Keely over at The Un-Mom has a fun weekly Random Tuesday thing going…it’s Tuesday and you know the drill…I love Randomness! 😉

Well whaddaya know…it’s Tuesday morning and I didn’t have my Random Thoughts all ready to rock’n’roll to automatically upload in the wee hours of the morning. So forgive me if my Random Thoughts really turn into Rambling Thoughts… I’m working on my first cup of coffee y’know. 😉

So we had 60 degree weather on Friday, but woke up to a dusting of snow on Sunday morning. Yep, Mother Nature is still doing her best to mess things up. I spent a majority of the day ignoring the bright red icon in my toolbar alerting me to a weather warning, finally clicked on it late afternoon to discover there was a Nor’easter headed our way. We were in line to get either 1-3 inches of snow overnight, or 3-6, depending on if the high winds blew the storm further West from the coast. We woke up to no change yesterday morning, but then it did start to snow lightly and Princess Nagger’s school called with a 2-hour delay which meant Modified Kindergarten for the Princess Nagger. Of course it started snowing even harder by mid-morning, so the school amended the delay and opted for being closed. Princess Nagger was thrilled to have a snow day, but the winds were so blustery it wasn’t conducive to a fun day playing out in the snow.

Because the winds were not cooperating and blowing the 5-6 inches of snow we did end up getting into random drifts, the front porch and steps were buried under a deep drift of snow. So of course when our lazy mail carrier stopped by to drop off an Express Mail package for me, she didn’t bother getting out to knock on the door (she’s supposed to honk her horn and allow enough time for me to exit the back door and walk around to the front of the house, but she didn’t do that) so she just left a notice in my mail box instead. Of course the sidewalk around the other side of the house was still clear of snow, as was our back steps and porch because we use those to enter and exit, not the front door. But she doesn’t like our dog. She thinks he’s vicious. You know, because he jumped on her once with his front paws when he was a puppy.
Speaking of puppies, Travis is growing fast – and getting more mischievous. Yesterday he stole Princess Nagger’s Zoo Pals knife she was using to cut her chocolate chip pancakes with, and was running around playing ‘keep away’. It was hilarious to watch – he was ‘prancing’ as he ran away, then paused to allow the Princess Nagger to almost catch up to him, then zoom off. I felt bad for laughing so hard, but it was funny to watch – and especially since Princess Nagger was shrieking his name as she tried to catch him.

Out of the blue Friday evening, Princess Nagger thought she was poisoned:

PN: “Mama, is it just me or did I get poisoned?”

I burst out laughing, of course, then asked: “What do you mean by ‘poisoned’”?

PN: “Well I’m itchy…”

Me: “Itchy? Why do you think that it means you were poisoned?”

PN: “Well, I’m REALLY itchy!”

Me: “That’s usually not a sign of poisoning…and you haven’t been around poison ivy, so you’re good there… Where do you itch?”

PN: “On my leg, and here…” (indicating her wrist as she scratched for dramatic effect)

Me: (inspecting): “Hmmmm…no rash, no red spots…I think it’s pretty safe to say you’re not poisoned. Should we call the doctor?”

PN (with a furrowed brow and shaking her head) “Uh, NO Mama…you could probably rub that stuff on there…you know that stuff that gets rid of the itch…I think that’s why the dots are here…or something bit me!”

Me (looking closer…noticing two small bumps) “You know, that almost looks like mosquito bites…how odd! But then again, it was 60 some degrees today…winter, uh-huh, right…”

PN: Pouty face…

Then Dada got home so she forgot about her itch as she was distracted by the Cracker Jacks he brought home.

Speaking of Cracker Jacks, whatever happened to the cool toys they used to have in there? Now it’s just mundane stuff. I remember getting cool little plastic rings or tattoos in boxes of Cracker Jacks when I was a kid – who cared about the candy coated popcorn, we just wanted to see what the cool ‘prize’ was. Now all you ever get is a piece of paper or cardboard with writing on it…not so much fun for kids!

Speaking of fun for kids, Princess Nagger announced that she has chosen what hobby she would like to have.

PN: “I’ve decided on a hobby, Mama!”

Me: “Really? What did you decide on?”

PN: “I’ve decided to be a Collector.”

Me (laughing): “OK, but what will you be collecting?”

PN: “Everything. That’s what a collection is!”

Me: “No, that’s what being a pack rat is…you should probably pinpoint a specific collection – you know, like how I collect deer. Do you want to start a giraffe collection since that’s your favorite animal?”

