Harriet at I Am Harriet has started a fun Virtual Weekend Garden Tour, and since I love to garden I thought it would be fun to join in.

We had a wacky winter where there were more ‘spring-like’ days than there were winter ones, and now that spring has sprung, this weekend has been more like summer heat interspersed with frost advisories. Mother Nature really isn’t cutting anyone any breaks this year! But there are a few things finally blooming because of the sunny (and hot) weather, so I’ve managed to snag a few pictures that might qualify for the Virtual Weekend Garden Tour. I’m looking forward to the weather settling down more so I can safely plant all the starters I have started in the house. Once I do that, things will be a lot more interesting in my garden than they currently are… 😉

We’ll start with the pond…the plants around it are slowly starting to come to life:
This ground cover I have started in a tub is on the ‘list’ to transfer over pond-side:
Heading towards the ‘Back 40’, this is the row of my baby Dwarf Cherry Trees I planted last year – they’ve all budded out this year so we’ll be getting cherries this year:
We have a pile of huge quartz boulders at the very back of our property – we’re planning on incorporating it into some sort of water feature at some point. When hubby cleared out the long grass and weeds from around it about a week or so ago, we were pleasantly surprised at what bloomed shortly thereafter:
I have 8 sections of split-rail fencing that is home to the baby grape vines I planted over the last couple of years. This year they’ll actually produce grapes…I planted several different varieties to see which ones make the best wine:
We have an odd pine tree that isn’t an evergreen – it sheds its needles and goes dormant for the winter. We have no idea what kind of pine tree it is, but it’s starting to bud now:
Princess Nagger was checking the buds and looking to see if they were seeds:
What looked like a weed (and probably is) is growing at the base of one of our trees in the ‘Back 40’ – but it sure has some pretty blossoms happening right about now:

That ends the tour for this week…I have some new plants on order to replace the ones that the voles have devoured over the winter – hopefully I’ll get them soon so I can repair my main flower beds around our brick patio. Stay tuned to see how that all shapes up this year! 😉

Stop by Harriet’s to see more Virtual Garden Tours – join in the fun too!


  1. You have such a pretty lawn. I would keep the weed too if it was having flowers on it. Give me something pretty and I will keep you:)

    In our front yard we had lazy susans. But my husband forgot they were flowers and the following year before they had a chance to bloom, he pulled them up. He was so proud. He thought he had done some major weeding. He was bummed when I told him what he did. Now that area is so boring.

  2. Aww these are wonderful garden pics! I always wanted to have a garden of my own too. *Sigh* But living in an apartment in a city.. that’s impossible!

    Anyway, just droppin some ec love and I also grabbed your badge over at my banner collection blog. Hope you drop by some time. It’s still new and subject for EC approval.. so head on over my blog I linked on my name too.

  3. So pretty! Chuck and I went to Home Depot today and bought some flowers. They look so gorgeous but I hope they last! I also worry I will over/under water them 🙁

  4. Oh Wow…I LOVE the things you have done to the gardens! I think the grapevines look amazing and love the little pond.
    I have always been partial to flowers…my dad was a gardener and since he passed away, I really can appreciate Spring and Summer so much more!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog…it really means so much to a new blogger!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. Wow, those shots are beautiful and I love your pond! I suppose I should put aside some time to weed now, thanks. 😉

  6. Love your garden! Thanks for sharing! I’m just getting back on — Had alot of trouble with my blog– The recipe swap is now up.

  7. Well geez….I’m glad I didn’t post about my garden…yours totally puts mine to shame!

  8. I know zilch about gardening (no surprise there!) but I can appreciate your lovely yard. nice!

  9. YEAH!!!!! Thanks Stacy and Princess N. Are there fish in the pond?

    I love your property. I can’t wait to see the garden evolve over the summer.

  10. what a pretty yard you have. I LOVE Hosta I see you have some around the pond. I have some that came from my New England House indirectly. My Dad took some from that house to Nova Scotia (that house had 50 of them), and then when i moved here 3ys after that I took splits of them here to New Brunswick. They all took, I have 3 now but I need to work on presentation.
    I love your greens and tulips and daffodils.
    I have some fo the same trees you speak of but they seem more like a fir variety. They go yellow then fall off?

  11. SPRING ROCKS….Isn’t it the coolest thing to wander around outside and see what’s blooming! I love this time of year. And it looks like things are really looking good at your house. I can’t wait to see it as everything really gets going. YAY SPRING!

  12. So I read it as “what looked like weed (and probably is)” and thought, Cool. She’s funny AND she grows her own pot.

  13. The ‘weed’ in question looks like a Redbud, but don’t quote me on that.

    I didn’t know dwarf cherry’s existed! I’m going to have to look for them!

    Our weather has been crazy too. My wisteria is just now getting some green on it, but I’ve seen others in full bloom.

  14. I bet it’s insanely gorgeous when it’s all in bloom. I would LOVE to have a yard that big. SO fun! Maybe some day I’ll enjoy gardening, but for now…not so much. LOL Looking forward to seeing more as the summer comes along.

  15. Hi, me again, so I know it’s like a monthlater but I found out the name of that tree! it’s Tamarac! my Dad and I were talking about it one day on the phone, he said there is lots of it at the cottage too, and it’s not an evergreen persay but it’s a cone tree. 🙂

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