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Princess Nagger has apparently come down with some sort of plague. She had a fever of 102 on Sunday night, so I kept her home from school yesterday. Her temperature hovered just above normal all day, and she seemed fine – even wanted to go outside to play when the sun made its appearance for 5 minutes, but I kept her indoors. I know, I’m so mean!

Last night her fever spiked again. She hasn’t had any other real symptoms, aside from at night she’s had sort of a dry cough, and complains about feeling like she has a bubble in her throat – like a burp that won’t come out (her description). I did call her pediatrician’s office this morning, and apparently the ‘rule of thumb’ is to keep an eye on the fever and a visit into the doctor’s office is only warranted if the fever continues to spike at night for 4 days in a row. So if she’s still spiking a fever Thursday or Friday, that’s when I’ll need to have her be seen by her doctor. Unless she exhibits other signs…there’s apparently a virus going around in the area.

I just hope she’s feeling OK soon – specifically early tomorrow morning since we have a meeting at 7:45 a.m. at her school with the school principal, her kindergarten teacher, the school psychologist and 2 other members of the educational board to discuss Princess Nagger’s results of her Gifted Testing they did a couple of weeks ago. Since we don’t have any immediate family members we can have stop by to hang out and have some yummy coffee nor an actual baby sitter for the Nag, we’ll have to drag the PN out of bed early and bring her with us to the meeting. I’ll keep you posted on the fever mode and the GT results.

I seriously wanted to smack hubby upside the head this morning when I mentioned that I was going to call the doctor about Princess Nagger’s fever. His comment was “I don’t understand how we ended up with such a sickly child.” WTF??! When I asked him what makes him think we have a sickly child, his response? “Because she’s missed four days of school so far this year.” Only four days… I asked him what planet he’s from, but he didn’t have an answer to that. Then of course the argument escalated over perceptions, so he decided it would be in his best interest to scurry out of here and go to work. I’m still mad at him.

On a lighter note, last week was hubby’s birthday. He can be impossible to buy gifts for, because if he needs or wants something, he’ll just buy it if he can afford it. Usually his purchase ends up being a week or less before any event that warrants me giving him a gift, rendering creative gift giving to him nearly impossible. One year, though, he started a trend – buying a gift for me that we could both use and/or enjoy. Like the beautiful Grandfather Clock for Christmas of 2005. Or the cell phones that were a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Or the two PS2 wireless controllers. You get the picture. They weren’t specifically ‘personal’ gifts for me, though they were things I had mentioned I would like – and we both benefit from them.

So keeping on the ‘we can both benefit from the gift’ theme, I got hubby something really cool. Something we could both use and benefit from. I got him a Keurig Ultimate Coffee Brewing System. While our coffee press makes excellent coffee, there’s always the hurry-up-and-wait mode when we need to make an additional pot, or waste the left over coffee, or reheat in the microwave which is never really all that great. I also ordered a bunch of his favorite kinds of coffee from Keurig direct and wrapped them separately, and so it wouldn’t be all about coffee, Princess Nagger picked out a new Wii game for him. And yes, I did order some of my favorite kinds of coffee for me, too. 😉

I really love the cool blue lights it has on it:
Had to take a picture in the dark – sorry for the blurriness, but it’s cool blue glow in the dark is one of Princess Nagger’s favorite parts:

So now we can both have coffee at our beck and call – and I can enjoy my vanilla type blends without having to subject him to drinking it, and he can make the strong sludge he enjoys more…it’s a win/win. With Princess Nagger’s powers of observation, she easily figured out how to make herself a cup of hot cocoa all by herself. She was quite pleased with her accomplishment!

Of course a birthday isn’t complete (in the Princess Nagger’s eyes) without a cake… My profuse apologies to Casey and FoN, being that this is on the heels of the taunting temptation of the brownies from yesterday…you might want to skip past these pictures… 🙂 Princess Nagger helped me make a Devil’s Food cake for hubby’s birthday – I let her choose how to decorate it, so she used the sprinkles from Valentine’s Day:

For the candles, Princess Nagger insisted on a Mickey Mouse candle (I’m sure hubby appreciated the lone candle vs. the fire hazard of multiple candles):
Princess Nagger’s masterpiece:
Waiting for hubby to get home from work, Princess Nagger kept popping her head over the back of my laptop – it was appropriate to take a picture at one point, because I happened to be visiting a certain bloggy buddy whose blog title describes the Princess Nagger at times:

Feeling Random? Well, you’re not alone. You can find all the cool Random People congregating over at Keely’s place. Her co-host has made a return as well, Kelly the Neurotic Mom at her new home, Baby Boogers. Head on over to both places and spread some Random love. You’ll thank me later. 😉

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  1. I puffy heart LOVE my Keurig! And I hope you saved a slice of cake for me….

  2. Awesome coffee maker. I totally want one of those.
    I bought those valentine’s sprinkles from Target and use them year-round too. What, doesn’t everyone like pink and red sprinkles on their birthday cake?
    Happy RT!

  3. I guess maybe it is the weather! Last week I had a fever of 102 and the next day gone and I felt better. Crazy! Sorry she is feeling bad hope she feels better.

    Hugs to her!

