In my quest to get caught up on my blog hopping today, I was over at my buddy Keely‘s blog and caught sight that another bloggy buddy, Julie at The Cool Mom Guide is having a phenomenal giveaway. Have you seen these Video Phones? I had heard about them, but hadn’t really paid attention…now I’m paying attention! 😉

I went to Vidtel and found out that it’s so easy – all you need is a broadband internet connection… check! The video phone simply plugs into your broadband connection via your router or modem and you’re ready to make calls via video phone! The setup takes a whole whopping 5 minutes… not complicated at all!

Vidtel and The Cool Mom Guide are teaming up to offer 6 months of video phone service free to the winner of the giveaway. Not only that, but they’re going to supply the winner with two video phones! There is no hidden agenda, no ‘you will be automatically billed’ after the 6 months is done, you can choose to continue or do nothing and the service will be automatically turned off. No risk involved whatsoever. Julie has asked that we blog about who we would give the second phone to – there’s where I have a slight dilemma on who to decide to bestow the honor of seeing me and my family via video…(snicker!)

I immediately thought of my parents, with them being in Seattle where I grew up and me currently being in PA, they don’t get to see the Princess Nagger growing and being her entertaining self. But unfortunately they have a dial-up service, with no intent of moving into the current times, so that rules them out. Then I thought of my favorite aunt who also lives in the Seattle area…we used to speak by phone every week, but with hectic lives and Princess Nagger and Hovering Hubby’s odd schedules, those calls have turned into ‘every so often’ calls. But alas, she also has miserable dial up, so that rules her out, too.

So I think it would be fun to give the other phone to my brother in Seattle, because when we finally got to go out for a visit so they could meet the Princess Nagger and we could meet their twins (who are 1 year older than the Princess Nagger), the girls had such a great time playing together it would be so much fun for them to chat over the phone in video style! 😉 Not to leave my 2 sisters out, but my younger one doesn’t have a land line or reliable internet connection, and if I gave it to my older sister, I’d never get anything done because we’d be on the video phone for hours! 😉 So by process of elimination, if I’m a winner, my favorite brother would be, too! OK, so he’s my only brother, but who’s counting? 😉

Stop on by Julie’s place to find out more about this awesome giveaway…just for grins, tell her Stacy sent you! 😉

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