PN: “Well, it’s my second favorite animal now, Mama, my first favorite is horses so I can annoy Dada with them (he’s afraid of horses). But that’s not what I want my ‘hobby’ to be – I want to collect things. And we’re going to have to buy some tubs, you know, so I can put my collection in them. And maybe we should label them so I can remember what goes where and so that if I need to find something I can find it right away.”

Me: “That’s what you do now” (indicating the 3 small tubs stored under the coffee table) “except that they’re not labeled, although I mentioned we should do that since you’re always looking for something and leaving a mess, then I’m having to reorganized and clean up said mess.”

PN: “No, Mama, I would need bigger tubs for my collection – with lids. And lots of them.”

Me (laughing nervously): “Oh, and where do you plan to store these tubs with lids?”

PN: “I don’t know, you can figure that part out.”

Me: “Oh I will, honey, I will…” (secretly hoping that this ‘brilliant’ idea of hers will pass and be forgotten quickly.)

Well, that’s about all the randomness I have for this morning…I need more coffee and the Princess Nagger thinks she’s coming down with the plague because she has a sore throat and diarrhea… I’m hoping the latter is because of the antibiotics she’s still taking for her previous infected tooth issue (which is all better now), and not because she’s coming down with the plague. 🙂

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  1. I hope there’s no plague! And I hope the ‘collector’ phase passes quickly 😉

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. See what I mean about those darm mail carriers and snow!!!!!! GEEZ

    Sorry the Princess couldn’t play in the snow. It’s the same with us. Lots of good snow to play in but it’s MINUS 2. So we go to the YMCA and swim instead. It’s all fun until you walk to the car and your hair freezes on the way.

  3. Your dog does look pretty vicious! I hope the Princess is not getting sick, have a great day!

  4. haha, your husband is afraid of horses? Why do I find that so funny?

    Your daughter is a freaking riot!

  5. LOL Your Daughter is such a funny girl, I love Princess stories. She cracks me up!

  6. Hi Stacy!
    Great post!
    Look out for those collectors…..
    not that I would know about collecting or anything… 🙂

  7. You’re lucky I don’t live near by or I’d be reminding PN of that collection she has to start. Don’t you just love imagination???

  8. I hope most of that conversation with Princess Nagger will be entirely forgotten by tomorrow.

    Mosquito bites in March would be rather odd. Maybe they’re spider bites?

  9. We’ve definitely still got mosquitoes here, but the coldest it’s gotten is in the lower 40s and that’s only for a day or two.

    My kids definitely like to milk their injuries and afflictions for all they’re worth. Yesterday my son went on for almost 20 minutes about a scratch, no blood, nada. Not even worth a band-aid. They’re needy that way.

  10. Oh my gosh, where do kids come up with this stuff?? So funny!
    collecting everything and needing lots of bins with lids, too much!

  11. darn mailmen…my favorite is they are always so late, except for the day I want to get something out and then they arrive hours before they typically do!

    your daughter is hillarious…hope she forgets about her collection like she did about her poisoning!

  12. That conversation with your daughter is precious! She sounds adorable. I always enjoy reading this meme.

  13. Love your randomness! Just wanted to stop by to get my “random” fix and say hello!

  14. The things the princess comes up with are just priceless!

  15. Totally wish we could get my Jojo & Princess Nagger together for an hour… oh the things they could come up with… we would have blog fodder for weeks!

  16. I think you should go ahead and get some tubs and let her collect…it could be REALLY interesting to see what she finds lol…she cracks me up. I almost wish I had one just like her!

  17. On Saturday Weather Boy (the weathermen are all really young here) said that the nor’easter “would probably miss us.”

    24 hours later, Weather Boy amended his forecast to say we’d get 10-15 inches, minimum.

    Weather Boy’s kept his mouth shut since. He’s let the WeatherMAN take over.

    P.S. My sister collected airline barf bags when she was Princess Nagger’s age. She threw them away when she was older out of embarrassment.

  18. She can store her collection in the summer house! I love that she’s been thinking all about her new hobby…

  19. Hi Stacy,
    I gave you an award over on my blog, check it out when you get a chance!

  20. that is too funny, the things that kids say. Today will hurt his knee and asked if he could have a ice pack for his mouth but he was trying to get ice cream

  21. Your mail carrier gets an “F”! Who could be afraid of that cute dog? Then again, I laugh in the face of danger!

    So, so cute about your girl thinking she was poisoned and wanting to collect stuff in tubs! Love that she wanted to label it, and let you handle that part! 🙂

    I concur, Cracker Jack prizes suck now, although I NEVER said “to heck with that carmel corn”-lol!