  4. My Itty Bit is here and she approves of Princess Naggers cake decorating. In her own words “It’s kinda crazy and in my colors”

    Happy RTT

  5. Yum, cake. Your brownies are awesome. How come you didn’t post the cake recipe? I could just use your Web site as the new Food Network.

  6. Yummy cake can we have some ??? I LOVE that coffee machine so COOL!!! You know how I feel about coffee LOL

    Love all Pictures!

  7. That cake looks good to me!!

    Sorry the lil one is sick. I am also dealing with illness this week.

    I want to run away….

  8. I’m sorry your lil’ princess is sick again. I hope you and hubby patch things up this evening. After all, you both are just concerned for her wellness.


  9. My brother was telling me about his Keurig recently, made me feel so yesterday for not knowing about them. Lots of bugs going around, I’ve had one for a week that just won’t quite move on:(

  10. Hope the princess is on the mend 🙂

    Your coffeemaker rocks! I love it. Is it as good as you’d hoped it would be?!

  11. It is funny to see blueviolet’s page on your page. Kind of strange to think we are all visiting the same places each day! It just makes the world smaller, I think.

    I hate that the fever always comes back at night. I don’t know why, do you? Hope PN is feeling better soon.

  12. I’m sorry that you have such a sickly child. I couldn’t resist but unlike your husband, I don’t mean it. 😉 But, I do hope she feels better soon. However, if she gets to make unusually decadent brownies and such, she’d be wise to become sickly, for real.

    Hey! That’s me on your computer! That’s kinda freaky to see that. LOL

  13. Aren’t husband’s great when it comes to gift-giving? My husband suggested that for Christmas I get myself some DVDs that he wanted 😀
    He settled on giving me the economy sized cheeseballs instead- go figure!

    BTW, any chance you can tell me how to do a “sticky post” in blogger that will always appear at the top of my posts? I was searching around blogger help today for how to do it, couldn’t figure it out, and then I see that you have a “sticky post” on the top of your posts (about checking to see if you posted more than one)- maybe I am calling it by the wrong name?

    Hope Princess will be feeling better soon and that your meeting goes well…


  14. I hope PN’s feeling better soon… though that amazing cake should make any girl feel 100% 😉

  15. Super awesome coffee maker, I’m totally jealous. I have a weird love of small kitchen appliances, those blue lights would hypnotize me. lol.

    Hope Princess feels better soon, we’re just getting over our own bout of the plague complete with spiking fevers. It’s no fun.

  16. Yeah, yeah. I might have to block all images on your site since you like to tempt my diet.

    That coffee maker looks too cool. We have a plain old boring one but Jamie’s birthday is coming up so maybe I’ll look into it.

    Happy RTT!

  17. Wow, cool coffee pot. My hubby would dig that too!

    Sick 4 days out of the is not so bad:) I am thinking that is pretty good.

    I could really use a brownie right now.

    Happy RTT!

  18. i hope PN is feeling better soon. and your hub sounds just like mine!!! i’m so jealous of your keurig, too!

  19. Ok, if your coffee maker is gone tomorrow- I DID NOT take it. But, Ill be enjoying an awesome cup of coffee. hee hee

  20. Mmmmm, cake and coffee. I so want one of those coffee makers. It would be totally selfish though, since hubby doesn’t drink coffee.

    Hope PN feels better soon!

  21. I am so impressed with the coffee maker! Do you totally love it? I bought a new one a few months ago but I’m always up for the latest “gadgets”!

  22. My parents just got one of those coffeemakers! They love it. I still am a die hard Cuisinart lover, but I get where you’re coming from, The blue lights would draw me in too..
    Happy birthday to the husband!

  23. Oh, having the “plague” is never fun 🙁 Hope Princess is feeling better soon.

    Great gift! It looks so high tech, hubby must be in awe of your great gift giving abilities 🙂

    P.S. I have this sudden urge for cake…hehe

  24. Feel better little cutie.

    I think I might be in love with your husbands new coffee maker…It’s purty!

  25. what a lovely cake!!! My MJ would have picked out Mickey candle too cause what’s a birthday without Mickey.

  26. Your princess needs a real stool, she might bend the legs and fall and crack her head open. The cake is cute though, I’m sure your hubby thought it was great. The picture over the laptop reminds me of the Ziggy cartoons, where he looks over the cubicle. Great randomness. Hope your little one feels better soon!

  27. I’m a couple of days late on this post. How is her fever? Did hubby like “his” gift? How is that thing? Does it make nice, strong coffee?

    Justine 😮 )

  28. I totally relate to having a hubby who is hard to buy for! He pretty gives me an itemized list of things he’s picked out himself. I tell him: Why don’t you just order it from Amazon then? Why go through the charade of me ordering them? He still expects me to come up with some amazing gift idea…even though every gift I’ve ever freelanced on and given him has been returned.

    And I hope your daughter is feeling better! And based on her quickness in figuring out the coffee maker, I’m guessing she is very gifted!

    thanks for visiting the other day.

  29. Love the cake decorations! And what an awesome gift for *both* of you. We have a coffee maker / espresso machine from when we got married. The filter holder for the coffee part has just started to open on it’s own this week. NOT GOOD.

    Ooohhh I’ll be interested to hear the results of the testing PN had done. =)

    And I hope she’s feeling better by now, too.

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