn’t take my husband’s cue and craft some scary owls out of styrofoam to scare those voles away?? Rottweilers scare the crap out of me. I would be petrified to go out into the yard– but that’s just me 😉 I’m jealous of your non-wrinkles 😀

  5. I'm a cat person who married a dog person. Moved into the house & 3 days later we had a German Shepard x living with us. Dog didn't like me & I didn't like the dog. Years later we had a Black Lab who was the best! Wouldn't catch me near a Rottweiler!

  6. Let’s put a webcam in your garden to see if the Rottweiler is really the cause of the problems… random theme going here.

    I’m not into the Wii thing- maybe I’m too old.

    I’ve heard of other people having that problem with the 59 tabs lately. That’s interesting that you mentioned that. Wonder if it’s a blogger issue.

    see ya

  7. We have an invisible fence too but no one else around us has a dog so we’re cool.

    Before we had it (mind you, our dog was a puppy and we bought the IF about four months after we got him), my neighbor had no problem simply yelling out…there’s a PILE OF POOP over here! LOL! I almost died of embarrassment!

  8. Oh dogs that do not belong in your yard. I have a few of those around here. I had to keep my dog in the other day because a dog was out there with no tags. I do not know anything about it. My dog was going crazy. When it left I let him out. Have a great Tuesday.

  9. We used to have a neighbor that walked his dog, on a leash, into our yard so it could poop. And, no, he wouldn’t clean it up.

    You should ask your neighbors to keep the dog out of your yard and come clean up the mess. That’s very rude.

  10. that dog – wow – do they clean up the shit in your yard? I seriously – would call the cops! No joke! And my hubs would so shoot that dogs arse with the pellet gun!

    Isn’t it funny how kids can recite every commercial (infomercial) word for word!!

  11. Likely story, those made up “voles” are magically gone. Ha!

    Your neighbor’s are aholes for not keeping their dog on their own property. We have two dogs and have taken every precaution to keep them safely in our yard. We even installed an invisible fence at our lake house in PA a few years back so our then puppy wouldn’t escape. Grr.

    You don’t have wrinkles, you’re beautimus.

  12. I have been trying to read your blog and post a comment for about 20 minutes now, but I keep getting interrupted! First it was a video call from my parents, then my toddler wanted Cheerios….

    We installed a new anti-virus program on our computer, and it deleted a driver for our internet (it had a virus, I guess). That’s why my internet stopped working for a while, and I was going nuts!

  13. Wrinkles got me to your post. Since you have wonderful information I thought you might have something wonderful for those soon to come wrinkles. Well it was cute any way

  14. I fixed the neighbor dog poo problem by flinging the poo back into the neighbor’s yard– like in the back of the guy’s tricked-up truck, or on their porch (oops– it hit the door, too!), or on the walkway to their door, etc.

  15. I hate when other dogs come in our yard and leave big piles of poop. I walk our two dogs out into our woods in the back so I know it’s not them. Glad the voles are gone for now. At least J-Man wasn’t pitching wrinkle cream to me. Last summer he kept bugging me to buy the “Roll and Grow” from the infomercial.

  16. We have a rottweiler next to us and they have one of those invisible fence but for some reason it is never on. I had to call her several time because my kids are scared of it. Loved your post. TFS

  17. I’d have to go to the neighbors and talk to them about their dog or at least tell them to have the courtesy to come over and clean up the dogs crap.

    I’m cursing you for that winter weather but I’m loving the summer weather in spring even though it’s out of place. It’s hot but the trees aren’t in full bloom so it’s seems like we are in another dimension of sorts. But tomorrow we go back to 60 something which is going to seem cold.

  18. Stacy.. that was so funny!! From the heat wave, to the voles who have ‘eat and run’, to the rotti’s, to Elvis’s butt, and the neigbors wi fi… and of course to the wrinkles( or lack of, depending on the lighting)..what a fun read!!!!

    Thanks for your Tuesday random thoughts!

    Jan :)LOL!

  19. I am disappointed. I was hoping to have stories of vole kills complete with pictures and everything.

  20. Sprite called my butt “jello” the other day. I didn’t have low lighting to help me there.

  21. I’m so glad you cleared up the thing about the butt sniffing, I was confused for a sec there. lol. The extra dog poop would drive me bananas, like I don’t have enough landmines with my own mutts. He’s cute though.

  22. the best way to keep a male dog from marking his territory in your yard is to have another male pee there first. It doesn’t have to be another canine.

    If you catch my drift.

    Just, y’know, wait til it’s dark.

  23. I hate random roaming dogs. Please keep them in your own yard (especially the really big ones.)

    We recently switched to Verizon and we love it. I am now completely addicted to my DVR. I plan to never watch commericals again.

    Have a great random Tuesday.

  24. Although I like the warmer weather, I refuse to turn the air on in April. In NC once the air goes on, it usually stays on until October! Maybe we should travel back in time to England, it’s cooler over there! LMAO!

  25. i love reading your random tuesdays! Your mention of a pellet gun reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad used to chase the squirrels away with one. I’m not a big van of any rodent or nuisance animal – perhaps the vole met the neighbor doggy and that is why haven’t seen them?

  26. Is that the rottie in that picture? ‘Cause if it is, that ain’t a rottie, it’s a pit bull. LOL

    You definitely need to talk to your neighbor about that. First of all, I don’t trust those breeds, and second of all, he poops on your damn porch? That’s gross!

    Tell PN to stop watching infomercials! LOL

    Justine 😮 )

  27. Get back on the wagon, PLEASE! We miss you and love you so much. I’m realizing that weight loss is about 3 things. Exercise, diet and support. We need your positivity!

  28. Oh my gosh, one of my boys is a walking sales pitch too. He should be that Oxy Clean guy. Aren’t kids just a hoot?

  29. Good luck on the internet transition. That does seem strange that it can’t happen all at once and they have to wait a week. Hmmm, whateve, I guess. I’m thoroughly addicted to the internet, tooo, so I totally understand not canceling comcast yet!

    UGH!! I would be SOOOOO irritated by that dog, too! People need to figure out ways to keep their dogs contained!

    PN is so funny! What a little smarty pants. lol

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