You know why I love Tuesday’s don’t you? Because I love Keely over at The Un-Mom – she hosts this fun weekly Random Tuesday thing, and since I love to be Random, Keely has made every Tuesday special! 😉

I’m still holding firm to the belief that the Ground Hog and Mother Nature are involved in a major conspiracy. Last Friday was the First Day of Spring, and what did a lot of people get? Snow. We got some scattered flurries that day, but nothing like others got with honest-to-goodness stick-on-the-ground-to-annoy-you snow. It’s a conspiracy I tellya! 😉

We did, though, hit the 50+ degree mark on Sunday and it was sunny, so Hovering Hubby and Princess Nagger did some cleaning up in the yard – hubby drove the tractor around with the little trailer attached, and Princess Nagger was a big helper picking up small tree branches sticks and tossing them into the trailer. She seems to think now that she’s 6, she’s going to get to learn how to ride the tractor this summer. Apparently hubby told her that when he was 6 or 7, he drove his dad’s tractor – though someone ‘worked the pedals’ for him. Stay tuned. Should get interesting.

I started getting the dead leaves cleared out of my flower beds – it’s so nice to see the returning plants poking through the borderline muddy ground. Until you get startled by a pesky mole as he runs right in front of you then disappears in a hole next to the flower bed. That’s cause for jumping up and going into the Summer House to read some blogs to get your mind off of it. Or Google how to get rid of pesky moles. One website said moles are good for your lawn if you have grubs – well, we have grubs in the ‘back 40’, not up near the flower beds, so I wonder if I can come up with some sort of ‘mole relocation program’ to get them out of my flower beds and out into the back 40? Stay tuned…this should be even more interesting…or comical.

So Hovering Hubby is home this week – a last minute decision to burn some of his vacation time before the ‘use it or lose it’ deadline of June 30th. We usually burn some of it when we go down to Louisiana to visit our friends for the 4th of July – but this year the 4th is on a Saturday, so unless we want to spend extra time down there (3 weeks instead of 2), only 2 of the remaining 22 days will be applied…unless HR lets him ‘cheat’ a little and use the first 3 days of July as part of this year’s vacation time vs. next year’s. Then he’d only have 17 days to figure out when he’ll use those up…another 17 days of getting nothing done. Hmmm…I could possibly get used to hanging out on my computer all day while he hangs out on his… 🙂

I did take advantage of Hovering Hubby being home this week, though, I scheduled a dentist appointment for myself yesterday, Princess Nagger’s 6 year check up for tomorrow, and a haircut for myself tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be nice not to have to worry and rush through those things factoring in bus departure and arrival times for the Princess Nagger. Though I did have to make sure PN’s backpack was all ready to go yesterday and she had a matching outfit ready to go so that she didn’t get sent to school looking like a ragamuffin. Hubby just doesn’t pay attention to those little details.

I had put off going to the dentist, so finally got the archaic filling replaced yesterday that had been giving me some pain. At least with hubby home, I didn’t have to worry about dragging the Princess Nagger to the dentist with me or running late for her bus. I did, though, jokingly emit a quiet ‘ahhhhh!’ for the gal putting the band around my tooth to ready it for the new filling so she wouldn’t miss the Princess Nagger so much. She got a good laugh out of that, and said at least she didn’t need earplugs for that one. 😉 Of course today my jaw feels like I got punched, but by tomorrow I should be speaking normally again.

Some people were wondering how I get the Princess Nagger to sleep so late – I honestly think she gets that from her Dada. They are not ‘morning people’ like I am, and if it’s bright out, it doesn’t seem to affect their sleeping patterns. She is a bear to get to go to bed at a decent hour at night…we sort of slack off on that on the weekends, sort of an ‘insurance policy’ that we’ll get to sleep in the next morning…I know, not such a good idea to mess with her schedule like that, but it seems to be working for all of us. 😉

I think growing up with room darkening shades in my bedroom when I was a kid makes it difficult now to sleep when there’s any sort of daylight happening, so as soon as the sun comes up and starts brightly illuminating the bedroom, I’m awake. Tired, but awake. That’s why I can rarely take naps – too bright to fall asleep for me. When I was pregnant with the Princess Nagger, she was the most ‘active’ at night – usually right around the time I wanted to go to sleep. I kinda had a feeling she was going to be a night owl and late sleeper. Next year will be interesting when she’s going to have to get up at the crack of dawn or before to get ready for school. She’s not all too happy about that. She even says ‘But I’m not a morning person!!’

Princess Nagger got off the bus yesterday all sad and had droopy shoulders…turns out a little girl brought a 4-pack of Hannah Montana ‘pencil tops’ (whatever they are) onto the bus with her and gave 2 of them to another little girl…both sitting with the Princess Nagger in the same bus seat. Princess Nagger isn’t shy, so she asked if she could have the purple butterfly one, being that purple is her favorite color and she loves butterflies…she was sad that they both said ‘no’, because they wanted an ‘even number’. I told Princess Nagger it’s OK they didn’t want to share, that’s their choice…of course I had to promise I’d find a 4-pack of those Hannah Montana pencil tops and get them for her…knowing her, she’ll give them all away to anyone who asks…

Feeling Random? Well, you’re not alone. You can find all the wonderful Random People congregating over at Keely’s place. Her co-host has made a return as well, Kelly the Neurotic Mom at her new home, Baby Boogers. Head on over to both places and spread some Random love. You’ll thank me later. 😉

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