Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

I haven’t written a Tuesday Tribute since the debut, and have felt bad that I’ve neglected Jay and Deb’s brilliance that way. Since my hubby is home this week making it difficult to think straight (let alone get anything done *grin!*), I thought I’d steal a few moments to write something while he’s occupying the Princess Nagger with a video game, then have this be the first post uploaded in the morning while we’re still asleep. I’ll be doing my Random Tuesday Thoughts a bit later in the morning while having coffee. 😉

This week I would like to pay tribute to one of the masterminds behind this whole Tribute thing. He went above and beyond, literally going bald for the cause, bringing more awareness to Children’s Cancer Research. Out of 150 shavees, he ultimately was the #1 earner of both venues. He endeared the blogging world to contribute, and contribute they did. His sincerity, his likable personality and endearing qualities appealed to the masses and he was able to get others involved in such a worthy cause. Jay, my friend, we salute you!

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Don’t forget to hop over to Halftime Lessons and wish Jay and his beautiful wife a Happy Anniversary!

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  1. You might be wondering what happened to the wonderful comments…Blogger misplaced them.  JS-Kits had them, but I decided to disable that, so it made the comments disappear. But not to worry, I made sure I saved the previous comments in image form…if you'd like to see what all the beautiful people said, click here:

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