Me: “Bath time!”

PN (spelling): “B-U-C-K!”

Me: “What?”

PN: “I’m going to buck you!” (as she lowers her head like a bull)

Me: “If you do that, you’ll be G-R-O-U-N-D-E-D!”

PN: “B-U-C-K!”

Me: “G-R-O-U-N-D-E-D!”

PN: “I wish I gave birth to you!!!!!!”

Me (laughing hysterically): “Why…why….why would you say that????”

PN: “So I can spell that to you!

Me: “Spell what?”

PN: “G-R-O-U-N-D-E-D!!!!!!!!”


PN: “You’re so silly, Mama!”

Me: “I was born that way…what’s your excuse?”

PN: “That does not tickle my funny bone, Mama!”


PN: “Mama, can these earrings come out of my ears?”

Me: “Sure, they have a locking back, so I’ll have to figure out how they come out, but yes, they can come out so you can wear different earrings if you want.”

PN: “Great! I want gold hoop earrings.”

Me: “Gold hoops, hmmm?”

PN: “Yes, and they have to be real gold, and really really shiny!”

Me: “Real gold, huh? And really shiny?”

PN: “Yes. And I want big ones. Big, real gold hoop earrings that are really, really shiny. I’ll wear them to school and be the prettiest girl in school!”

Me: “You’re already the prettiest girl in my book…pretty and smart and a little bit dorky.”

PN: “I’m not dorky! Dada, Elvis and Travis are dorky – I’m a dorkess ‘cuz I’m a girl!


PN: “Mrs. E wants to know if you’d ever give me away.”

Me: “What?! Why would she ask that?”

PN: “Because she thinks I’m adorable and wants to take me home with her.”

Me: “Tell Mrs. E that I’m sorry, but you’re stuck with me forever!

PN: “I know that already – don’t forget, you’re stuck with me forever, too!”


PN: “Hey!

Me: “‘Hay’s’ for Horses…”

PN: “No, Mama, I didn’t mean H-A-Y, I meant H-E-Y…with an exclamation point!”

Me (laughing): “An exclamation point, huh?”

PN: “Yes, and a comma, and a period, too!”

Me: “Well, you normally don’t use a comma or a period with an exclamation point, the exclamation point is fine all on its own.”

PN: “I know, Mama! I already know about ‘end punctuation’!”


PN: “I got to be Mrs. E’s helper ALL DAY today! I was in charge of the white board and everything!”

Me: “Really? What did you do with the white board?”

PN: “We were talking about buses, so I had to draw a bus on the white board.”

Me: “How’d you do?”

PN: “Great! Everyone loved it. I loved being Mrs. E’s helper today, I think I want to be a teacher when I grow up.”

Me: “Really? What grade do you think you’ll teach, Kindergarten?”

PN: “All of them.”

Me: “All of them?”

PN: “Yes, I would like to start off as a Kindergarten teacher, then the next year teach first grade – and teach all grades if they’ll let me. I think I would be a great teacher!”

Me: “I think you would be a great teacher, too – I’m not sure they’ll let you teach ALL grades, though…”

PN: “Well, that’s OK, maybe I’ll end up being the school nurse or something.”

Me: “Really? You’re thinking about being a nurse when you grow up?”

PN: “Sure, and maybe I’ll even work in a doctor’s office!”

Me: “That sounds cool! You could even be a doctor if you want…”

PN: “No, I’d rather be a nurse. Or a teacher. I think teaching Kindergarten would be good. Or first grade. Or even third grade. I know I’d do a good job.”


PN: “I wish I could trade places with you for just one night.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

PN: “I wish I could be you and you could be me for one night.”

Me: “Why would you want to do that?”

PN: “Because then maybe I could meet the Tooth Fairy. She won’t let kids see her, we have to be asleep. So if I were you for one night, maybe I could meet her.”


  1. She is the cutest!! I love the comment about wishing she had had you so she could spell grounded to you haha! And the punctuation, ahh, I can’t wait until I can actually converse with my little guy (ok, I can because I know I will miss him being a “baby,” but still!).

    Thanks for you wonderful comments! Sounds like your wedding turned out great, that really is the way to go!

  2. OMG, these conversation with PN were sooo cute! She’s a smart cookie, isn’t she? My favorite was when she said she was a girl, so she’s a “dorkess”. Heeheehee

    Justine 😮 )

  3. Okay, first of all, WOW does she ever look like you! What beauties!

    Secondly, she IS adorable! I second Ms. E’s claim-lol! My favorites are the spelling conversations (buck and grounded, hay and hey) although I do understand your girl’s yearning for real, shiny gold hoops-I just splurged on those yesterday for myself! Have a great weekend!

    Recent blog post: Spin Cycle: There is No Write Way

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  5. That first shot is adorable. You’re in trouble if she’s already asking for gold jewelry. And wow, what a smarty with her punctuation!

  6. That princess sure has a lot to say. I think it’s great she thinks meeting the tooth-fairy is one of the perks of grown-up-dom. 😉

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