Since I’m rarely wordless (sorry about that, y’all!) I like to combine Wordless Wednesday with Wordful Wednesday – that way I can cover both bases with one easy post! 😉

When Princess Nagger was 15 months, she liked to sneak into the bottom of her stroller to hang out…I caught her crawling in one day and had to take pictures of course:

Notice the ‘friend’ watching:
Here comes company:
Waiting to see if she was going to be told to get out:
Checking to make sure everything was up to code:
Ooops, company’s leaving…
Somehow she convinced him to stay…
Aren’t they cute?

The cat in the picture was one of the barn cats we got as kittens – when we moved them to the barn, they did a great job keeping the moles, wild rabbits and other critters off the property so our garden and flowers could grow uninhibited… Sadly he’s no longer with us – he was such a cool cat. I’m wondering if that’s one of the reasons Princess Nagger keeps asking for a ‘tiger striped cat‘ – maybe somewhere in her subconscious she remembers Sam as her buddy. 🙂

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