  22. Daughters are a riot. Can you gently steer her to collect something you want for her to collect? I only ask because one of mine is very suggestible, the other, not at all. She sounds a bit unsuggestible with those giant tubs. Hope everyone avoids the plague!

  23. I know just how she feels. Except Ben threw all my collections away. He had the nerve to call me a packrat!

  24. LOL Keely!s So far, so good on avoiding the plague…she did go to school yesterday and said her throat wasn’t hurting anymore… fingers crossed! 🙂

  25. I did promise the Princess Nagger that she could play in the snow yesterday right after school…so she was psyched, and while the wind blew a lot of the 5-6 inches we got away, she still had fun (and I was able to get some great pics for Wordless Wednesday…*grin!*)

  26. Scary looking, isn’t he? 😉 s So far so good…no plague! 🙂

  27. Don’t worry, Petra – I find it funny hubby’s afraid of horses, too…especially when he asks silly questions like ‘What sound does a horse make before he attacks?’ ROTFLMAO!!s So the Princess Nagger loves to tease him endlessly by showing him all things horses… 😉
    Princess Nagger is definitely a riot – never a dull moment around here! 😉 s Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  28. Thanks so much, Mimi! She is definitely a goofy one! 😉

  29. LOL Angela! You’re too funny… 😉 s I do love imagination – especially ultra creative ones! 😉

  30. I’m hoping it will be forgotten, too… 😉 s I thought maybe spider, too, but I haven’t seen one in the immediate area…and the bites really looked like mosquito – I think because we’ve had a rather warm winter, it hasn’t killed off all those buggers…it’s going to be a rough summer if they’re already starting in on us :'( !

  31. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been irritated with Mother Nature – she keeps giving us ‘above average’ warmth during the winter months – none of the deep freeze needed to kill off the annoying bugs…
    Princess Nagger is definitely a Drama Queen when it comes to milking injuries…she’s always trying to get a bandaid if she gets a ‘red spot’…heh, heh! 😉

  32. Yes, they’ve gone cheap with the Cracker Jack prizes – it’s SO not right! 🙂

  33. I know what you mean – when I want to send something out, I don’t have the leeway of her showing up at 4pm…those will be the days she stops by at 11:30am!s Never sticks with a ‘normal’ schedule…drives me crazy! 😉
    Yeah, I hope Princess Nagger forgets about her collecting hobby as quickly as she forgot about her poisoning…LOL! 🙂

  34. LOL!s I’m hoping she’ll move on to a different collection mode…then I won’t have to worry about where to stash the tubs…LOL!!s Thanks, Firefly! 😉

  35. So HAPPY to ‘see’ you, Nicole!s I’m looking forward to your return!!s You are missed! 🙂

  36. LOL LiLu!s Princess Nagger will appreciate the validation that she was NOT poisoned…just mosquito bitten… 😉

  37. Could you imagine the hilarity we’d have if we got Jojo and Princess Nagger together?s We wouldn’t have to worry about what to write for a long time! 😉

  38. LOL Nikki!s I’m tempted…but only if she changes her mind about ‘collecting’ soda cans like she mentioned the other day when I was throwing them in the recycle bin…s Or empty cereal boxes…I think she’s still trying to figure out what would be cool to collect…heh, heh!

  39. If only I could get paid to be wrong like the weather people do…heh, heh!!
    Oh that’s way too funny your sister collected airline barf bags!!s That would have been a hilarious collection to ‘sport’… (grin!!)

  40. I think Dada would veto that notion since the Summer House is partially his ‘man cave’…but I personally think that’s a GREAT idea! LOL!!s I love that every so often you can tell her ‘hobby’ is still in the forefront of her mind…when she says various things she wants to collect…like soda cans…heh, heh! 😉

  41. LOL Jenni!s Now THAT’s a collection I would totally be on board with…so long as someone else is supplying the dollar bills… 😉

  42. I think it boils down to the mail carrier being a lazy…um, person… 😉 s She doesn’t want to have to exit her vehicle for any reason, so she claims the dog is the reason.s She’s the only person I can honestly say I cannot stand because of all the crap she’s pulled since we bought the house.s
    Thanks for the kind words – Princess Nagger would be happy to know she’s entertaining…heh, heh! 😉
    Cracker Jacks prizes used to be cool…too bad they opted for cheap and lame instead… 😉

  43. LOL!!!s The NERVE of him throwing your collection away!s Speaking as a fellow pack rat… 😉

  44. Your daughter sounds iike a true Princess. Full of life & love & imagination. How fun!!

  45. Awwww!s Thank you so much!s And thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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